Scenario:Heles - Resolute Royalty

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Resolute Royalty

Princess Heles has been overseeing the rebuilding of Alster Island. However, she calls for (Captain) and their crew, and asks to accompany them on their adventure. She believes the new council of the country relies too much on her guidance, and wishes to leave the island to allow it to develop naturally. Heles, who owes (Captain) and the crew a debt from their previous meeting, comes along with the party, and finally leaves the island.

(Captain) and the crew arrived on Alster Island. When they had visited in the past, it was troubled by constant monster attacks.
Thanks to (Captain) and the crew, they had been able to fight off the monsters and regain peace.
This time, (Captain) had been called to the island by a princess whose country had been destroyed by the monsters.
Heles: Thank you all for taking the trouble to come here.
Lyria: Not at all! We're happy to see you again, Heles. How is the rebuilding going?
Heles: Excellently! The town is nearly as busy as it was back when the Irestill Kingdom was around!
Vyrn: That's great news! But why did you call us here? Are there still monsters around?
Heles: No… I have to ask something different of you this time.
Heles: I wish to accompany you on your journey.
Lyria: What! Why? Heles, your people need you here as their princess!
Lyria: If you were to leave, wouldn't the citizens of Alster be left with nobody to look to for aid?
Heles: Indeed. In fact, that is the very reason I wish to leave this island.
Vyrn: Wha-? What do you mean?
Heles: Alster Island has long been ruled over by the Irestill royal family.
Heles: Through the negligence of my father, King Connor, the kingdom of Irestill was destroyed by a monster invasion.
Heles: After the destruction, we formed a council here to oversee the reconstruction of the kingdom, bringing in leaders from across the land.
Lyria: And now the castle has become known as the "Great Court", right?
Heles: Indeed. Because the castle at the island's centre, this is the most convenient place for the Great Court to be located.
Heles: But returning to the topic at hand, if the successor to the throne cannot unite the kingdom, the citizens will be in great danger.
Heles: And so, my brother and I have renounced our claim to the throne. We have handed over control of the country to the Great Court.
Heles: However, the Great Court has only just been created, and thus lacks experience. Everyone is overly reliant on me, so I must leave.
Vyrn: Well duh, of course they rely on you! Your country is huge, and you've just entirely changed its ruling system!
Heles: Agreed, relience is okay in the beginning. No system can start from scratch, they must first learn from another.
Heles: But I can't let the country stagnate and remain in its current form.
Heles: The Great Court has a great deal of ability. All they need is more experience. Having me here is an hinders thier progression.
Vyrn: Ahh… It's drastic, but it's all for the sake of the people…
Heles: Yes. It is time for me to step away from the country and let it develop independantly. That is all there is to it.
Heles: I feel that I can trust you. Also, I owe you a debt of honor from last time. Will you take me with you on your journey?
  1. Sure, come with us!
  2. Shouldn't you be somewhere safer?

Choose: Sure, come with us!
Heles: Thank you, Noble (Captain). Oh, sorry, Noble Captain (Captain).
Heles: I'm confident in my abilities. Let me lend my spear to your adventure. To the sky's edge!
Heles: Heh.
Heles: To be honest, I haven't actually ever left this island, unless you count political conferences and the like.
Lyria: Really?
Heles: Yes… It's very unlike me to act this way, but I'm actually extremely excited to be leaving!
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Choose: Shouldn't you be somewhere safer?
Vyrn: Well, we lead pretty crazy lives! Fighting Primal Beasts, exploring the skies, y'know?
Heles: Are you saying that I'm lacking in skill compared to you? Very well, let us confirm this, in open combat!
Lyria: Oh no, we have the utmost faith in you, Heles. I'd just like to know why you want to be in an airship order so badly?
Heles: …Your freedom and boldness has left a deep impression on me. Especially since I haven't ever left the island of my own will.
Heles: I'd like to try living that way, if only for a short time. That's why I want to join your order!
Heles: Please accept my allegiance, Noble (Captain). I truly appreciate your generosity.
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Heles: I have a lot to learn, so please, teach me all you can.
And so, Heles, the princess of the ruined kingdom, joined the crew of the Grandcypher
She became a trusted ally of (Captain) and the others, as they continued their journey across the sky.