Scenario:Herja - The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman

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The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman

Herja acts as a mediator for the agents arguing in town. The agents are all Herja’s former agents. They argument flared up due to their repeated failures to hunt down monsters. (Captain) and company are suddenly roped in to help with the request. That was when the monsters appeared.

On the journey, (Captain) and company head to the island where monsters had started appearing close to the towns.
Vyrn: Hey! For a town that’s supposed to be threatened by monsters, it seems kind of peaceful, don’t you think?
Rackam: It’s not just monsters, but ruffians exist everywhere! Look at the town square.
Herja: It’s a fight... It seems that they are hired agents. I suppose they're among those who were hired to hunt the monsters in town.
Vyrn: Oh? How did you know they were agents?! I thought they were just a bunch of hooligans fighting!
Herja: I used to be like them. They're fighting amongst themselves...
Herja: Full grown men being a nuisance in public is shameful!
Rackam: Leave them alone! It’s best to not get involved... Hey, Herja!
Rackam: She’s gone... Gah. We have to go stop her, (Captain)!
Herja: You lot! Enough with the arguing. You’re causing trouble for the townsfolk.
Iron Spear Agent: What?! You don’t know what you’re talking about... What the...?! I-It’s you, H-Herja! M-Ma’am!
Herja: Oh my! Oh, it’s you guys. What happened? Why are you fighting here?
Iron Spear Agent: Well... We were tasked with hunting some monsters, but we ran into some trouble... And everyone is on edge...
Rackam: Say, (Captain)... Who is that lady? She managed to put down all those ruffians.
Vyrn: Umm... Herja is a former agent... Although I think she was originally of noble birth.
Rackam: Really? A former aristocrat on top of being a former agent. What’s her deal?! Well, to each their own, I guess.
Herja: I found out why they were fighting. They were arguing over why their monster hunting was not going well.
Herja: (Captain), I’m sorry, but would you please assist them in hunting the monsters?
Vyrn: Not a problem! (Captain) would never forsake your former buddies, Herja!
Herja: Thank you. Now let’s get started and find where the monsters are appearing.
Rackam: Looks like that won’t be necessary. The monsters are here on their own.
Iron Spear Agent: Hey... They got to the middle of the town! They’re not normal monsters! They’re terribly strong!
Herja: It’s fine. Leave it to (Captain) and it’ll be fine. You people go and help the townsfolk.

The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman: Scene 2

The party fended off the monsters attacking the town. In order to destroy the source, they head out to their nest deep in the forest. Finding the monsters nesting near the rocky area, (Captain) and company make a preemptive attack.

Herja: Still... If you can’t even defeat monsters of that caliber, have you been skipping your regular training?
Iron Spear Agent: Well... Ever since you left us, we just don’t feel motivated, ma’am.
Herja: What do you mean?! This is a good opportunity. I’ll train you all!
Iron Spear Agent: Hooray! We get to be trained by Herja! I’m so happy!
Rackam: What’s going on over there? They’re happy getting beat down by Herja... Wait, never mind that...
Rackam: Hey, (Captain)... That’s a monster that lives in the forest. If you don’t rid them of the source, they’ll just appear again.
Vyrn: Yeah. We’re already involved! So we might as well stamp out the monster’s nest anyway!
Vyrn: Sis! I think you should stop giving them pleasure for now, so we can go crush the monster’s nest!
Herja: Men. That’s enough for today. Do not skip out on your training from now on.
Iron Spear Agent: Yeah! Yes, ma’am!
Vyrn: Wow! They’re kind of horrible... (Captain)! Let’s hurry to the forest!
Herja: Looks like that rocky area is the nest of the monsters. The presence of the monsters has gotten much stronger.
Vyrn: This is terrible... It looks a lot more dangerous than I thought. Are you okay, (Captain)?
Herja: Knowing (Captain), you haven’t skipped training at all, so I’m not the least bit worried.
Vyrn: Haha! (Captain) is getting embarrassed!
Rackam: Crap... Hey, I keep up with my training, too! I-I’m serious! N-No need for extra training...
Herja: Haha. I’m not doubting you. I fully trust those who belong to the skyfarers.
Rackam: Y-Yeah! (I better train starting next time... )
Vyrn: Wahahahahahahahaha! It’s probably better if you get trained by Herja once, Rackam! I think it’ll be funny!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Looks like the monsters spotted us. Launch a preemptive attack!

The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman: Scene 3

After destroying the monster’s den, the party returns to town. There, Rackam compliments Herja as she is well-respected by the agents. Reacting too much to Rackam’s words, Herja falls for him. Unfitting for her military prowess, she has the delicate heart of a maiden.

Vyrn: All done! Now the monsters won’t be appearing anymore.
Herja: I thank you, (Captain). I’m sure the men have learned their lesson and will now continue their regular training.
Iron Spear Agent: You were a big help... I don’t know how to thank you guys. We’ll never forget this!
Iron Spear Agent: To tell you the truth, we’re always worried about Herja... But if she’s with you, we’re okay with that!
Herja: What do you mean? I’ve never made you worry over me even once.
Iron Spear Agent: Well... We’re kind of like family to you. Of course we’d be worried.
Herja: Hah... I suppose. I’m the same.
Rackam: Really? She’s strong, loved by her subordinates, and never spares any effort.
Rackam: I’m so happy such a nice woman is on our side! Right?! (Captain)!
Herja: Nice... woman...? R-Rackam! Not in public! I don’t know how to react when you show your feelings like that...
Herja: Well, if you go that far... Rackam, I suppose I... Well...
Vyrn: Hmm? Something’s wrong with Herja! What’s happened?!
Herja: Oh, no... Having these impure thoughts will negatively affect my sword!
Herja: Rackam... I’m sorry, but stop chasing after me! It pains me, too! I-I’ll be returning to the now!
Rackam: Huh? What? She... what?!
Iron Spear Agent: Uh oh... That's her weakness! She has a soft heart and falls for people easily...
Iron Spear Agent: But it’s fine! She’ll cry out something about training, and once she starts swinging her sword, she'll forget about it in no time!
Rackam: Y-Yeah! Seriously...? It’s not like I let her get to me or anything! No, really!
(Captain) and company is seen off by the agents, and they return to Herja. There, Herja was swinging her sword, trying to rid herself of impure thoughts.
Herja’s heart of a maiden has run its course, and now she is back to normal.
Herja will fall in love again in the next town, but that’s a tale for another time.