Scenario:Hazen - A Foul Soul

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A Foul Soul

While heading to the village to handle the quest, Vyrn asks Hazen about the god he believes in. However, Hazen reveals that he actually doesn’t know much about his god, rather, that he was moved by the song written to praise this god. This was why he left the army and became a priest.

One day, Hazen and (Captain)’s party receive a quest from a certain village.
They wanted to talk to Hazen who was a renowned priest, about their troubles.
The party accepted the quest and began heading to their client’s village.
Vyrn: Hey, Hazen? This is just my curiosity speaking, but...
Vyrn: Like... What kind of god is your religion based on?
Hazen: Hmm... I don’t know. I wonder that myself.
Vyrn: Uh... Wait, what?! You don’t know?!
Hazen: Yeah. I know it’s a god of wind and I know the song that praises the god, but I don’t know much about anything else.
Vyrn: *Sigh* And you wanted to become a priest...
Lyria: Um... Why did you become a priest, Hazen?
Hazen: Well, you see. When I was in the army, I heard a song that praised the god of wind. It left a really strong impression on me.
Hazen: It made you really think about how guidance is important.
Hazen: And after thinking about it for a while, I left the army and became a priest. I wanted to guide as many lost souls as I could in on the right path.
Vyrn: Interesting...
Lyria: Um... I hear you talking about the army sometimes, but... Were you really a soldier before?
Hazen: Yes, I was a soldier. But I didn’t just fight in the front lines of the battlefield. I also...
Hazen: Hm... Actually, I think I’d just scare you guys if I told you this story. I’ll refrain.
Vyrn: Hmm... Hazen, a former soldier. I can kind of see it... But not really.
Hazen: Hahaha... It’s fine. It’s a story of the past. We’re almost at the village.

A Foul Soul: Scene 2

They are then given the details on what the quest entailed. The client had offered some food to a group of agents once, but they continued to freeload off of him ever since and wouldn’t stop. Hazen promises his client that he will resolve the situation. Just then, the agents arrive at the village. However, these men had been Hazen’s subordinates back when he was still in the army. Hazen becomes furious with his former subordinates who had fallen off the right path. He decides he must take it upon himself to discipline them.

(Captain) arrives at the client’s village.
After a while, the client appears with a gloomy look on his face.
Client: Welcome... Thank you for traveling all the way out here. I am very grateful that you’ve accepted my request.
Hazen: It seems you are very troubled. Please, tell us what’s wrong. We would be happy to be of your assistance.
Client: You see... One day, a group of agents arrived in our village and asked us to share our food supplies.
Client: So we offered a portion, but... Their demands didn’t stop after that. I told them we couldn’t afford to do so any more, but...
Villager: They threatened us. They said if we didn’t give them food, they would attack the village.
Hazen: Hm. That is quite terrible. To repay kindness with injury...
Hazen: On the contrary, your actions were very compassionate. To have offered a blessing upon agents you’ve never met before...
Hazen: You have very kind souls. I admire your benevolence. We promise to resolve this problem at once.
Lyria: Yeah! You can leave it to us!
Villager: Oh! That’s very reassuring.
Villager: Ah...! Th-they’re here! I-it’s them!
Hazen: I guess this is where I say, “Speak of the devil. ” Let me go give them a lecture on how inconsiderate they-...
Hazen: Hah...?!
The moment Hazen sees the agents, he takes a small gasp and freezes in place.
Vyrn: Uh, hey? Is something wrong, Hazen?
Hazen: What... in the world... are they doing...?
Hazen: What the hell are you doing?! You scum!!!
Agent 1: Huh? Who are you, old geezer? Get out of my way.
Hazen: Have you really forgotten me...?
Agent 2: Hm...? That voice... I know it from somewhere...
Hazen: Let me ask again...
Hazen: Have you?! Forgotten me?! You fools!!!
Agent 3: Wha?! Wha-wha?! I-instructor Hazen, sir?! Y-you look so different...
Hazen: You finally remembered?! You should be ashamed of yourselves, you idiots!!!
Agent 2: Eek! P-please sir, hold on! Th-there’s a reason for this and...
Hazen: I will take no excuses! (Captain)... Hold your weapon.
Hazen: These imbeciles need to be disciplined!!!

A Foul Soul: Scene 3

Looking at the wounded agents, Hazen decides he must show them the correct path. They had successfully resolved the client’s problem. Hazen speaks of his own worries, that he might one day step off the correct path too. He asks (Captain) to set him straight if that day ever comes.

Hazen continued to glare at the wounded agents, anger evident in his expression.
Hazen: You idiots!!! What in the hells are you doing?!
Agent 1: Eek! I-I’m sorr-...
Hazen: Have you forgotten how to speak to your superiors as well?
The moment Hazen said those words, the air around them tenses up.
The agents immediately get up and stand in a line.
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! We are very sorry, sir!
Hazen: What... did I teach you? Answer me!
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! Justice, one that we should protect and follow!
Hazen: Yes. That's right. Then what is justice?!
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! Justice is a belief that can be upheld without ever needing to question one self!
Hazen: Then, what is this you’re doing?! All of you, brace yourselves!!!
Hazen yells at them and swings a fist at each agent.
Lyria: Wahh... Those are iron helmets...
Vyrn: Eee... Hazen dented them with his fist...
Hazen: Does it hurt?
Agent 2: Grh... I-it does not hurt, a-at all...
Hazen: It’s fine. Be honest.
Agent 2: Then, um... It hurts, like crazy...
Hazen: That’s right. It hurts, doesn’t it? It hurts me as well. My fist... and my heart.
Agent 3: Wha?! I-instructor Hazen, sir?! A-are you, crying?!
Hazen: All of you whom I love... You’ve strayed off the path of justice... And committed such wrong acts. My heart hurts...
Hazen: I left the army without being able to guide you on the right path. This is... my fault.
Agent 1: Ack...! Instructor Hazen... You really care about us that much...?
Agent 3: We... We were abandoned by our country, lost on the streets with no way to afford our own food.
Agent 1: And... *Sniff* We didn’t know what we were doing anymore... We had to resort to... this. *Sob*
Hazen: Is that so... It must have been tough. However, what you’ve done cannot be forgiven.
Hazen: Never forget those tears. Learn from your actions.
Hazen: People will shed tears. When we are sad, when it hurts... I cry, you cry, and so do the people of this village.
Hazen: Ask yourselves once more. What is your justice? What path must you tread? I know each and every one of you. And I’m sure that you know what you should do now.
Hazen smiles softly and holds the agents close to him.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Uhh... m... Well I guess Hazen really was an army guy.
Lyria: But no matter what he is, soldier or priest, he’s still a very kind person.
Vyrn: Yeah, you’re right. But... haha. Let’s make sure to never make him angry.
Lyria: Hahaha... Y-yeah...
After this incident, the agents have a change of heart. They not only stop harassing the village but declare that they will help take care of the villagers’ livestock and farms.
The villagers welcomed the agents with open arms, partially thanks to Hazen’s wish.
On the way back to the airship after finishing the job, Hazen pulls (Captain) aside.
Hazen: There are times when people step off the right path. But you can rest assured and keep going forward. Because I will be by your side.
Hazen: And, this may sound embarrassing but... There will probably be a time when I might step onto the wrong path as well. As you saw, the soldiers I trained committed foolish behavior.
Hazen: So... If I ever happen to stray away, then you must guide me towards the correct path.
  1. Sir! Yes, sir!
  2. I’m not so confident though...

Choose: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hazen: Hahaha! You got me there.
Hazen: But that means you understand. I’m sure you knew that.
Hazen: Haha. I’m counting on you, (Captain).
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Choose: I’m not so confident though...
Hazen: Oh, come now. Why so hesitant? I’m sure you’ll be able to.
Hazen: And there’s no need to think of it as a burden. It just means that I’d like for us to rely on each other.
Hazen: I will support you... So that you can walk your correct path.
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Hazen shows a gentle smile and pats (Captain)’s head.
From those kind eyes, (Captain) felt Hazen’s strong trust.