Scenario:Haaselia - Vengeance Is Everything

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Vengeance Is Everything

When the crew overhears her conversation with The Moon, Haaselia decides that no flimsy excuse will do and so decides to reveal her true purpose. (Captain) and company refuse to go along with her plan; an enraged Haaselia responds by unleashing The Moon on them.

Haaselia and The Moon watch the battlefield from an elevated platform.
Haaselia: What a good-natured bunch they are... We've only just met, yet they do not hesitate in the slightest to risk their lives in battle for me...
The Moon: Why not ask for their cooperation in the fulfillment of your goal? I believe they've proven themselves strong enough.
Haaselia: I'm sure they are. But do you truly think such a compassionate group of children would take kindly to the idea of revenge I have in mind?
Her retort to The Moon is overheard by others.
Lyria: Did someone say revenge?
Haaselia: ...!
Haaselia turns around in surprise to see the crew looking suspiciously at her and The Moon.
Lyria: And that primal beast beside you... It gives off the same sensation as that card!
Vyrn: And here I was thinking we were fighting to trounce that primal!
Vyrn: But now we see you going all buddy-buddy with him! What's the deal, Braidy Girl? You were playing us?
Haaselia: Generous to a fault though you may be, I see now you are no simpletons.
Haaselia's expression softens as she takes a deep breath, then looks proudly at the crew.
Haaselia: That's right! I fooled you all!
Haaselia: My true goal is to become empress of my home, Galgenia!
Haaselia: I'm going to usurp the authority necessary to personally execute my uncle and every last person who dealt in his trade!
Haaselia: I'll drag them to public grounds and make them confess their sins! Simply taking their lives would be letting them off easy!
Vyrn: All right, now you've lost us! What's execution got to do with all of this?
Haaselia: Let's just say there are countless filthy scum in this world who don't deserve to live another day.
Haaselia: Wouldn't you like to be my pawns in this game?
Haaselia: When I ascend the throne, I'll give you anything your heart desires. You have little to lose.
  1. We don't need anything from you!
  2. How about you calm down?

Choose: We don't need anything from you!

Haaselia: Ahahaha! Nice to know you're not so cheap as to be bought!
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Choose: How about you calm down?

Haaselia: I'm as calm as a millpond. You're the ones who are in a mad panic.

Continue 1

Lyria: I don't know what made you this way, Haase...
Lyria: But you're too kind of a person to be thinking bad thoughts like revenge and execution!
Haaselia: I figured you might say that.
Haaselia: Even if you did know what I've been through, you'd find some other way to remonstrate with me anyhow.
Haaselia: But enough is enough! You're going to be the cornerstone of my revenge!

Vengeance Is Everything: Scene 2

By the time the crew defeats The Moon, Haaselia is no longer around. He reveals everything to the crew—from what Haaselia has been through to The World's control over him. Through this strange series of events, (Captain) and company end up with the card of The Moon.

The crew scores a victory against The Moon.
They look around and see Haaselia nowhere in the vicinity.
Lyria: Where did Haase go?
The Moon: She has already slipped out of this world and ventured far away. So that she may exact her revenge one day.
  1. Revenge? Tell us more.

Choose: Revenge? Tell us more.

The Moon: Very well. Given how involved you've become, you have the right to know.
The Moon explains the tragedy that befell Haaselia.
Lyria: It's awful what happened to her...
Vyrn: Yeah, it's pretty messed up. I totally get why Braidy Girl would want revenge...
Vyrn: What did you stick around for then? Wait, maybe we should start with who you are.
The Moon: I am The Moon, one of the Arcarum.
The Moon: We Arcarum primal beasts took on different forms in the past, but things changed when The World recreated all of us.
The Moon: He is, in essence, the founder of the Arcarum.
The Moon: He wishes to create a utopia for us to live in.
Lyria: A utopia?
The Moon: In preparation for the next time a battle of such magnitude as the War breaks out...
The Moon: He found it necessary to gather data on the powerful skyfarers, so that we might ensure our own victory.
The Moon: Your crew members have been chosen as our opponents for this data collection.
Vyrn: Us?
The Moon: Information on the tactics and strategies employed by the mighty can prove invaluable on the battlefield.
The Moon: As a puppet of The World, I entered into a pact where I would lend my power to Haaselia if she were to provide me with suitable skyfarers.
Vyrn: I don't know what you guys are up to, but you sure it's okay telling us all this?
The Moon: Our intense bout has freed me of The World's shackles. I am now but a drifting soul.
The Moon: Haaselia may look young and inexperienced, but she is strong at the core. Even without me, I am certain she will achieve her goal.
The Moon: Without her or The World, I am in need of a new purpose. As such I wish to serve you.
The Moon: From this point forward, you shall be my masters.
(Captain) and company end up acquiring a card after this bizarre turn of events.
The faded part of the card comes into full view, revealing an illustration of The Moon seemingly grinning at the crew.