Scenario:Haohmaru - Two Bound by Drink

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Two Bound by Drink

After hearing rumors of a nearby island's famous sake, Haohmaru requests a detour to taste it for himself. Unfortunately for the long-haired samurai, the local drinking establishment has run nearly dry, leading Haohmaru into a fight with some of the patrons.

(Captain) and company hurry toward Shimabara, where the evil Amakusa awaits.
As they pass by a nearby island, Lyria mutters something offhand.
Lyria: Oh, I know that island... I hear it's renowned for its rice wine.
Haohmaru's ears perk up.
Haohmaru: Did you say rice wine? As in... sake?
Haohmaru: If I don't drink me some of that, I'm gonna regret it.
Vyrn: Uh... We don't really have time for a detour right now...
Haohmaru browbeats the crew into landing on the island.
After asking a few villagers for their opinions, they head to the establishment renowned for the best sake on the island.
Haohmaru: No doubt about it. This is the place! You smell that? Aaagh! I can't take it anymore!
Lyria: Wait for us, Haohmaru!
Haohmaru can't contain his excitement, but the owner of the store has disappointing news to share.
Shopkeep: Awfully sorry, but I'm afraid we're all sold out.
Haohmaru: Bwaaah? Sold out? I don't believe that for a second, shopkeep!
Unfortunately for the sake-starved Haohmaru, it's true. The store is packed with customers enjoying the finest spirits on the island.
Haohmaru: So the reason you're sold out is because of all these jokers?
Shopkeep: Yup. They've been here since morning. The results are... well, they speak for themselves.
Disorderly Ruffian: You got a problem, bucko? We're payin' customers! You got no reason to complain to us!
Shopkeep: Hrmph. You happen to be paying customers this time, you mean.
Ruffian: Oh? Couldja maybe repeat that?
Shopkeep: Rrrrgh... This is absurd!
Haohmaru: Ah, I see how it is. If that's how it's going to be, can you let me have what you're drinking right now?
Haohmaru: Whatever you've got left in the bottle, I mean. Mind letting me take over for you?
Haohmaru points at the bottle just as it leaves the ruffian's lips.
Ruffian: You want to drink this? Sure thing, pal. Gonna need you to get down on your hands and knees and beg for it though!
Haohmaru: Heh, so that's how you want it, huh? Sounds fair to me!
Ruffian: Wait, is this guy serious?
Haohmaru: I've got something even more entertaining lined up, actually. Interested?
Ruffian: Buh? Something even more interesting?
Haohmaru: Just a little parlor trick or two. Gotta do something to pay for travel expenses.
Ruffian: Heh! Sounds good to me! Let's see this trick, pal!
Haohmaru: All right. Watch closely... Very closely... And away we go!
Haohmaru draws his sword from its sheath and throws it toward the ceiling.
The blade spins beautifully, drawing a clean arc through the air before falling back to earth.
Finally it lands back in its sheath with a clink.
Ruffian: T-that was incredible! Best trick I've seen in ages!
Haohmaru: That wasn't a trick! It was a technique!
Ruffian: Gahaha... Same diff. Here's your reward! Let's see you lick it off the ground, doggy!
The ruffian pours the remaining contents of the bottle onto the floor.
Haohmaru flushes red with rage upon seeing this, an explosion of anger gripping his body.
Haohmaru: Now I'm angry! Nothing's worse than some foul fiend who wastes a good brew! I'm gonna chop you up like a block of tofu!
Haohmaru: Now I'm angry! Nothing's worse than some foul fiend who wastes a good brew! I'm gonna chop you up like a block of tofu!

Two Bound by Drink: Scene 2

The shop owner tells Haohmaru that he can find special sake reserves in a monster-infested cave deep in the mountains. By the time Haohmaru arrives at the cave, however, Genjuro has already finished dispatching the monsters, and clashes swords with Haohmaru.

Haohmaru and company defeat the ruffians in the blink of an eye.
Shopkeep: Those guys were always a nightmare when it came time to pay the bill! Glad to see them get their just deserts!
Shopkeep: I owe you one, traveler. I'd like to offer you something as thanks, but I'm afraid we're fresh out of drink...
Haohmaru: Seems like you've been squeezed dry. There's nothing left? Not even a drop?
Shopkeep: Actually... There may be something I can offer you. But getting to it is such a struggle that it may as well not exist.
Haohmaru: You've piqued my interest. Mind telling me the details?
The shopkeeper explains that he keeps a vast store of drink in a cave deep in the nearby mountains.
As it turns out, the cave's unique climate makes it perfectly suited to storing alcohol. That's the reason the sake here tastes so good.
Unfortunately for the shopkeep, the cave has been infested with monsters. No one can get close to it.
Haohmaru: Is that all? I'll go there myself, then!
Haohmaru heads to the cave in high spirits. What he finds on the road there, however, differs significantly from the shopkeep's story.
Haohmaru: What's going on here? I don't see monsters anywhere!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Over there, Haohmaru!
Haohmaru: What the?
A mountain of monster skeletons clogs the cave entrance.
Vyrn: I don't know what's going on here, but I'm scared!
As the crew looks on in stunned silence, they hear a familiar voice.
Genjuro: There you are, Haohmaru. This time... I will kill you!
Haohmaru: Heh heh... So that's how it is. If this was all your doing, you don't need to say anything else, Genjuro!
Genjuro: Save it. Draw your sword!
Haohmaru: Ha ha ha, this is perfect! I'm gonna beat you, and celebrate my victory with an entire cave full of sweet, sweet sake!
Vyrn: This again? Are we gonna just let them go at it, Lyria?
Lyria doesn't move. She simply watches the pair with a solemn expression on her face.
Lyria: I don't know why, but... it feels like we shouldn't interfere.
Haohmaru: Oryaaaah!
Genjuro: Doryaaah!
Their fighting spirits are unleashed in full. White blades slice through the darkness.
But then a visitor disturbs them.
Monster: Grooooar!
A monster's growl reverberates from deep within the cave.
Haohmaru: What's going on here? I thought you cleaned the cave out before we started!
Genjuro: Humph. Missed one.
Haohmaru: Heh heh heh... Well, you know what they say. Takes two to tango!
Genjuro: Forget the dance lessons. I'll kill that thing myself... and then you're next!
The leader of the monsters, seeing the remains of its fallen brethren, charges at Haohmaru and Genjuro.
Monster: Grooar!

Two Bound by Drink: Scene 3

Haohmaru and Genjuro work together to defeat the leader of the monsters and share a drink in the depths of the cave. With no one to stop them, the two samurai continue their age-old conflict.

Haohmaru: End of the line! Now be a good little monster and... get outta here!
Monster: Groooar!
Haohmaru and Genjuro resheathe their blades after cleaning them of monster blood.
They nod to each other before wordlessly heading into the depths of the cave.
There they find countless urns filled with the island's legendary brew. After procuring some for himself, Haohmaru sits down, and Genjuro follows.
Haohmaru: Whoops. Can't exactly hog this all to myself... Here, Genjuro.
Haohmaru extends his sake jug toward Genjuro.
Genjuro: Humph. I suppose I'll have a sip.
Genjuro retrieves a cup from his pocket and has Haohmaru pour him a small amount of sake.
The two drain their cups soon enough.
Haohmaru: Aaahh... This is some good stuff! Even better than I expected!
Genjuro: Hrm. Not bad.
Haohmaru is in heaven. That's when he realizes.
Haohmaru: Hey, Genjuro. Good drink deserves grub to match, don'tcha think?
Genjuro: Humph. Looking for sustenance? I have an idea.
Haohmaru: You do?
Genjuro: I can't think of much better.
Haohmaru: Oh ho... You're right. There's nothing that would satisfy me more...
Genjuro: There's no time I feel more at home... than when fighting to the death!
Haohmaru: Okay!
The two stand up and draw their blades. In the next instant, the sound of clashing blades reverberates through the cave.
There's no one to stop them this time.
Haohmaru and Genjuro are having a conversation. One that requires no words.
A debate expressed in the brutish clashing of steel, ringing clean and true.