Scenario:Hallessena - Die, Sticky-Ickies!

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Die, Sticky-Ickies!

The crew hunts slimes as part of a request, and they discover that Hallessena's chain saw has trouble cutting through enemies that are sticky. She picks another fight with slimes to prove that she's not lying.

It hasn't been long since Hallessena became a member of the crew.
She and the others are currently on a slime-busting mission.
Slime 1: ...!
Hallessena: Nooo! Ew, ew, ew! Stay away from me!
Slime 2: ...!
Hallessena: S-save me, (Captain)!
Slimes: ...!
(Captain) cleaves the slimes chasing after Hallessena.
Hallessena: Ngh... Sorry... Thanks for that, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Geez, it's not like those weaklings could hurt you. What's the problem exactly?
Hallessena: I hate those... those sticky-ickies...
Lyria: Sticky-ickies? You don't like jelly things that wiggle around, Hallessena?
Hallessena: No! I super hate 'em! My death saw is useless against stickiness...
Vyrn: You're kiddin' me... I thought your saw could cut through anything.
Hallessena: Ngh... Come here, (Captain), I'll show you what I mean.
(Captain) nods hesitantly, and follows Hallessena toward the slimes.

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 2

(Captain) and company bring Hallessena to the Rashomon Research Vessel to seek help from Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas. The two experts are eager to power up Hallessena's chain saw, but due to low funds they're not allowed perform the upgrade.

Slimes: ...
Hallessena engages more slimes in battle. She cuts and slices and gashes to no avail. No matter what she does, the slimes come out unscathed.
Vyrn: Um, how come nothing happened to them?
Hallessena: I don't know, but it's only sticky-ickies that I can't chop up into teeny-tiny pieces.
Hallessena: So when I got chased by this huge horde of slimes a long time ago...
Lyria: You developed a hatred for sticky, gooey things.
Hallessena: Sorry, (Captain), but I'm useless to you now, I guess...
Vyrn: Don't say that! You've done more than enough for us, you know.
Vyrn: If it's not cutting the way you want it to, why don't you just soup that baby up?
Hallessena: I tried to! I made tons of mods back then to fight the slimes, but nothing ever worked.
  1. Well, there is one other option.
  2. You've got us now.

Choose: Well, there is one other option.
Vyrn: Heh-heh-heh. What a coincidence. I was just thinking the same thing.
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Choose: You've got us now.
Lyria: That's right, Hallessena! We're here for you!
Vyrn: Hehe, we'll help figure out something!
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Vyrn: It just so happens that we might have the right tools you need to fix this problem!
Hallessena: Tools?
(Captain) takes the confused Hallessena by the hand and leads her away.
Hallessena: Whoaaa! This place is crazy! It's so... mecha!
Dr. Rashomon: Hahaha! There's no better feeling than having your work admired.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

With Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas at the helm, the Divine Death Saw of Death will surely get the upgrade it needs.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

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Robomi (Event) not in crew, Nicholas (Event) not in crew

The crew is paying a visit to Dr. Rashomon's research vessel. He is a geologist.
(Captain) and company had met Dr. Rashomon and his mechanic, Nicholas, on a previous adventure.
They had helped the two experts defeat swarms of creatures known as abominations.
This time it's the doctor and Nicholas's turn to lend a hand.
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Hallessena: Huh? This blueprint is....
Hallessena: Ahaha! Drop-dead gorgeous! It's mecha-mecha crazy!
Dr. Rashomon: My, you've got an eye for machines. That's an original machina soldier creation of ours. We call it Gigantes.
Hallessena: Gigantes? Ahaha! Now that's cool! Hey, hey! Does it... transform?
Nicholas: Haha! One step ahead, aren't you? I was just talking to Doc about that actually, and—
Nicholas: Whoops, sorry. Got a little carried away there. What brings you guys here today?
(Captain) explains to Nicholas that they want him to make modifications to Hallessena's chain saw.
Nicholas: Interesting... All right, let's see that weapon of yours.
Hallessena: I call it the... uh... Divine Death Saw of Death...
Nicholas: Hahaha! That's a pretty awesome name.
Nicholas: Ooh, what have we here?
Nicholas: Whoa! Doc! Are you seeing this?
Dr. Rashomon: Indeed. The construction is rather irregular, but on second glance it's a sensible, refreshing design. How peculiar...
Dr. Rashomon: Where exactly did you find this, Hallessena?
Hallessena: Hm? Um, actually I made it myself...
Nicholas: Are you serious? You gotta tell me how!
Hallessena: How? Hmm... You got any pretty metals lyin' around?
Dr. Rashomon: You can use whatever you want from that pile over there. We were going to recycle them anyway.
Hallessena grabs some tools and begins assembling various pieces of scrap together.
Hallessena: This goes klink...
Hallessena: And that goes whirrl...
Nicholas: ...
Hallessena: Then with a bang-bang-bang...
Hallessena: And one bzzzap later... All done!
Dr. Rashomon: ...
Lyria: Um... What's wrong?
Nicholas: The way Hallessena built that chain saw makes it seem like anyone could do it.
Nicholas: But I can tell with just one look that no ordinary craftsman could ever hope to match what she just did.
Vyrn: Wow. She's that amazing, huh?
Dr. Rashomon: Yes. What unfathomable talent to be able to quickly convert scrap into such a fine blade.
Nicholas: Hoo boy, my pride as a mechanic isn't going to take this lying down. I'm all fired up!
Vyrn: What are you going to do then? I thought you said no craftsman could figure out how to make that chain saw.
Nicholas: That's only half right, pal. I believe I said no ordinary craftsman!
Nicholas: I'll enhance this weapon into something even more amazing, or else I'll have no right to call myself a master mechanic!
Hallessena: Really? Yes! Yesss! Yahooo!
Nicholas: I'm itching to get started. How should we tackle this?
Dr. Rashomon: It seems to me that the speed of the chain's revolutions drops precipitously once it encounters the viscous surface of slimy creatures.
Nicholas: What if we coated the entire chain with some kind of sealant? That way the rotational energy might repel the stickiness from coagulating.
Dr. Rashomon: And increase the speed of the revolutions? Okay, then we'd better get the gigas steel coated beforehand.
Nicholas: Yeah, the strength of gigas steel will do nicely. I'll just help myself to the—
Marie: ...
Nicholas: Augh! Marie?
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

Marie: I overheard everything, you know. I'm sorry, but this isn't within our budget at the moment.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

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Robomi (Event) not in crew, Nicholas (Event) not in crew

Marie is Dr. Rashomon's daughter. She's an exceptional administrator of the research vessel's daily operations.
Marie: I overheard everything, you know. I'm sorry, but this isn't within our budget at the moment.
Continue 3
Hallessena: Awww! Really?
Nicholas: Gulp... I know we're kind of strapped right now, but I was just gonna use a little, okay?
Marie: Don't you okay me, buster! Do you really have the willpower to stop from going overboard?
Nicholas: Er... The thing about that is... Uh... Haha...
Marie: Uggh! No means no!
Marie: I'm very sorry. I really want to help you, but we're not doing so well financially this month.
Hallessena: Waaah... No way! I'm shocked, shocked, shocked!
Nicholas sees how depressed Hallessena has become. He leans over and whispers to her and (Captain).
Nicholas: I'm sorry, you guys. I'll try to get Marie to change her mind somehow.
Nicholas: I wouldn't bet on it though. You'd be better off looking for help elsewhere to be on the safe side.
Vyrn: Ah, it's probably for the best.
Vyrn: Luckily I've got another person in mind! I'm sure it'll work out!
(Captain) nods at Vyrn, and the crew says good-bye to Nicholas and the others. They depart for their next target.

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 3

Almeida takes a crack at improving the chain saw to no avail; other craftsmen also fail. They seem to be out of options, when Nicholas brings news that Marie has approved funding to work on the chain saw. The upgrade is finally successful, and Hallessena rushes out to test it on Zogora.

Almeida not in crew

This time the crew decides to pay a visit to Io's mutual friend, Almeida, who lives in the Valtz Duchy.
Surely this woman who supervises mines and excels at weaponry could help improve the Divine Death Saw of Death.
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Almeida is a crew member

(Captain) and company decide to pay a visit to Almeida, who is currently taking a vacation from the crew to visit her old employer.
Surely this woman who excels at weaponry could help improve the Divine Death Saw of Death.
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Almeida: Oh! Hi, (Captain)! Did you come to hang out with me?
Vyrn: Not this time. We got a favor to ask ya.
Hallessena: Oooh! I could totally put this weapon to good use! It's so sturdy and lovely!
Almeida: Whoo, you know what's up! I call that the Vaserav Hammer!
Hallessena: Vaserav? Hardcore! What a sick name!
Vyrn: Yep, aptly named after her lover boy.
Almeida: Ack!
Almeida: Th-that's ridiculous! Ridiculous I tells ya! Why can't you get that through your thick skull?
Almeida: Cough.
Anyway, you came to me about a favor, right? Does it have something to do with her?
(Captain) nods and explains everything that has happened up until now.
Almeida: Heh, sounds fun. All right, I'll help you guys out!
Hallessena: Aww yeah, crazy to the max! You rock, Almeida!
Almeida: Let the modifications begin! Come on, Hallie!
Hallessena: Yeah, baby! We'll be back later, (Captain)!
Sounds of machinery come from the bowels of the factory. The improvements to the chain saw are progressing steadily and are nearing completion.
Almeida: Now for the finishing touches. This technique is still in the experimental stage, but if it works, your weapon's performance is gonna grow by leaps and bounds!
Almeida: Careful... Careful...
Hallessena: Hey, I've been meanin' to ask you about that super-gorgeous stuffed toy you have. You make it?
Almeida: This? Oh, yeah. Crocheting's a hobby of mine. I make 'em every now and then—
Almeida: Wait, did you say stuffed toy?
Almeida stops working and turns to stare at Hallessena.
Almeida's face flushes bright red when she looks down and sees the stuffed figure of an armored Draph hanging from her clothes.
Almeida: Yaagh!
Almeida screams and slams down her tools with full force onto the chain saw in front of her.
Almeida: How did my stuffed Va-Vaserav get there?
Hallessena: Vaserav? Isn't that the guy you like?
Almeida: No! D-don't be a weirdo, you silly-billy Hallie!
Almeida: Uh, wha? The chain saw is finished?
Hallessena: Whoa! When did that happen?
Almeida: Beats me... Eh, whatever!
Almeida picks up the chain saw that seems to have "magically" completed itself, and the pair returns to the crew.
Hallessena: (Captain), (Captain)! Check out this bad boy! It's insanely awesome!
Vyrn: Uh, don't you think it's a little on the huge side? And what's that long thing draggin' around behind it?
Almeida: Hehehe. Oh, you of little faith. That's where we're hiding the secret. Hit it, Hallie!
Hallessena: Yee-haw! Flippin' the switch!
Hallessena releases the chain saw, and tripod-like supports extend out, allowing it to stand on its own.
The entire weapon then lithely whirls around the young Draph.
Hallessena: Yahaha! This is insaaane!
Lyria: Amazing... It can move on its own...
Almeida: It's not ready for showtime just yet, but it tries to mimic Vaserav's weapon techniques as much as possible.
Almeida: I'm guessing it'll do just fine though. It should be the sharpest it's ever been too!
Vyrn: You don't say... But it is just me, or is it acting kinda weird?
Vyrn's observation is correct; the chain saw has been gradually gaining speed until it finally goes flying off.
Hallessena: Waaah! Come back, Divine Death Saw of Death! Come baaack!
Almeida: Huh? It lost control? But I made sure to double-check the variables to prevent that from happening...
Hallessena: You were smacking it pretty good back there...
Almeida: Urk...
Almeida: Well, that's because you were talking about all that weird stuff!
Hallessena: Sniff... Sorry...
Almeida: Please don't cry, Hallie! We'll just work on it again! Okay?
Almeida and Hallessena go back to the drawing board, but no matter how many times they work on the chain saw, they're unable to replicate their previous success.
Almeida: Hmm... This is so weird... It's like the first time only happened through a miracle. Nah, next time it'll definitely—
Worker: Hey, Boss. Sorry to interrupt you, but could you maybe come back to the office now?
Worker: It'd be great if you could show the rookies how it's done around here...
Almeida: Oh, I forgot all about that. Sit tight. I'll be there soon!
Almeida: Sorry, Hallie! It doesn't look like I'll be able to stick around till the end...
Hallessena: It's cool! You've done a lot already! Seriously. I'm smiling, see?
Hallessena waves her hand weakly, and Almeida smiles back.
Almeida: Hallie! We're gonna fix it again! And then it'll be better than ever!
Hallessena: Hahaha! You bet we are! That's a promise!
Almeida leaves, and the crew must once again find another master craftsman.
But each time they bring the chain saw to someone new, their efforts to modify the weapon inevitably end in failure.
Hallessena: Sigh... I knew it was no good...
(Captain) tries to cheer up Hallessena who has sunk into a stupor.
Nicholas: Hallessena? (Captain)? Are you guys there?
Hallessena: Wha? Nicholas? What's up?
Nicholas: Sorry I'm late! I finally managed to convince Marie to let me work on the Death Saw of Death!
Hallessena: Seriously? Super seriously?
Nicholas: I'm not lying to you! I'm ready to get started straightaway!
Hallessena: Aw yeah!
Hallessena: Let's go, (Captain)! Let's gooo!
With her spirits restored, Hallessena and the others quickly make their way back to the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Work begins and the excited crew waits for many agonizing hours.
Hallessena: It's aliiive! And boy is it pure insanity!
Vyrn: Nice! That looks slick!
Hallessena: Right, right, right?
Hallessena: Check this out! Here's the trigger! Trigger, trigger!
Vyrn: Uh, isn't that something you find on guns? You're telling me it shoots bullets now?
Dr. Rashomon: Not quite. When this trigger is pulled, the chain saw will get a temporary, explosive boost in speed and power.
Dr. Rashomon: Regular steel and wiring would disintegrate immediately upon triggering. No, what makes this all possible is—
Hallessena: Gigas steel!
Nicholas: Haha, bingo! It's also thanks to the death saw's redundancy systems. We never would've thought up a concept like this.
Nicholas: Anyway, I won't get into the nitty-gritty of it all, but it should have no problems handling slimes or—
Dr. Rashomon: What? That's impossible! Have the abominations returned? Not only that, but this alarm can only be—
Nicholas: Supreme Demolition Beast Zogora!
Dr. Rashomon: Zogora should've been destroyed by Robomi... No, I can't spare precious moments thinking about that! What about the Robomi replicas?
Nicholas: No good. The parts we got were defective, so we had to stop production...
Hallessena: Huh? What's a Zogora?
Dr. Rashomon: It's an abomination, an ancient terror of humanity. I suppose I should call Zogora their king. Whatever name you wish to use, it's an extremely dangerous brute.
Hallessena: Ahaha, it's all the same to me! I'll just slice 'n' dice it with my trusty death saw here!
Dr. Rashomon: Wait, Hallessena! You can't go up against abominations or Zogora with normal attacks!
Lyria: She's already gone! What should we do?
Dr. Rashomon: We have no choice! Nicholas! The improvements are still incomplete, but send out Gigantes!
Nicholas: Got it! I'll get it powered up!
Vyrn: We're going too! We can't let anything happen to her!
(Captain) nods, and they tear off after Hallessena.
Zogora: Graaagh!
Hallessena: Oh. My. Mechaaa! Aaah, it's so cute! What a gorgeous biggy-lizzy-lizard!
Hallessena: Hehe... Keeheehee! I'm on fire! All right, baby, it's time to dance!

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 4

Hallessena has taken down Zogora all by herself. Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon realize that she has unlocked the full potential of the anti-repulsion field tech installed in her chain saw. Despite the good vibes of the victory, a feeling of unease washes over the two.

Zogora: Graaagh!
Hallessena: Sayonaraaa...
Hallessena: Bye-bye!
Gigantes: ...!
Dr. Rashomon: Hallessena! Hang on, we'll save—
Hallessena: Wowie-wow! Is that the Gigantes? That shade of red is to die for!
Nicholas: What the! D-Doc... Zogora's down for the count!
Dr. Rashomon: My word! She toppled it by herself? Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Yeah, it's gotta be the feature we built into the death saw that's real similar to the anti-repulsion field.
Nicholas: Our feature was designed to make especially tough armor and materials a lot easier to cut through, which isn't quite what the anti-repulsion field does.
Nicholas: I never thought the anti-repulsion field could work like that...
Nicholas: Honestly it should be impossible given the size of the death saw.
Dr. Rashomon: It would appear that this new functionality has been achieved thanks to Hallessena's skill.
Nicholas: Hehe. Maybe we can ask for her help someday!
Dr. Rashomon: When that time comes she will surely make a formidable ally.
Dr. Rashomon: What I don't understand is how Zogora came back.
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas, let's scan the area where Zogora first appeared. I just hope my fears turn out to be unfounded.
Hallessena: What's with the boring talk?
Hallessena: Whatever! You all saw what I did, didn't you?
Hallessena: I gave that biggy-lizzy a good sayonara-bye-bye!
Lyria: That was impressive, but you can't just run off on your own like that!
Vyrn: Yeah, geez! We were super worried 'bout you!
Hallessena: Ulp... Sorry... I thought I was being helpful to everyone...
Vyrn: Sigh... Ah, well. It's all good as long as you're safe. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and musses up Hallessena's hair.
Hallessena: Hehehe... Next time we'll carve up baddies together!
Hallessena: Doesn't matter what enemy we face. I'll give it a beat down to remember! Sayonara-bye-bye!
(Captain) assesses Hallessena, from her wide-toothed grin to the Divine Death Saw of Death hoisted above her head. This crewmate is one of a kind.
While the crew chats with her, Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas feel a twinge of apprehension.
Meanwhile a stranger glares at them from the shadows.
???: That girl took out Zogora by herself? I must report this at once!
The lone man takes note of the situation before disappearing into the darkness.