Scenario:Heles - The Princess's Finest Guards

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The Princess's Finest Guards

Heles, (Captain) and the crew land briefly on Alster Island as they continue their journey. Heles looks over the kingdom being rebuilt with satisfaction. Suddenly, a group of imperial guardsmen appears in front of them. They want to see Heles, their former commanding officer, but they have abandoned their posts to come and see her, so Heles scolds them severely. Heles decides to test the soldiers’ skills in battle, and they have a mock fight.

(Captain) and the crew had stopped off at Alster Island on their travels.
Heles looked at the streets, surveying the rebuilding efforts with satisfaction.
Heles: Wonderful… The town is bustling with activity again!
Lyria: Yes! There seem to be many more people here than when we last visited!
Heles: It seems that Seruel and I were right to leave the country…
Vyrn: Hmm, aren't you a bit sad though, Heles?
Heles: Huh? What do you mean, "sad"?
Vyrn: Well, this is the country you used to rule, right? It must be a little sad that it's doing great when you're not it's leader anymore…
A strange expression crossed Heles's face, but then she smiled warmly.
Heles: Heehee! Of course not!
Heles: Actually, I'm happy that choosing to go on a journey with you was the right choice, so it's a load off my mind!
Vyrn: I see… Well, at least you're happy, Heles!
The party were approached by a group of Imperial Guardsmen.
Imperial Guard 1: Ah, Princess Heles! So this is where you got to!
Imperial Guard 2: Why did you not inform us that you would be visiting?
Lyria: Woah! That's a lot of soldiers!
Heles: …I'm sorry to surprise you, Lyria. These soldiers were once members of my personal guard.
Heles: Anyway… What are you men doing away from your posts?
Imperial Guard 1: Huh? Our… posts? We're only leaving them for a minute!
Imperial Guard 2: Compared to the old days, the town is much more peaceful! The monsters stay outside of the town, and?
Heles: You dithering fools! Shirking your duty like that is a punishable offence!
Heles: Never abandon your post selfishly like that! I thought I taught you better… It seems like you haven't learned anything…
Heles: If monsters attack the town, it'll be too late to apologize for leaving it unguarded!
Imperial Guard 1: Y-yes ma'am… Deepest apologies…
Heles: I don't recall training such fools to be my guardsman…
Heles: Do you think you can protect the kingdom if you act so carelessly?
Imperial Guard 2: N-no!
Heles: It's good that the kingdom is peaceful now, but you must work to safeguard that peace with your lives!
Heles: I had better test you to make sure your fighting skills aren't as rusty as your sense of duty!
Imperial Guard 1: Yes ma'am!
Heles: This is a good chance to test ourselves as well! Please help me, (Captain)!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 2

The guards keep getting back up, even after being defeated by Heles and the crew. Seeing their indomitable spirit, the crew agree to give them another round of sparring.

Heles looked down at the soldiers who had collapsed at her feet.
Heles: What are you doing? Is that all you've got?
Imperial Guard 1: Urgh… No! We can still fight…
Heles: Stand up! You're as useless as oars on an airship! How are you going to defend a kingdom?
Imperial Guard 2: We… will fight… for Irestill…
Seeing this, Lyria stepped between them.
Lyria: W-well… I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do, so let's leave the fighting for later…
Heles: My feelings are entwined with the thrill of combat! Come at me, men!
Imperial Guard 1: Yes, ma'am! We're so happy to be able to spar with you again!
Imperial Guard 2: (cough) (pant) That cold focused gaze, fueled by patriotic passion… Princess Heles gives the best training!
Vyrn: Errr… these guys are having a strange reaction to being beaten up…
Heles: Aren't they wonderful? My soldiers will never give up!
Heles: The more you push them, the harder they try. Just like zombies, they keep coming back.
Lyria: Ah… haha… I see…
Imperial Guard 1: Princess Heles! Let us spar one more round with you!
Imperial Guard 2: The captain and crew too!
Heles: Well, (Captain)…
Heles: I'm terribly sorry, but could you lend me your skill for one more fight?
Heles: You've seen how resilient my soldiers are. To stop training them before they've learnt their lesson would be a crying shame.
Vyrn: Oh well… Looks like we're fighting again!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 3

Just before the soldiers and the crew face off for another round of sparring, a messenger appears. The messenger reports that a nearby village is under attack from a pack of monsters. Heles takes command of the anti-monster squad and the crew go with her to dispatch the threat.

Imperial Guard 1: Aargh!
Heles: Hmm, what's wrong? I don't remember training you to collapse onto your knees like that!
Imperial Guard 2: Ungh… One… one more round!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, haven't they had enough now?
Imperial Guard 1: Agh… Heles is only thinking of what's good for us when she trains us like this!
Imperial Guard 2: The Imperial Guard has been an instrument of Princess Heles's will for a long time. Please understand, this is our way.
Vyrn: Hmm… I see…
Vyrn: She might say harsh things, but at the end of the day she has good intentions!
The guardsmen got to their feet once again and readied themselves to fight.
Imperial Guards: Princess Heles! Please continue the training!
Heles: Ahh, I've finally warmed up! Very well, another round!
The two sides squared off against each other, but suddenly a messenger came running into the middle of the fight.
Messenger: P-Princess Heles! There you are!
Heles: What are you so agitated about, boy?
Messenger: Your Highness! There are reports of a pack of monsters attacking a nearby village!
Imperial Guard 1: What?! Messenger, report to the commanders that we'll head there as soon as possible!
The guardsmen quickly forgot about the fight with Heles and began getting ready to move out to fight the monsters.
Heles: Wait. We're coming with you.
Imperial Guard 1: But… we can't keep relying on you! We have to do our duty!
Imperial Guard 2: Yes! We have to do this ourselves!
Heles: People's lives are on the line here!
Imperial Guard 2: Wha??
Heles: …Now is not the time to be talking about independence and not relying on others.
Heles: We should strive to defeat the enemy with skill and finesse.
The guardsmen listened to Heles's words, and regained their composure.
Imperial Guard 1: As you command, Your Highness!
Heles: Messenger, I will be taking command of the anti-monster squad. Assemble the soldiers at the castle gate!
Messenger: Understood, ma'am!
Heles: I'm sorry to drag you into yet another fight… but could you help us, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course we can! Right, (Captain)?
Heles: Thank you. OK, let's get moving!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 4

After stopping the monster attack, Heles rescues a child that had been hiding in a nearby bush. But at that moment, a monster who had also been hiding jumps out at her! The soldiers quickly defeat the monster, and check to see if the child is OK before attending to Heles. Seeing them tend to the citizen's needs before hers makes Heles smile, satisfied in their training. A few days later, the soldiers and Heles have an emotional farewell.

(Captain) and the crew were able to stop the monsters before they could overrun the town.
The soldiers were awestruck once again by the crew and Heles's skill in battle.
Imperial Guard 1: Wow… Princess Heles is so skilled… We're hardly fit to be her subordinates…
Imperial Guard 2: Heh… you're right. She's not your average soldier, by any means.
Heles: Well… I didn't just wake up like this! It's the result of years of training.
As the crew were chatting with the soldiers, they heard the noise of a child crying coming from a nearby bush.
The crew quickly jumped into action and pulled the child out of the shrubbery.
Child: (sniff) (sniff) I was so scared…
Heles: You're safe now, don't worry. You were very brave to stay there all by yourself.
Heles: Come on, let's head back to town.
Monster: Grararaaagh!
Just as Heles let her guard down, a monster jumped out from hiding!
Heles: Wha??
Imperial Guard 1: Look out, Princess!
Monster: Graargh…
Before Heles could even lift her spear, the monster was shot down by the assembled soldiers.
Imperial Guard 2: Are you all right?
Child: Y-yes… Thank you, mister…
The guardsman checked on the child before taking a look at Heles.
Heles: Hmm…
Imperial Guard 1: Oh no, Princess Heles, I'm so sorry! Are you injured?
Heles: What are you apologizing for? Have some confidence in your actions!
Imperial Guard 1: Y-yes, ma'am…
Heles: You were right to check on the child first. The citizens of the country should always be foremost in your thoughts.
Heles: Then we can lead Irestill to a bright future…
Imperial Guard 2: Yes ma'am! We won't forget it!
Listening to the soldiers, Heles smiled, finally satisfied.
A few days later, the guardsmen came to see Heles and (Captain) as they prepared to set off again.
Imperial Guard 1: Please look after Princess Heles on your journey!
Lyria: We will!
Lyria: Well… We're usually the ones being looked after by her.
Imperial Guard 2: Please come back to Alster Island whenever you're in the area!
Vyrn: Sure thing! I'm looking forward to the next training day!
Imperial Guard 1: Princess Heles… please look after yourself…
Heles: …You too, soldier.
Heles chatted with the guardsmen in her usual way.
Heles: Anyway… It's time we got moving.
The airship began to lift off slowly with the crew on board.
Heles stood on the edge of the deck, and said some parting words to the soldiers.
Heles: You are my elite, prized troops. I trust you to look after the citizens of Irestill.
Heles's intense emotions caused tears to well up among the guardsmen and, brushing them off, they stood to attention and saluted.
Heles returned their salute, expressionless.
But (Captain) noticed, in the corner of her eye, a small tear had formed.