Scenario:Halluel and Malluel - Sending Our Thoughts

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Sending Our Thoughts

An elderly man asks Halluel and Malluel to deliver a letter to a woman he lost contact with when they were both children. Despite the man being unable to provide much detail about the intended recipient, the twins readily accept his request. They head to the woman's last known location when she was a child to gather information.

As their vacation comes to an end, (Captain) and company are enjoying the fireworks when an elderly man grabs their attention.
Elderly Man: Excuse me, but are you two the winged messengers people have been talking about?
Halluel: Hm? If you mean the Archangel Parcel Service, then yes, that's us.
Malluel: Is there a letter you'd like to have delivered?
Elderly Man: Yes, if you would humor a preposterous request.
Elderly Man: I once met a girl searching for pink seashells on an island when I was a wee lad. I'd like you to deliver this letter to her.
Halluel and Malluel take a glance at the man's letter, then look at each other with raised eyebrows.
Lyria: Um, there doesn't seem to be an address on the envelope...
Elderly Man: That's because I don't know where she currently resides.
Elderly Man: All I have to go on is her nickname and the name of her village from way back when.
Halluel: I can see why you called it a preposterous request.
Malluel: Okay, mister. Can you tell us everything you know?
The elderly man's shoulders sag a little, as if embarrassed to be inconveniencing the crew. He recounts a story from his past.
Long ago, when the elderly man was just a boy...
Young Boy: Whatcha lookin' for?
It's a warm summer day. A young boy comes across a girl scouring the sandy shores of Auguste. He doesn't hide his curiosity.
Shell-Hunting Girl: I'm looking for seashells.
Young Boy: Seashells? They're everywhere. Look, there's a whole bunch right there.
Shell-Hunting Girl: Uh-uh, not those. I'm looking for pink ones.
Shell-Hunting Girl: There's a story that if you have a pink, heart-shaped seashell, it'll bring you happiness!
Young Boy: Hmm... Okay. I'll help ya look too.
Shell-Hunting Girl: You will? Thanks!
The boy visits the beach every day without fail to help the girl look for her heart-shaped seashells.
But that blissful summer draws to a close without them finding a single one.
It was time for the girl, who had been staying with relatives only for the summer, to go home to her parents.
Shell-Hunting Girl: It's too bad we didn't find anything even though you spent your summer helping me.
Shell-Hunting Girl: Even with both of us looking, we couldn't find anything... I guess it was just a fairy tale.
Young Boy: I'll find one!
Shell-Hunting Girl: Huh?
Young Boy: I'll find one and send it to ya, even if you live somewhere far away. That's what letters are for, right?
Young Boy: So just wait, okay? I'll definitely get one to ya!
Elderly Man: We kept writing each other letters from across the vast sky while I continued looking for her shells.
Elderly Man: That is until...
After many months, he finally finds the promised shell and sends it out with his usual letter.
But he never receives a reply. No correspondence from the girl ever came again.
Malluel: Did you try sending her any more letters afterward?
Elderly Man: No matter how many letters I sent out, they always came back as undeliverable.
Vyrn: How come you wanna reach her again even though you've no way of getting in touch anymore?
Elderly Man: Call it a whim. One day, my granddaughter gathered a large pile of shells.
The elderly man had forgotten about the little girl he once knew, but those dormant memories came flooding back at the sight of the shells.
Did the heart-shaped shell he sent ever reach her? If it did, did it bring her happiness like the story claimed?
In order to find out, he wants to try sending her just one more letter.
But without her address, he was almost ready to give up on the near impossible task.
Halluel: I see. That's why you came to us.
Malluel: I can definitely see regular delivery services having a difficult time delivering your letter.
Malluel: If you know her name at least, that might be enough to go on...
Elderly Man: We were just kids, you know? We both used nicknames in our letters to keep things simple.
Elderly Man: Remembering her nickname isn't a problem, but I never learned her real name.
Halluel: Okay, I think I get the picture. We can probably get this done, right, Mal?
Malluel: Mm-hm! We're the Archangel Parcel Service. We'll get it delivered to wherever and whomever. That's our motto.
Malluel: No letter is too impossible to deliver.
Halluel: Take heart, sir. We'll make sure your precious letter gets to her.
Lyria: And we'll help too! She won't stay missing for long with all of us on the case!
Elderly Man: Oh! I can't thank you all enough. I'll be waiting for the good news.
The next day, the crew discusses how to tackle delivering the elderly man's letter.
Halluel: Malluel and I will go to the village where the girl used to live.
Malluel: The locals might know something about her.
Lyria: Okay! We'll stay here and ask around for any information.
Vyrn: There's gotta be other people besides the old-timer who've met her before!
With their efforts focused on delivering the letter, Halluel and Malluel split off from the crew to begin their assignment.

Sending Our Thoughts: Scene 2

The twins arrive on the island where the girl last resided, only to discover her village has long since been destroyed by monsters. A local islander says the girl's family moved to another island. The islander then asks the twins to deliver something for her since they're heading in that direction.

Halluel and Malluel follow the elderly man's directions and arrive at an island far from Auguste.
Halluel: Well, we're here. The village where the girl used to live is supposed to be around here somewhere...
Malluel: Look, Hal! There's a house over there!
Halluel: You're right. Let's go!
Villager: What the!
Malluel: Sorry for startling you like that. We're looking for someone.
Halluel: This is the village we're trying to find. Do you happen to know how to get there?
Halluel shows the villager a piece of paper with the name of their destination written on it.
Villager: Ah... That's probably the neighboring village.
Villager: Thing is, I heard it hit the skids a long time ago. Seems a horde of monsters wrecked it pretty bad.
Malluel: The village was destroyed by monsters? Then all those poor people...
Villager: I'm sure there were survivors. Word is they escaped to another village on the other side of the mountain.
Halluel: Hm, so we're not out of options yet. Thanks, we'll go check it out.
Villager: Oh, wait!
The villager stops the twins as they are about to take off.
Villager: Since you're heading over there anyway, would you mind delivering a letter for me?
Malluel: Sure, of course. Who should we give it to?
Villager: A childhood friend of mine recently tied the knot. This wedding card is for him.
The twins nod and take the card.
Villager: Thank you. I wanted to give it to him in person, but I just can't seem to find the time to.
Malluel: It's all right, that's what we're here for. Piece of cake.
Halluel: Your card is safe with us.
With a final goodbye, the twins take to the skies and head for the other village.
Halluel and Malluel fly over the mountain and arrive at a village in the forest. They promptly go to deliver the wedding card.
Malluel: Good day. Your friend asked us to deliver this wedding card to you.
Childhood Friend: You mean the guy from across the mountain? I don't believe it...
The twins share a confused look. This isn't the reaction they were expecting.
Halluel: Did something happen between you two?
Childhood Friend: Nah, nothing like that. I just wasn't counting on getting a response this quickly.
Malluel: Does he take that long to answer back?
Childhood Friend: Eh, it's more like this place has a shortage of messengers and travelers willing to take on extra tasks.
Childhood Friend: That's why it's commonplace for letters to take weeks to arrive.
Halluel: I see. It must be difficult for the residents here.
Childhood Friend: Haha. Hey, you get used to it. But in any case, thanks for the delivery.
The twins return the man's smile.
Malluel: No problem! By the way, maybe you can help us with something.
Malluel: Your friend told us about a village that got attacked by monsters a long time ago, and that some of the survivors fled here.
Childhood Friend: Oh yeah, we had a few move in. What about 'em?
Halluel: One of them might be the person we're searching for.
As Halluel and Malluel describe the girl in detail, the man furrows his brow in thought.
Childhood Friend: Sorry, that doesn't ring a bell at all.
Halluel: Hm... Well, so much for that. It was our only clue.
Childhood Friend: Actually, maybe my mother would know.
The man disappears inside his house. Eventually an old woman shuffles to the door.
Man's Mother: Guests are such a rarity these days. You're looking for survivors of that ruined village, you say?
Malluel: Yes. Does this name sound familiar to you?
Malluel shows her the name written on the elderly man's letter and explains the situation. The old woman listens intently, then nods knowingly.
Man's Mother: Yes, I distinctly remember a girl who lived there that matches your description.
Man's Mother: She was the only girl from that village who had been to Auguste before.
Halluel: Does she live here now?
Man's Mother: No. Her family packed up and moved to another island the very day their village was attacked.
Halluel: I see. You wouldn't happen to know where they moved to, would you?
Man's Mother: Let me see...
According to the old woman, the girl moved to an island that would take days even by airship.
On top of that, since airships only come to this island once every few days, getting to the other island could take up to a month.
Malluel: That's not an issue. We have wings of our own.
Halluel: Auguste was basically a stone's throw away for us.
Man's Mother: Is that right?
Childhood Friend: Yeah. These two just delivered a wedding card from my friend down by the foot of the mountain.
Man's Mother: That's impressive. Can I bother you with a request of my own then?
Halluel: Certainly. What would you like us to deliver?
The old woman picks a bunch of flowers from her garden and arranges them into a beautiful bouquet.
Man's Mother: My daughter got married and settled down on the same island you're about to head to.
Man's Mother: She loves these flowers, but I was never able to send her any because they'd wilt by the time they reached her.
Halluel: Gotcha. We'll get these flowers to your daughter while they're still fresh.
Malluel: Thank you so much for the information! I think we're finally on track to getting this letter to the right place!
Man's Mother: I'm glad I could help. Have a safe trip.
The family waves goodbye as the twins take off for the next island.
Halluel: Careful with those flowers, Mal. We don't want their petals scattering in the wind.
Malluel: I know that, Hal! Now let's go full speed ahead without losing a single petal!
The two winged couriers, each carrying precious cargo, make haste across the blue sky.

Sending Our Thoughts: Scene 3

Halluel and Malluel arrive on the island the girl is said to have moved to and learn that an elderly woman who fits the description of the recipient they're looking for lives by the shores of Auguste. They return to Auguste to find the crew helping an elderly woman look for something in the waters off the beach. A monster has taken her possessions, and they must defeat it to get them back.

Halluel and Malluel touch down on the next island in their search. A letter and a bouquet are waiting to be delivered.
They stop at a residence in a certain part of town to deliver the flowers first.
Woman: Yes?
Malluel: Hello! Delivery from APS! Your mother asked us to give you this.
Malluel hands the woman the bouquet.
Woman: Oh my! These are the flowers Mom grew.
Halluel: I'm sorry, we tried to transport them as carefully as we could, but it looks like they wilted a bit in transit.
Woman: It's quite all right. Nothing a little water can't fix.
Woman: I've loved the smell of these flowers since I was a child. So many memories...
The woman brings the bouquet in close for a whiff, and tears begin to drip down her face.
The twins can tell that they're tears of joy. They smile at each other.
Halluel: Looks like another job well done.
Malluel: Mm-hm. It's a good thing we decided to go with express shipping.
Woman: Thanks for making my day.
Woman: I never thought I'd ever get to see such colorful blooms on this island.
The woman explains that these flowers only grow in her home island's climate.
Perishables spoil over the long distance between her current and former home, making fresh deliveries impossible.
The only alternative since she moved here is the dried, processed flowers included with each of her mother's letters.
Halluel: No wonder her mother got excited when she heard we could fly.
Malluel: It's not just about speed. We have the edge when it comes to transporting goods that can't be delivered by normal means.
It pleases the twins to know that they're doing something worthwhile, as evidenced by the appreciation from those receiving their packages.
This brings them back to the task of delivering the elderly man's letter.
Halluel: By the way, we're looking for a certain woman.
Malluel: She's a bit older now, but in her younger days, she used to look for pink seashells in Auguste.
Woman: Hmm... That sounds familiar actually. I think Mom might've mentioned something about pink seashells.
???: You're looking for pink shells?
An inquisitive little girl pokes her head out from behind her mother's legs and stares up at the two archangels.
Malluel: Not exactly. We're looking for the person looking for pink shells.
Halluel: Um, do you know something about the pink shells?
Girl: We looked for them when Mommy and Daddy took me to the beach.
Halluel: Aw... Your mom and dad helped you look for shells?
Girl: No, an old lady helped me. I don't know her name. She said she's been looking for pink shells since she was small like me.
Girl: And, um... She said her friend sent her a pink shell in the mail.
Girl: But then she had to move, so she couldn't send him a letter to say thanks.
Astonished by the little girl's words, the twins turn to the woman.
Malluel: Miss! Can you tell us where this beach is?
Woman: Huh? Oh, it's, um... We took a family vacation last year down to the Auguste coast.
Woman: Now that I think about it, there was an elderly woman collecting seashells. She said she lived nearby.
From what the little girl and her mother told them, the twins are certain that this elderly woman is the one they've been looking for.
Halluel: Thank you. With your help, this letter is sure to find the right hands.
Malluel: We'd best be on our way. If there's anything you'd like to send out, give us a holler!
Woman: Thank you so much. Good luck with your deliveries.
After saying one final farewell, the twins soar into the sky, ready to return to Auguste.
Malluel: In the end, the person we're looking for was in Auguste all along.
Halluel: A classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. I guess you can chalk this one up to fate.
Halluel: That elderly man might even have seen her before without knowing it.
Malluel: It's kinda romantic in a way, when fate plays tricks on you.
Upon returning to Auguste, the twins look for the rest of the crew, who had been gathering intel on their end.
From high up in the sky, they spot the crew in the waters close to the beach. They appear to be looking for something.
Halluel: Hey, (Captain)!
Lyria: Oh! Welcome back, you two!
Malluel: We flew back as soon as we found some vital clues about the letter's recipient.
Lyria: Really? That's great!
Lyria: Unfortunately we didn't really have much luck on our side...
Vyrn suddenly erupts from beneath the waves behind Lyria, splashing water every which way.
Vyrn: Gaaasp!
Vyrn: Hey, old lady, you sure this is the right spot?
Elderly Woman: It should be. But I fear the current might have taken it farther out to sea.
Halluel: Who's she, Lyria?
Halluel whispers the question into Lyria's ear.
Lyria: Well, you see...
After the twins left Auguste, the crew went around the beach looking for information.
As they were walking along the shoreline, they spotted an elderly woman frantically searching for something in the water.
It turns out that a wave had caught her by surprise and ripped her bag away.
Lyria: So we're helping her find her bag.
Malluel: I see. I had no idea the tide could come up this high...
Halluel: I guess the sea wasn't playing nice.
Elderly Woman: Ah, are you ladies coming to check on your friends? I'm sorry for keeping them out here.
Malluel: It's no problem at all. We're sorry to hear about what happened to you.
Halluel: We'll join the hunt for your bag. We can cover more area that way.
Elderly Woman: Oh dear, I can't ask you to do that. Everyone here has already been helping me look for quite a while.
  1. It's sink or swim.
  2. Your problem is our problem.

Choose: It's sink or swim.

Vyrn: Yeah, and we wouldn't wanna leave empty-handed after all this time!
Lyria: We can't just let someone who's in trouble get washed away!
Lyria: Let's all keep looking!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Your problem is our problem.

Malluel: Heehee, nothing you can say is going to stop these guys.
Malluel: That's why (Captain) has a stellar record when it comes to problem-solving.
Halluel: So don't worry about us. We'll definitely find it if we work together.

Continue 1

Elderly Woman: All of you are wonderful, thank you. Well, let's continue then, shall we?
Halluel and Malluel change into swimsuits.
Malluel: Whew... How's it going over there, Hal?
Halluel: I haven't found anything here.
Lyria: Then the current must have taken it far away...
Malluel: The current around here is pretty calm, so there's still hope that it's caught somewhere...
Vyrn: Hm?
Halluel: What is it? Find something?
Vyrn: Might just be my imagination... I thought I saw something pop out of the water for a sec.
Halluel isn't as quick to dismiss Vyrn's observation. She stares at the water's surface.
A dark shadow beneath the waves gradually grows larger. She shouts a warning at the crew.
Halluel: Something's coming! Get back to shore! Hurry!
Monster: ...
Lyria: Eeeek! A monster!
Malluel: Hey! Isn't that the bag we're looking for?
Malluel points to a floral-patterned bag in the monster's clutches.
Halluel: Aha! That monster was the one who kicked up that wave!
Malluel: If that's the case, then all we have to do is beat it up to get the bag back!
Halluel: Yep! Let's go, (Captain)!

Sending Our Thoughts: Scene 4

The elderly woman invites the crew to her home, and they're surprised by who also lives there: the elderly man who asked them to deliver his letter. It turns out that he and the girl in his letter had unknowingly married each other. The elderly couple finally get to exchange their letters, bringing smiles to everyone present, and the archangels feel rewarded in their role as couriers.

Monster: ...
(Captain) and company defeat the monster from the depths and retrieve the elderly woman's bag.
Malluel: We got your bag back! It's completely soaked, but other than that, it doesn't seem to be damaged.
Elderly Woman: Thank you, dears.
The elderly woman quickly rummages inside her bag, and a look of relief crosses her face.
Elderly Woman: Oh, thank goodness it's still here.
Lyria: That bag must mean a lot to you. I'm so glad you got it back!
Elderly Woman: Yes. It holds a cherished memento of mine.
Halluel: Wait! That's—
The elderly woman pulls out a pale, pink shell from the bag.
The crew notices the way she carefully handles it.
Halluel: Mal, remember what that girl said about a lady who helped her collect seashells?
Malluel: Yeah, it's probably her. And she's probably the same person the elderly man has been looking for.
Halluel: Excuse me, ma'am, but may I have a word?
Elderly Woman: Of course, what is it?
Halluel: I think I might have a letter for—
Lyria & Vyrn: Achoo!
Lyria: Sniff... S-sorry, it's a little chilly.
Vyrn: I guess we are pretty drenched to the bone from being in the water for so long.
Elderly Woman: Goodness, this won't do at all! Let's get you dried up at my house before you catch a cold.
The crew accepts the woman's offer, and she ushers them to her nearby home.
Elderly Man: Oh, welcome ba—huh?
The crew's eyes open wide at the sight of the elderly man behind the door.
Vyrn: What the! Is this your house, old-timer?
Lyria: Oh my gosh! What a coincidence!
Elderly Woman: Oh, have you met them before?
Elderly Man: Yeah, they're doing me a small favor, actually.
In a strange twist, it appears that the elderly woman is the wife of the man who asked for his letter to be delivered.
Now that the facts are clear, Halluel and Malluel are confident that this woman is the intended recipient of the letter.
Malluel: We have a delivery for you, ma'am.
The elderly woman is puzzled. Halluel takes out the letter and hands it to her.
Elderly Woman: Goodness! This is from that boy. How did he...
Halluel: We went to the last known address, connected some dots, and followed its trail to you.
Malluel: As you've already guessed, it's from the person who sent you that shell you cherish so much.
Elderly Man: It can't be... Are you the one I spent that summer with, looking for shells by the shore? Are you Sue?
Elderly Woman: Gasp! If you know that nickname, then... Don't tell me you're Lou?
The woman, her hands trembling, takes out the shell from her bag.
The man's eyes crinkle as he breaks into a smile.
Elderly Man: Did you actually carve our names into the shell?
Upon closer inspection of the heart-shaped shell, the unmistakable letters "S+L" can be seen.
Lyria: Oh! There it is!
Elderly Woman: Well! Since you seem to know everything, then it has to be you!
Elderly Man: Unbelievable! To think that my first love has been by my side for all these years!
Elderly Woman: I don't know what to say. We were right in each other's arms!
Vyrn: So how come you never wrote him back?
Elderly Woman: It's not that I didn't write back. I couldn't.
The monsters attacked Sue's village the day after she received the shell in the mail.
With her home and village going up in flames, the only thing she could save was the seashell.
Elderly Woman: My parents passed away shortly after we arrived at a new island. Things kept coming up, and I forgot about the letter.
Elderly Woman: By the time my life finally settled down long enough to remember to write back, his name and address had slipped from my mind.
Halluel: Ah, so you had no choice but to give up.
Elderly Woman: Not entirely. I sought the help of a skyfarer once.
Sue asked a skyfarer visiting the island she was living on to pass on a letter to Lou. She made sure to mention his defining features.
Malluel: But the letter never made it to him.
Elderly Woman: I don't blame the skyfarer. When all you've got to go on is someone nicknamed Lou who lives in Auguste, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Lyria: That's pretty much the same amount of information we had for this letter.
Lyria: And despite that, Hal and Mal still managed to get it delivered! They're amazing!
Elderly Man: I was this close to giving up too. This is nothing short of a miracle.
Elderly Woman: And we even ended up as husband and wife... Fate works in mysterious ways.
Vyrn continues to glance at the letter, and finally decides to ask.
Vyrn: So what's in the letter?
Lyria: Hush, Vyrn! That's for them to know!
Elderly Man: Ah, it's fine. You all really helped me out on this one, so... Well, I guess it's a little embarrassing.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. Yes, I think you've earned the right to know what it says.
Lyria: If you're both okay with it...
The crew gathers around Sue to read the letter.
Lou's Letter: Dear Sue,
How are you? Do you remember the time we spent looking for those pink seashells?
Lou's Letter: A long time has passed since those summer days. I met my soul mate, and we are blessed with two wonderful children.
Lou's Letter: They are taking their first steps on this journey called life. The sea here is beautiful with my wife by my side.
Lou's Letter: I'm not rich in wealth, but I'm rich in happiness. Let me know how life has been for you.
Sue suddenly walks over to a small desk in the corner of the room. She takes out a sheet of paper and starts to write.
She folds the paper, slips it neatly into an envelope, and hands it to her somewhat nervous husband.
Elderly Woman: I'm sorry I took so long to write, but this letter is for you, dear.
Elderly Man: Thanks. Can I read it?
Elderly Woman: Please do. That's what it's for.
Encouraged by his wife, Lou's aged fingers open the fresh envelope with some trepidation.
Sue's Letter: Dear Lou,
It's been so long. I, too, have found my soul mate, and together we are spending our lives in absolute happiness.
Sue's Letter: I am certain that the shell you found for me is what brought me this wealth of untold joy.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. The story about a heart-shaped seashell that brings happiness... Turns out it's true.
Elderly Man: Yeah. But we also owe thanks to some others.
Lou turns to Halluel and Malluel, who haven't said a word this entire time.
Elderly Man: You ladies are the true bringers of our happiness.
Elderly Man: Thanks to your parcel service, my letter found its way home.
Malluel: Heehee, we're just happy that you're happy.
Halluel: Yeah. It's all in a day's work for APS. We'll get your parcel where it needs to go, guaranteed.
Vyrn: That couple was crazy happy!
Lyria: Yeah! That was a wonderful ending to a wonderful story!
The crew is returning to the Grandcypher after leaving the elderly couple's home.
Halluel and Malluel walk behind (Captain) and the others, watching them discuss what just took place.
Malluel: Hey, Hal. I think I understand why mortals send letters.
Malluel: Letters get lost or damaged, and sometimes they don't reach their intended recipients.
Malluel: Nevertheless, mortals long to share their feelings with others, no matter what distances separate them.
Halluel: That's true. They write letters in order to bring joy to others.
Halluel: Mal, I'm glad we became letter carriers.
Halluel: We were meant to be messengers. It's a worthwhile endeavor, but the best part is—
Malluel: Seeing people's faces light up when they get their package, right?
Malluel: Heehee. I feel the same, Hal. There's no better calling than this.
Halluel: Mal, let's make sure we get as many letters into as many hands as possible.
Malluel: You betcha! Heralds of smiles for everyone in the skies—that's us!
It all started with one letter. A single letter that led the twin archangels to embark on a journey to deliver smiles to all.
They will continue to spread their wings to reach skydwellers far and wide, wherever they may be.
Perhaps it's only a matter of time before the endeavors of the Archangel Parcel Service extend to all corners of the realm.