Scenario:Herja - The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman

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The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman

Herja acts as a mediator for some agents arguing in town and discovers that they are her former subordinates. With the agents' repeated failures in quelling the monster threat, (Captain) and company agree to help when said monsters suddenly appear.

(Captain) and company take a moment from their journey to head to an island where monsters have started appearing close to a peaceful little town.
Vyrn: Hey, there're supposed to be monsters popping up around here, right? Isn't it kinda quiet?
Rackam: Not really. I mean, monsters aside, there are obviously some shady characters here! Look at the town square.
Herja: It seems like an argument with some hired agents. I'm guessing they're here to hunt the monsters around town.
Vyrn: Oh? How'd you know they were agents? I thought they were just a bunch of hooligans fighting!
Herja: Well, I used to be an agent too.
They seem to be fighting amongst themselves, however.
Herja: These full-grown adults should be ashamed of themselves for being a public nuisance!
Rackam: Sure, but that's their problem! It's best to not get involved... Hey, Herja!
Rackam: There she goes. We have to stop her, (Captain)!
Herja: You lot! Enough with the arguing. You're causing trouble for the townsfolk.
Iron Spear Agent: What? Mind your own business!
Wait, C-Commander Herja? Ma'am!
Herja: Oh! It's you guys. Why are you all fighting here?
Iron Spear Agent: Well, we were hired to hunt some monsters, but it's been a complete disaster and now everyone's on edge.
Rackam: Say, (Captain). Just who is this woman? She managed to reign all those thugs in.
Vyrn: Um... Herja used to be an agent, and before that she was a noble I think.
Rackam: You serious? A former aristocrat on top of being a former agent? I guess there are all kinds of people out there.
Herja: I found out that they're arguing over why the monster hunting isn't going well.
Herja: I'm sorry to ask you this, (Captain), but would you please help them hunt the monsters?
Vyrn: Not a problem! (Captain) would never abandon your former buddies, Herja!
Herja: Thank you. Let's start with finding where the monsters are coming from.
Rackam: Looks like that won't be necessary. The monsters are coming right to us!
Iron Spear Agent: No way... The fiends got to the center of the city already! These monsters are insanely strong!
Herja: Everything will be fine. Just leave the monsters to (Captain). You people focus on helping the townsfolk.

The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman: Scene 2

With the monsters in town taken care of, the next order of business is removing their nest in the forest. (Captain) and company find the monsters nesting in a rocky area and make a preemptive attack.

Herja: Still, if you can't even defeat monsters of that caliber, I assume you've been slacking off on your daily training.
Iron Spear Agent: Well, ever since you left us, we just don't feel motivated, ma'am.
Herja: That's unacceptable! It's good that we ran into you, because I'm going to whip you all into shape immediately!
Iron Spear Agent: Woohoo! We get to be brutally trained by Commander Herja again! I'm so happy I could cry!
Rackam: What's going on over there? They sound awfully excited to get beat down by Herja.
Rackam: Well, anyways. (Captain), the monsters we're up against live in the forest. If we don't cut them off at the source, they'll just come back.
Vyrn: Yeah. We're already wrapped up in this, so we might as well stamp out the monster's nest!
Vyrn: Sis! You think you can stop playing with those guys for now so we can go find the monster's nest?
Herja: Men, that's enough for today. No slacking off on your training from now on.
Iron Spear Agent: Yeah! Yes, ma'am!
Vyrn: There's something seriously wrong with those guys...
Anyways, let's hurry to the forest, (Captain)!
Herja: Looks like that rocky area is the monsters' nest. I sense a lot more of them around there.
Vyrn: Uh-oh... This is looking a lot more dangerous than I thought it would be. You ready for this, (Captain)?
Herja: I'm quite sure (Captain) hasn't skipped training at all, so I'm not the least bit worried.
Vyrn: Haha! What're you looking all embarrassed for, (Captain)?
Rackam: Crap... Just so you know, I keep up with my training too! I'm serious! So I don't need any extra tough training or anything.
Herja: Haha, I'm not doubting you. I fully trust everyone in this crew.
Rackam: Y-yeah! (I better actually start training...)
Vyrn: Haha! You should probably get trained by Herja at least once, Rackam! It'd be pretty interestin'.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, looks like the monsters spotted us. Let's get 'em first!

The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman: Scene 3

The crew returns to town after destroying the monsters' nest. There, Rackam compliments Herja on how respected she is by her agents. She overreacts, nearly falling for him, and reveals that there's more to her than just military prowess.

Vyrn: And that's that! The monsters won't be botherin' the town anymore.
Herja: I thank you, (Captain). I'm sure the men have learned their lesson and will work harder on their regular training from now on.
Iron Spear Agent: You were a huge help. I don't know how we can ever thank you guys. We'll never forget this!
Iron Spear Agent: To tell the truth, we were kind of worried about the captain... but if she's with you guys, then we've got nothing to worry about!
Herja: What, you're telling me I've actually made you guys worry?
Iron Spear Agent: Well, of course we worry about you. We're family after all, no matter how far away you are.
Herja: Now that you mention it, I guess so. I feel the same.
Rackam: Wow! She's strong, loved by her subordinates and always gives everything her all.
Rackam: We're pretty lucky to have such a fine woman on our side, right, (Captain)?
Herja: A f-fine woman? Rackam! Not in public! How do you expect me to react when you show your feelings like that?
Herja: But, you know, I guess I'm glad you feel that way, because, well, I've been feeling the same, and...
Vyrn: Hmm? Something's wrong with Herja! What happened?
Herja: No... Having these impure thoughts will only weaken my swordsmanship!
Herja: Rackam... I'm sorry, but abandon this hopeless love and know that this decision pains me as well! I-I'll be returning to the ship now!
Rackam: Huh? What? She... what?
Iron Spear Agent: Uh-oh... There she goes again! She falls for people just a tad too easily.
Iron Spear Agent: But it's fine! Once she gets into her training and starts swinging her sword, she forgets about love in no time!
Rackam: T-that's good! I mean, it's not like I took her seriously or anything! Really!
(Captain) and company are seen off by the agents and return to Herja. They find her swinging her sword, trying to rid herself of impure thoughts.
Her love temporarily forgotten, she reverts to normal.
Of course, she'll fall in love again in the next town, but that's a tale for another time.