Scenario:Herja - Love at Last

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Love at Last

Afflicted by her longing for love, Herja constantly struggles to find peace within herself. Rosetta advises her to give herself a chance to fall in love, and fate soon brings a man into Herja's life.

Herja not in crew

The crew encounters Herja on an island where, since time immemorial, each generation of the governing clan stood to inherit a cherished primal crystal.
While hardened from training as a soldier, she still retains an aroma of grace about her.
Herja: I believe the family you seek is none other than my own. But...
When Herja's father, the leader of the clan, died, there was a bloody dispute over the inheritance, and they were scattered to the four winds.
Herja: I was driven out at a young age, left with nothing but my father's lessons in the sword.
Herja's agents recognize her desire to find her family, and encourage her to seek them out.
Herja: I'd be happy to join you!
Thus Herja joins (Captain)'s crew on their journeys and continues to travel with them to this day.
Since joining, Herja's experience as an agent has been of immeasurable value to (Captain)'s crew on numerous occasions.
However, her old weakness continues to haunt her.
Soldier: I never dreamed I'd be beaten by such a beautiful creature... If only we had met in another place, at another time.
Herja: B-b-beautiful? M-m-me? Th-this is neither the time nor the place to say such a thing!
Herja: I-I certainly am very flattered... So very flattered, oh my... H-however! We are currently enemies in mortal combat! B-besides, I'm—
Vyrn: Hey! Herja! He's gettin' away!
Herja: Ah! Wait! Don't think you can just confess to a girl and not take responsibility!
Vyrn: What're you talking about? That ain't the point! He's the enemy!
Herja: Oh! You're right! How could I let him slip away like that!
Vyrn: Um, Herja, is it just me, or does it seem like you're falling for guys even more easily than before?
Herja: Ngh...
Herja's affliction is none other than a heart that longs for love too much, and is thus smitten too often.
Herja: I'm sorry, (Captain)... I need to be by myself for a while!
Afflicted by her longing for love and swayed and thrashed by the waves of her passionate heart, Herja constantly struggles to find peace with herself.
Which makes this meeting all the more unexpected.
Herja: ...
Gentleman: ...
For Herja, the instant they meet feels like a moment unstuck in time.
Gentleman: I don't think there's anyone who could look more beautiful in that dress than you.
Herja: Um... Th-thank... you...
She feels her face flush red and hot as they stare into each other's eyes. Their flight of bliss had started several hours prior...
But it had seemed like only a fleeting moment ago.
Herja: ...
A solemn Herja stands alone by the ship's deck with a pained expression on her face.
Rosetta: Quite the early riser today, aren't we, Herja? See something you're looking for in those clouds, perhaps?
Herja: Rosetta... I want to apologize for yesterday. I let the whole team down, and I have no one to blame but myself...
Rosetta: Oh, don't be too hard on yourself, darling. To err is human, after all.
Herja: This isn't the first time this fickle heart of mine has blunted my sword.
Herja: I always tried to chase the thoughts away by losing myself in training, but lately...
Rosetta: It isn't quite doing the trick?
Herja: While I hate to admit it... Yes.
The reality of her confession shakes Herja to her core, and she covers her face in dismay.
Rosetta: Herja dear, all you need to do is to take this dilemma of yours by the horns.
Herja: By the... horns?
Rosetta: Exactly. Face it head on. Give yourself a chance to fall completely and utterly in love.
Herja: L-love? I just want to be rid of these wanton thoughts, not—
Rosetta: Herja. Everyone needs to be loved. You can't deny your heart that.
Rosetta: You can't resist it forever. That's what got you here in the first place.
Herja: You can't be serious...
Rosetta: Besides, if you chase two rabbits, you'll catch neither one. I suggest you put one aside for now and focus on the other.
Rosetta: It'll all become clear for you then. Trust me on this.
Herja: You... really think so?
Rosetta: I do. Better than worrying about it anyway. That won't change anything.
Herja: ...
Herja: I see... I think you're right...
Herja realizes the truth in Rosetta's words.
She decides to lay her sword down for the time being to rid herself of her wayward thoughts once and for all.
Herja: (Captain), I hope you can give me some time to sort myself out. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you than I already have.
(Captain) nods in silent consent.
Rosetta suggests a makeover to start their endeavor off, and Herja soon finds herself in a boutique with (Captain) and company.
Rosetta: Hmm. How about this one?
Rosetta picks out a low-cut, open-back, open-shoulder dress.
Herja: R-Rosetta! That's far too bold for me! I-I don't think I could bring myself to wear something like that!
Rosetta: Really? I think it'd be just the thing to catch a man's eye. But yes. It might be a tad too daring for you.
Herja: I think I'd prefer something that was a little less... Oh? What's this?
Herja's wandering eyes lock onto a particular display piece. Something about it draws her like a magnet.
Herja: This... Hm?
Gentleman: Ah...
Herja reaches out toward the garment, only to find that another hand is also reaching to take it.
Herja: ...!
In one fleeting moment, their hands touch. They pull away in unison, abashed.
Gentleman: M-my apologies.
Herja: T-think nothing of it.
Gentleman: Ah... Are you interested in this piece as well?
Herja: Y-yes, but if you've got your eye on this dress, you can take it. I'll look for another.
Gentleman: ...
Herja: Is something the matter?
Gentleman: Oh, no, nothing. I was just thinking this must be an excellent dress if it caught the eye of a woman like you.
Herja: Well, I wouldn't describe myself as being particularly fashion-savvy.
Gentleman: Really? You struck me as someone with particularly refined sensibilities, so I suppose I just assumed...
Herja: R-refined? Me?
Lyria: How about this one, Herja? Oh! Who are you?
Rosetta: Well, well. Who do we have here?
Herja: Ah, um... It seems we both have our eyes on the same dress.
Gentleman: To be honest, I've been racking my brain trying to find a present for my little sister's birthday.
Gentleman: Just when all hope seemed lost, I spotted this dress.
Herja: I see. If that's the case, then I'll go look for something else. You can take the—
Gentleman: Wait.
Herja: Huh?
Gentleman: I'll be the one looking for something else. I think this dress would suit you very much.
Shopkeep: Would you like to try that on? The fitting room is right this way.
Herja: No, that won't be—
Lyria: Wow! He's right, this dress looks like it'd be perfect for you!
Rosetta: Why don't you try it on? Everyone seems to agree it's a good fit for you.
Unable to refuse, Herja enters the fitting room.
Herja: U-um...
Lyria: You look amazing, Herja!
Rosetta: You're absolutely divine in that dress, dear.
Gentleman: Hahaha. Giving you the dress was the correct choice, I see.
Herja: What? Why would you say that?
Gentleman: Because I don't think there's anyone who could look more beautiful in that dress than you, of course.
Herja: Wha! Um... Th-thank... you...
Gentleman: Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you, but I'm afraid I must take my leave. I still have to find a present for my sister, after all.
Herja: I-I understand... Sorry about that.
Gentleman: No apologies needed. I hope you have a lovely day.
Herja: ...
Herja's eyes follows the man as he walks out of the store, her gaze clinging feverishly to his retreating figure until it can be seen no more.