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Goblin Mage's Adventure

The little goblin girl, Goblin Mage, chases after Feena, an agent who took care of her in the past. Goblin Mage meets many humans along the way, and, after many ups and downs, finally catches up with Feena on Ombre Island. There, she meets (Captain) and the crew for the first time, and joins the crew on their adventure!

(Captain) and the crew came to Ombre Island to find out about the Primals, but got caught in a war between humans and goblins.
They were rescued by a girl, a skilled agent and marksman who was serving in a goblin busting squad.
Vyrn: Phew! You saved our tails, Bow Lady!
???: Who are you calling Bow Lady? Stop calling people by weird made-up names!
Feena: I'm Feena, the Goblin Hunter. Try and remember that, okay?
Feena was an agent who had been all over Skydom. The party teamed up with her, and went into battle against the goblin hoards.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the Menean Empire…
Girl: I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… A!
Goblin Mage: A… Airship!
Boy: She got it! Okay, my turn. I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… L!
Girl: Erm… Ladder!
Goblin Mage: Lizard!
Boy: She got it again! Aww man, you're too good at this, Goblin Mage!
Girl: Wow, Goblin Mage, you won again! You're the best at this!
Goblin Mage: Heehee, not really, I'm just lucky!
Goblin Mage was in a corner of the city, playing with a young brother and sister. Night began to fall…
Children's Mother: Hey, you two! Dinner's ready!
Children's Mother: Well hello there, I haven't seen you around! Did you move here recently?
Goblin Mage: Hello, I'm Goblin Mage! I'm looking for my friend, Fee!
Children's Mother: Goblin? My, my, what a strange name! But wait, th-those pointy ears…
Children's Mother: Y-you're a real goblin! Aren't you?
Goblin Mage: Hmm?
Children's Mother: Aaaaaaaaa! Run away, children, there's a goblin on the loose! Someone call the goblin busters!
Goblin Mage: What's a "buster"?
Girl: The goblin buster is a team of super-cool agents, Goblin Mage!
Goblin Mage: Agents? Like Fee? Yay, Fee's coming to see me!
Boy: Yay! You'll get to see your friend again!
Children's Mother: What are you talking about!
Children's Mother: Oh, she has a friend? A human friend? Well then, she can't be a goblin…
Children's Mother: So, er, Goblin Mage… You know a lady who's an agent?
Goblin Mage: Yes indeed! Do you know where she is?
Children's Mother: Well… If she's an agent… She's probably on Ombre Island with the rest of the goblin busters.
Goblin Mage: So I can go and see her on Ombre Island?
Children's Mother: I suppose… But we're at war with the goblins at the moment. If you like, you can stay with us until the war finishes!
Goblin Mage: Thanks for the offer! But I've got to go and see her!
Goblin Mage: Bye bye, everyone!
Girl: Seeya, Goblin Mage!
Boy: Come back soon, Goblin Mage!
Later, Goblin Mage sneaked onto the airship of the goblin busters, hiding among the luggage and equipment in one of the bedrooms.
Goblin Mage: Ooh, come on, airship! This is taking forever…
agent: Phew… I'm a bit worried about this mission… We're up against so many goblins…
Goblin Mage: Hello?
agent: Aaa! Phew, it's just a child. You scared the life out of me!
agent: Wait! How did a child find her way onto the goblin busters' airship? I've got to inform the captain so we can turn back!
Goblin Mage: I'm not going back! I'm going to meet Fee on Ombre Island!
agent: Huh? I don't know what it is you're trying to do, but we can't have children getting in our way on the ship!
Goblin Mage: Why?
agent: Well, you see… We're at war with the goblins. We can't be taking children into a warzone!
agent: Huh? Hey, kid, what have you got there in your pocket?
Goblin Mage: Hmm? Oh, this? It's a shiny!
agent: Wow! This is a genuine goblin jewel! How did you get hold of this?
agent: You… You're…
agent: If you've obtained one of those jewels, you must be a top goblin hunter! My humblest apologies for mistaking you for a child!
Goblin Mage: Hmm?
agent: To have made it to agent rank at such a young age… I have nothing but the deepest respect for you, ma'am!
Goblin Mage: Heehee! Thank you, mister!
agent: Actually… Do you have any goblin-hunting tips? I'm a new recruit, so I'm really nervous about the mission…
Goblin Mage: Hmm?
agent: Please! Teach me everything you can!
At this point, the airship arrived at Ombre Island. But after stepping ashore, Goblin Mage soon found herself lost in a cave…
Goblin Mage: Helloooooo? Feeee?
Goblin Mage: Aww… She's not here… Well, I'd better go back.
Goblin Mage: Erm… Which way was back again?
Goblin: Bahahaha! I've gotcha now, hooman!
Goblin Mage: Hmm?
Goblin: Huh? Oi, you're a goblin girl! What're you doin' here?
Goblin Mage: I'm looking for a girl called Feena!
Goblin: Bahahaha! You want to fight the Goblin Hunter? Ya got some guts, kid.
Goblin Mage: Heehee, not exactly!
Goblin: Bahahaha! If you keep going this way, you'll find where our brothers are fighting. Go on!
Goblin Mage: Thank you! I'll head over there!
Goblin: Bahahaha! Good luck, little girl.
She followed the goblin's directions, and emerged from the cave. Standing in front of her was a figure…
Goblin Mage: Feee! You're heeeeeere!
Feena: G-Goblin Mage! What are you doing here?
Vyrn: Who's this, Feena? A friend of yours?
Feena: Yes! Everyone, meet Goblin Mage! She may be a goblin, but she's not evil! I met her on a quest a while back.
Feena: Goblin Mage, these people are skyfarers, we're fighting together with the goblin busters!
Goblin Mage: Waaaaaa! I'm so happy to have found you, Fee!
Feena: Hey! Let go of me, and stop crying!
Goblin Mage: Sniffle… I'm staying here… With you.
Lyria: Awww! They're an adorable pair, aren't they?
Feena: Well… she's always like this, I see her every now and again.
Vyrn: But what about now? She said she was gonna stay with you!
Goblin Mage: Heehee, me and my best friend, Fee!
Feena: Oh dear…
When the fighting was over, the crew left Ombre Island. But before that, they took a little break.
Goblin Mage: Heehee! Well done, Fi!
Feena: Well done to everyone! But seriously, I never thought I'd see you on Ombre Island…
Feena: How did you even get there, Goblin Mage? There was a huge battle going on. You shouldn't have been there!
Lyria: True… The island was off-limits to anyone who wasn't part of the goblin busting team…
Vyrn: Besides, won't it be crawling with Goblins?
Goblin Mage: Heehee! I thought they were quite friendly!
Feena: Huh? Well, you're safe, that's what's important.
Any version of Feena is a crew member

Feena: One more thing, Goblin Mage… I'm travelling with these skyfarers now. Maybe you'd like to come too?
Goblin Mage: Take me with you! I'll be sooo sad if you leave me all alone here!
Vyrn: Hey, who made you the captain? Ah well, it's okay if she comes along, right?
Lyria: Haha! We're happy to have you, Goblin Mage! Right, (Captain)?
And so, Goblin Mage became part of the crew, accompanying Feena on her adventure through the sky to distant lands.
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No version of Feena in crew

Feena: Ahh, but what am I gonna do now? I've been asked to help out with clearing out the last of the goblins from this area.
Feena: Of course! You guys should take Goblin Mage while I'm gone!
Vyrn: Wait, what?
Goblin Mage: Hmm? Are you leaving me?
Feena: I'm sorry… It's safer if you stay here. When I'm done, I'll be back to see you!
Goblin Mage: Sniff…
Lyria: Leave it to us! We'll look after Goblin Mage until you get back! Right, (Captain)?
Goblin Mage: I s'pose I could stay here… I'll be waiting for you when you get back!
Feena: Okay! Be a good girl while I'm gone, okay?
Goblin Mage: Heehee! I will!
And so, Goblin Mage stayed with the crew and continued travelling with them.
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Although she was a goblin, her cheerful smile warmed the hearts of all the crew members as they journeyed on across the world.