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Insanely Awesome

The crew goes to check out some new Erste Empire armored suits at Hallessena's request. She brags about the name of her homemade chain saw, but Vyrn's unenthusiastic reaction angers her and gets them spotted by imperial soldiers.

Hallessena makes a request to the crew while they're shopping for goods, and they're now hiding out near a port in a certain town.
Hallessena: Nearly there... Just a bit more... Boom! There they are!
Hallessena stares hungrily at an Erste Empire battleship manned by guards equipped with the latest armored suits.
Hallessena: Have you ever seen anything so utterly, jaw-droppingly delicious? How insane is that!
Vyrn: So that's what you wanted to see? Well, now that I take a good look at it, the design is incredibly cool!
Hallessena: So you get it now, lizzy-lizard? All the metal and ducts and wiring! I could just eat it up!
Vyrn: Yep, it's awesome all right! But you know I'm not a lizard, right?
Hallessena: Say, lizzy-lizard! I bet you can see how cool this little beauty is, right? I made it myself!
Vyrn: How many times I gotta tell you I ain't no lizard? Hold it... You mean you made that chain saw yourself?
Hallessena: You bet your life I did! Hee-hee! How insanely awesome is it? Drop-dead gorgeous, right?
Vyrn: It's definitely insane. I don't know how you did it, but it's sweet. This jumbled part is cool.
Hallessena: Hee-hee! Isn't it just to die for? I call it my Divine Death Saw of Death!
Vyrn: Your Divine-what? Well, the name kills me. And by that I mean it sucks.
Hallessena: Excuse me?
Hallessena: How dare you! It's an insanely awesome name! Cool enough to drive anyone crazy!
Lyria: Um... You two! Keep your voices down!
Imperial Soldier: What's with all the noise from over here? Is someone around?
Imperial Soldier: Oh! It's you lot! The ones from the wanted posters!
Vyrn: Yikes! Our cover's blown! Let's get outta here!
Imperial Soldier: Oh no you don't! After them!
Hallessena: I'll show you how insanely cool the name is! I'll show everyone!
Hallessena turns her chain saw on the pursuing imperial soldiers, its blade shrieking as furiously as she is.
Imperial Soldier: Gah! What the hell is that!
Hallessena: Take no prisoners! Sayonara-bye-bye!
Vyrn: Looks like we're into it now! (Captain), let's do this!

Insanely Awesome: Scene 2

Hallessena runs away from the crew after her argument with Vyrn and falls in with a shady group of people. As the crew watches from afar, the girl and her new friends are surrounded by monsters.

The crew somehow fend off the imperial soldiers and get back to the airship, but their peace only lasts until the next day.
Lyria: Oh, how terrible! It seems like Hallessena has run away!
Vyrn: Say what? How can you be sure?
Lyria: Well... Look, just come with me!
Lyria takes them to the ship's mess hall, where they find sayonara-bye-bye carved into one of the tables.
Lyria: This reads like a farewell message, doesn't it?
Vyrn: Um... This is probably my fault. I told her the name of her chain saw sucks.
Vyrn: (Captain), we should go look for her! I need to say sorry!
(Captain) agrees, and the crew starts looking for her.
Meanwhile, Hallessena is trudging across a plain.
Hallessena: (I finally meet people I feel safe around, and they're actually nice, and I even like them...)
Hallessena: (But they just don't get my insanely awesome style! Waaah!)
Hallessena: I'm mad to the max! Where's somethin' to slice when I need it?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Whoa! Oh, you made me jump!
Hallessena: ...!
(Scary people? Chain saw time!)
Hallessena: Ha-ha! Feel the insanity! Sayonara-bye-bye!
Sly Woman: That machine... those words... Oh! You're the Walking Wraith!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Seriously? Like in those stories? But look at her! More like Walking Cutie, am I right?
Hallessena: Huh?
Sly Woman: Hee-hee... Looks like we have something in common. Let's talk.
Hallessena: Huh?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! You made that chain saw yourself? That's so cool, Hallie!
Hallessena: Hee-hee! Too right! Ain't it just insanely awesome?
Sly Woman: Insanely awesome, yeah! So how do you like my little homemade gun?
Hallessena: Yee-haw! How cool is this! Drop-dead gorgeous! Check that plating, that wiring, those fixtures!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Heh-heh. Say, Hallie, what've you been callin' this sweet little sucker?
Hallessena: Yeah, well.... Um... I call it my Divine Death Saw of Death, but—
Sly Woman: Whoa! That name is mad! It's off the wall! Well, I call this pistol of mine the Devilish Death Ray of Death!
Hallessena: That's incredible! Totally awesome! Crazy wicked!
Hard-Faced Man 1: Well, it's almost time for us to head back. Oh, Hallie, are you gonna come to our hideout too?
Hallessena: Um... Well...
(We seem to be on the same wavelength, and they seem safe enough.)
Hallessena: You bet I'm coming!
While Hallessena falls in with this ragtag band, the crew observes from afar.
Lyria: Um... It looks like she's made some new friends, right?
Vyrn: Hmm... I feel like I've seen those guys somewhere before...
Vyrn: Let's try following them. I've got a bad feeling about this.
Lyria: Huh? Hallessena and her friends have been surrounded by monsters!
Hallessena: Sayonara-bye-bye!
Monster: Grargh!
Lyria: Phew, it looks like they're all right. Hallessena's so strong.
Vyrn: Yeah, but we should go help out anyway! There are still plenty of monsters surrounding them!
(Captain) and the crew turn their weapons on the monsters beginning to swarm around Hallessena.

Insanely Awesome: Scene 3

Hallessena happily talks with her shady new friends, at least until she realizes they're criminals. She reveals that her weapon is only for protection, and the crew shows up just in time to save her from the criminals.

Hallessena follows the shady people to their hideout and happily talks with them.
Hallessena: (Hee-hee. Everyone's stories are drop-dead interesting.)
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! I think you're gonna love what's up next, Hallie!
Hallessena: Huh? What is it? Hurry up and show me! I'm dyin' here!
Hard-Faced Man 1: Just a second! All right... and... Ta-da!
Gritty-Voiced Man: ...
Hallessena: Whoaaa, an armored suit! Crazy! Hey, are you an imperial soldier?
Gritty-Voiced Man: No way. I'm that guy's buddy.
Hallessena: Huh? Then what are you doing in the suit?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Well, we scored real big! So how 'bout it? Looks good on me, right?
Hard-Faced Man 2: Yeah, super cool! Now gimme a turn in there, wouldja?
Sly Woman: So what happened to the imperial soldier who was wearing it?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Oh, we smacked him up and took care of him. He put up a fight, but that just made it more fun!
Hallessena: (Huh? Scored big? Took care of him?)
Sly Woman: Hold on a sec. When you say you took care of him, you don't mean permanently, right?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! And what if he does? You know our line of work!
Hallessena: (Their line of work? Wait... Just what kind of crazy are these guys?)
Hard-Faced Man 2: By the way, Hallie, how many people have you taken out?
Hallessena: Wha? T-taken out?
Hard-Faced Man 1: C'mon, you got a Divine Death Saw of Death, right? So how many people you done with it?
Hallessena: Um... That's... I...
Hard-Faced Man 1: Wait a minute... You sayin' all that crazy talk was just a front? What a letdown.
Sly Woman: What's the worry? We can help you get your feet wet! And your hands too! All right, let's head into town!
Hallessena: Huh? B-but why?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Time to give you and your baby there a test run! We're gonna go wild 'n' destroy stuff! It'll be a laugh! You'll see, Hallie!
Hallessena: It's okay... I'm fine, guys... Don't worry about me.
Hard-Faced Man 2: What? What's your problem? Your weapon's made for usin' on people, right?
Hallessena: No, no, that's crazy. I was born in a slum, and... and everyone did terrible things to me...
Hallessena: They punched me and stuff, so... so I made the Divine Death Saw of Death to scare 'em off...
Hallessena: Even when I ran away from the slum—no matter where I went or what refuge I found—people would still come do terrible things to me...
Hallessena: I just wanted to frighten 'em away, is all.
Hard-Faced Man 2: Ha-ha! So that's it! Well, it's no wonder people beat you up.
Hard-Faced Man 2: I mean, look how frail 'n' cute you are! It's like you're beggin' to be picked on! Heh-heh!
Hallessena: Eek! N-no! Stay away!
Just as the man draws close to her, the door bursts open, and a small, red missile hurtles through.
Vyrn: Hi-ya!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Argh!
Lyria: Are you okay? Sorry we're so late!
Vyrn: The stupid lock took ages to break!
Hallessena: Vyrn! Lyria! (Captain)! Sob...
Vyrn: It's fine now! No need to cry!
Vyrn: Careful, (Captain).
Vyrn: I just remembered that these guys are wanted criminals!
Gritty-Voiced Man: Fine, let's bust 'em up. What have they got? Just a bunch o' kids and that crybaby Hallie...
Hallessena: Blade! Face! You!
Gritty-Voiced Man: Argh!
Hallessena: Ha-ha! Fooled you, idiots! Who'd cry for you losers? Sayonara-bye-bye, cupcakes!
Vyrn: Um... No, you were definitely crying just then. You seemed pretty terrified...
Hallessena: Shut up! Less talkie, more slicey! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

Insanely Awesome: Scene 4

Hallessena tries to hide her fear as she watches the criminals get taken away, but the crew heard her talking about how much she was hurt in the past and reassures her. She finally realizes that she is safe with the crew.

The criminals defeated by (Captain) and the crew are delivered into the hands of the Crew of Enforcers.
Hallessena: That's what you get for bein' crazy stupid!
Hallessena shrieks defiantly at the ship carrying the criminals, but her hands are trembling.
Lyria gently takes her hand.
Lyria: It's all right now, Hallessena.
Hallessena: Hey! Don't touch me!
Hallessena shakes off Lyria's hand in surprise.
Hallessena: I'm fine anyway. No problems here. Totally cool. Seriously.
  1. Silently take Hallessena's hand.
  2. Tell her it's going to be okay.

Choose: Silently take Hallessena's hand.
Hallessena: I told you to stop that...
Hallessena: I'm fine, okay? Sniff... I'm not scared or anything.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Tell her it's going to be okay.
Hallessena: What's going to be okay? I told you I'm fine!
Vyrn: Your hands are shaking. You don't have to put on a brave face.
Hallessena: I'm not putting on any kinda face! I'm fine...
Continue 1
Lyria: I'm sorry. We found out what happened to you.
Vyrn: Yeah, we heard you talking while we were opening the door to the hideout.
Lyria: You've sacrificed so much to avoid getting hurt.
Hallessena: ...!
Lyria: But we'll never do anything to hurt you!
Vyrn: That's right! You're safe with us! So you can relax, okay?
Hallessena: You guys... Sniff...
Hallessena: You're all totally crazy! Insanely great!
Vyrn: Um... I'm sorry, you know. For saying your weapon name sucks.
Hallessena: You mean... my Divine Death Saw of Death is totally insane?
Vyrn: Yeah, as insane as it gets. The name's really grown on me.
Hallessena: Hee-hee... Heh-heh... Ha-ha! Absolute world-warping insanity! Ha-ha!
Lyria: Hee-hee... It's crazy to the max!
Hallessena: You too, Lyria? Jumpin' on the crazy bandwagon? Welcome aboard!
Hallessena: Ha-ha! How 'bout I make chain saws for all of you? Let's go find some parts!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Yeah, let's go!
As the crew searches for the parts, Hallessena finally realizes that she has found a home.
She allows herself to relax, and her crazed grin loosens itself into a true smile.