Scenario:Grea - Her First Friend

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Her First Friend

Grea is seriously injured during a fight with the aberrations after her dragon powers go berserk. While she recuperates, the crew learns the story behind Anne and Grea's close friendship.

Mysteria Academy has come under attack from invaders.
Grea had tapped into her inner dragon powers but lost control amid the fighting. Her body has suffered extensive collateral damage.
(Captain) and the others bring her to the classroom building in order to heal her injuries.
Grea: Ungh...
Groans of pain escape from Grea's mouth.
Vyrn: H-hey, Pianista! You hangin' in there?
Grea: Yeah, I'm fine. I can take it—
Grea: Gah!
Grea's pain is intense; she trips on her own feet and collapses.
Anne: Grea!
Anne quickly steps forward and catches Grea in her arms.
Grea: Thanks, Anne.
Anne: That's enough! You don't have to keep acting strong for me!
Anne: If it's too much for you to handle, then just say so already!
Grea: Sorry...
Anne: Honestly... Well? Can you walk?
Grea: Yeah... As long as I don't move too fast.
Anne: Really? You're not just humoring me, are you?
Grea: No, I'm not. So stop worrying so much.
Anne: Pfft. I would if you'd stop going overboard.
Grea: Yeah, I know.
Anne: Sigh... If only I could use healing magic like Ms. Miranda...
Anne: ...
Owen: You look troubled, Princess. What appears to be the problem?
Anne: I'm gonna do it! After this is all over, I'm gonna learn healing magic!
Anne: I just... I hate that I can't do anything to help you at a time like this. I'm useless.
Grea: No you're not, Anne...
Grea: Just being here with me is enough.
Vyrn: Boy, you academy girls sure are close.
Anne: You bet we are! She's my best friend!
Grea: Yeah.
Vyrn: Best friends, huh...
Anne: I'll tell you what though. It was like pulling teeth trying to make friends with her at first.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? How so?
Anne: All right, so at the time, Grea—
Grea: A-Anne!
Grea, face flushed, tries to clamp her hand on Anne's mouth.
Anne: What? Should be fine to tell everyone how we first met, right? There's nothing embarrassing about that!
Grea: Yeah, I know that, but still...
Vyrn: Ooh, the tale of how your blooming relationship began.
Vyrn: I wanna hear it too! And don't leave out a single detail!
Owen: I'd also like to hear how you two met, if I may. I wasn't there at the time after all.
Anne: Well... What do you say, Grea?
Grea: ...
Grea: Sigh... Fine. But don't get your hopes up or anything. It's not really that interesting, you know.
And so the story of how Grea and Anne first met is revealed to the crew.

Her First Friend: Scene 2

Before knowing each other, Anne would attempt to speak with Grea, but she always ran away because of her self-consciousness. Anne is finally able to explain that she isn't afraid of Grea's half-dragon, half-human heritage, and they've been friends ever since.

Grea is playing the piano alone in the music room of Mysteria Academy.
Grea: Sigh...
Anne: Wow! What a beautiful performance! Could you play a little more for me?
Grea: Urk!
Sudden applause from a single set of hands fills the room. Grea is startled and whips her head to see an unfamiliar girl looking back at her.
Grea: Who are you?
Anne: Me? Oh, I'm—
Anne: Huh? Say, are those wings and a tail you got there?
Grea: ...!
Grea quickly jumps out of her seat and flees from the music room.
Anne: Hey! W-wait!
Grea: ...
Anne: Waaait! Wait, I say!
Grea: ...
Grea: Who was that person from yesterday? Why was she calling out to me?
Anne: Aha! Found you!
Grea: Oh...
Grea: You're... the girl from yesterday.
Anne: Yep! I wanted to have a word with you!
Grea: ...!
Anne: Hey, stop!
Anne: Geez, why do you keep running from me?
Grea: Leave me alone.
Grea: ...
Grea: What's her problem?
Grea: Why does she even want to talk to me?
Grea: ...
Grea: I hate being looked at with those kinds of eyes.
Grea: That's why I stay alone... That's why I...
Grea sits down by the piano and starts to play the worries in her heart away.
Grea: Phew...
Grea: ...!
Anne: Just as I thought. You're playing is absolutely superb!
Grea: You again...
Anne: Look, today's the day we have a heart-to-heart chat!
Grea: ...
Anne: ...
Grea: Why?
Anne: Uh...
Grea: Why do you want to talk to me?
Anne: Hm... Good question. I guess I was drawn in by your piano playing.
Anne: And by drawn in I mean there's gotta be some sort of connection between us! Am I wrong?
Grea: You're not... afraid of me?
Anne: Um, afraid?
Grea: I'm not normal, you know. I'm half dragon, half human.
Grea reveals her wings and tail as proof of her dual heritage.
Anne: Your wings and tail are pretty cute actually! It's pretty cool how unique you are.
Grea: Huh?
Anne: See, chatting and sharing tunes is what life at the academy's all about.
Anne: There's nothing to be scared of! On the contrary learning new things and making new friends is fun.
Grea: I see...
Grea struggles to hold back tears upon hearing Anne's words of kindness.
Anne: So starting today, you and I are friends!
The girl sticks her hand out to Grea as if meeting for the first time.
Grea: Will you really be my friend? You don't think I'm scary at all?
Anne: Of course I will! And not one bit!
Grea: Thank you... Um?
Anne: Whoops, I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name's Anne!
Grea: I'm Grea. Nice to meet you, Anne.
Grea grasps Anne's outstretched hand.
Anne: Mm. Nice to meet you too, Grea!
Anne: Let's rock the academy with some fun!
Grea: Yeah!

Her First Friend: Scene 3

Their backstory ends with Grea blushing in embarrassment and Anne inviting the crew to listen to their piano duet once the matter with the aberrations has been resolved.

Grea: We've been friends ever since.
(Captain) and company take in the story of Anne and Grea's first meeting.
Owen: I see. So that's how it happened.
Anne: Yep! When I first heard Grea's performance, I could tell she was nervous.
Anne: I thought to myself, "Hey, I think we'd make good friends!"
Anne: That's why I wanted to get to know her better no matter what.
Anne: It must have been fate!
Grea: Our meeting was fate, huh...
Anne's words hit their mark. Grea's face becomes the color of the setting sun.
Owen: Hehe, fate... Yeah, looking at you two, I'd say that's the right word for it.
Lyria: Yes! I think so too!
Vyrn: You two go together like salt and pepper!
Grea: Geez, now everyone's getting in on it...
Anne: Hahaha. You're so cute when you blush, Grea!
Grea: Quit teasing me, Anne!
Anne: Ahaha! Sorry!
Anne: Ever since we became friends, I've wanted to try playing a duet.
Lyria: What's a duet?
Grea: It's when two people play on the same piano at the same time.
Owen: What an amazing melody that would be coming from the two of you.
  1. Let's hear it.

Choose: Let's hear it.
Lyria: Yes! I'd love to hear it too!
Grea: But the piano...
Lyria: Oh, right... I'm so sorry...
Anne and Grea turn their eyes to the rubble of the music room.
Anne: Okay then! Come back here once the academy's all fixed up!
Anne: Then we'll give you a feast for the ears!
Anne: Right, Grea?
Grea: Sure, when you put it that way.
Lyria: Hehe. That's a promise!
Grea: Yeah, a promise.
Vyrn: Sweet! All right, everyone. If we wanna hear their duet, we've got some things to take care of first!
Grea: That's right.
Grea and the others look solemnly at the clock tower.
Their determination to take back Mysteria Academy burns brightly.