Scenario:Grea - Can I Call You My Friend

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Can I Call You My Friend?

To protect those dear to her, Grea begins training to control her dragon powers but is persuaded by the crew to take a break before she burns out. Before they leave to go into town, she asks the crew members to be her friends, to which they reply that they already have been since the beginning.

Grea (Event) is a crew member

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Grea (Event) not in crew

One day (Captain) and the crew visit a place called Mysteria Academy of Magic at Io's request.
Once there they meet a young girl named Grea who is half dragon and half human.
It wasn't long before the students' shadow magic caused aberrations to overrun the academy.
Luckily the incident was resolved by the crew, Grea, and her friend Anne.
And so Grea begins practicing to gain full control over her powers.
A few weeks have passed since then, and now the crew is back at the academy again.
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Grea (Event) is a crew member

A few weeks have passed since the incident stirred up by the students of Mysteria Academy was successfully resolved.
(Captain) and company have come back again for a visit.
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Vyrn: Whoa! This place looks almost as good as new!
Anne: That's because everyone's been pulling their weight around here! The reconstruction stuff is moving pretty quickly thanks to them.
Grea: It's still not exactly how it used to be though.
Grea: A lot of places are still falling apart. Like the classrooms...
Anne: Hehehe. I know I'm gonna sound weird by saying that's a good thing, but hear me out.
Anne: Isn't it nice to have class every day under the blue sky? Nothing like natural fresh air to keep you awake!
Io: Wow, sounds refreshing! Now that's what I call real-world education.
Anne: Jokes aside, some of the kids have been able to come up with new magic thanks to the no-ceiling classrooms.
Grea: If you're interested, why don't you come sit in on one of our lessons?
Vyrn: Now you're talking! If I can ace the class, maybe I'll finally get my claws on the secrets to casting lightning bolts...
Anne: Yep, yep. Pack that brain of yours with notes, and I'm sure you can do it.
Grea: ...
  1. What's wrong?
  2. What do you think, Grea?

Choose: What's wrong?
Grea: Uh...
Vyrn: You're not your usual self. Are you feeling sick?
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Choose: What do you think, Grea?
Grea: Oh, um, yeah. You can do it.
Vyrn: Really? Well, if both of you believe in me, then I'm gonna sit in the front row...
Vyrn: Uh, you feelin' all right? You don't look so hot.
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Grea: Huh? No, I'm fine. Springy. I was just... thinking about something...
Lyria: About what?
Grea: About, like... How should I put this... There's something I've been meaning to talk to everyone about.
Grea: I want to be able to master my dragon powers.
Grea: So that even when I'm going all out, I won't end up losing control again...
Vyrn: That crazy buff dragon power of yours...
Io: What's the hurry? Do you really need it right now?
Grea: Who knows when something like before will happen again. I just don't want to have any more regrets when that time comes...
Anne: Well, I guess there could be some pretty awful villains out there who'd use this time to crush us.
Grea: And that'd be worse than last time.
Grea: That got me thinking again about what I'd have to do to keep everyone free from harm.
Anne: Hahaha... You sure are a stickler for promises, Grea.
Grea: Huh?
Lyria: You said you'd talk things over if anything was on your mind. You're really holding up your end of the promise you made.
Grea: Y-yeah... I could never break a promise I've made with people I care about.
Anne: Ahaha, you're such a good girl, Grea. The sweetest sweetie.
Grea: Hehe...
Vyrn: I don't know what Grea's talkin' about, but we'll lend a hand if she needs it!
Anne: I'm in, 100%! Nothing's gonna keep me away from you.
Io: I probably won't be able to do much, but I definitely got your back, Grea!
Lyria: Ooh, don't forget about me! Um... Um... I'll cheer for you!
  1. Just ask for whatever.
  2. I'll be your punching bag.

Choose: Just ask for whatever.
Vyrn: Uh-huh! If you need something done, we'll get it done!
Lyria: Yep! Let's do it, Grea!
Grea: Thanks, you guys.
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Choose: I'll be your punching bag.
Grea: Haha, I don't know about that...
Vyrn: Heh. You'll be sorry if you underestimate (Captain)'s ability to take beatings like a champ.
Io: Why are you falling for it, you dopey lizard...
Grea: That was a joke, right? Hahaha... You're a funny one, (Captain).
Grea: Thanks, you guys.
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And so Grea begins practicing to gain full control over her powers.
But that's easier said than done.
Grea: Huff... Huff... Doesn't look like it's going to happen.
Grea: It always feels like I'm about to black out just before I unleash the dragon's power.
Vyrn: I guess doing it the normal way would be too easy.
Anne: Yeah... Hmm...
Anne: Okay! Pack it up! Let's go play!
Grea: Wha?
Io: Good idea! Let's all go play!
Grea: Why?
Vyrn: That's using the old noggin, Anne. It's good to take a break when you're up against a wall.
Anne: What Vyrn said. When things are at stake, take a break!
Anne: Besides, I want to go into town with you!
Lyria: Can I come too? Sounds like fun!
Grea: Um, okay then. I suppose we can go play...
Anne: That settles it then! Off we go—
Grea: Oh, um...
Io: What is it, Grea?
Grea: Um, there's something I want to ask you guys.
Grea: So... You know...
Grea: Will you guys be my friends?
Lyria, Vyrn, and Io: Um...
Grea: Ah... I guess not...
Lyria: W-wait a minute! No one said that!
Grea: Hm?
Io: It just caught us by surprise that you'd even have to ask.
Vyrn: We were friends a long time ago. It's not like we gotta be all formal about it, right?
Lyria: Uh-huh! From now on let's get to know each other even better, Grea!
Grea: Okay! Know each other even better... I can't wait!
A hint of blush spreads on Grea's cheeks as she flashes a sheepish smile.
With a nod of their heads, the party set off for the town.