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Wild Style

An imposter steps forward to claim credit for the King of the Night's graffiti—and attempt to sell it. The distressed crew hurries to inform Illnott, who doesn't seem troubled enough to break her tradition of sleeping till sundown.

Several days have passed since Illnott forced her way onto the Grandcypher.
The crew is slowly growing acquainted with her peculiar mannerisms and habits. Her lexicon, her free-wheeling spirit, her nightly routine of "bombing" sleeping towns...
And despite initial misgivings, they realize that the skies consider Illnott's graffiti a blessing—for she leaves behind her a painted trail of culture, tourism, and prosperity.
And so, one pleasant afternoon, (Captain) and the jury reach a verdict.
Vyrn: Man, I'm starting to think Splatters is just like a pineapple. Weird and prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside.
Lyria: Yeah. It's amazing how much joy she brings with her graffiti.
  1. I don't think she cares about all that.
  2. Illnott's actually very kind.

Choose: I don't think she cares about all that.

Vyrn: You have a point. Maybe we're giving her too much credit.
Lyria: No, I disagree! Illnott's a nice person!
Lyria: She might sound strange and kind of threatening at times, but she's not harming anyone.
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Choose: Illnott's actually very kind.

Lyria: Hehe. Right? She's oddly considerate.
Lyria: Once, when I had a nightmare, we drew pictures together, and she sat by me until I finally fell asleep again.

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Vyrn: I hear what you're saying, but I still think she likes messing with people too much. She's got a crap personality, that's for sure.
Drunken Voice: The hell is wrong with him? Damn the King of the Night!
Vyrn: Yeah, what is wrong with—huh? Wait. Who said that?
Lyria: I think it was that man. The one over there, drinking and yelling.
Angry Drunk: Man, and to think I was excited to finally find out who he was. Hah! Color me disillusioned!
Talkative Drunk: He can't get away with this. Just popping outta nowhere and claiming the rights to all his crap...
Talkative Drunk: We treated his work as gifts! But now he's going on about appropriation and illicit transactions and a bunch of other bull!
Angry Drunk: Shoot. Well if that's how he wants to play, those walls and buildings he used as canvases... They weren't even his to paint on!
Talkative Drunk: You aren't wrong, but only a fool would fight back. The man's a famous felon. Heard he has ins with a bunch of gangs and killers.
Angry Drunk: Well, hell's got a steaming pit with his name on it. He played us good, got half the sky crazy about him and his art. And for what! So he could get rich?
Vyrn: What the? Was she doing all that behind our backs? I knew she was prickly, but this is on a whole 'nother level!
Lyria: No, wait. They said "that man," didn't they?
Vyrn: Huh? So they were talking about a fake?
Swiftly, (Captain) rises and approaches the table of drunkards.
There, the captain tries to explain that the "King of the Night" they met was an imposter.
Angry Drunk: Nah, that was the real deal. Put up a tag, right in front of our eyes.
Talkative Drunk: Besides, the whole sky's been talking about the guy for days. And not a single person's stepped up to contradict him.
Quiet Drunk: If another King of the Night were out there, I think they would've said something by now.
Lyria: But, but...
Lyria: (Illnott's chosen to stay hidden for so long... It wouldn't be right for me to reveal her identity.)
Vyrn: (Argh, I wanna tell 'em so bad! Does Splatters know all this is happening?)
Quiet Drunk: The King's glory days are over. Now we know he's just another selfish, two-faced sneak... Ugh, dammit.
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
Sparks flare in the trio's eyes, as more and more grime is heaped on the name of the King of the Night.
But they choose to respect Illnott's decision to remain anonymous and hold their tongues.
Back on the Grandcypher, (Captain) throws open the door to the storage room.
They spy Illnott in a corner, motionless and wrapped in quilts like a grotesque cocoon.
Lyria: Illnott! Oh, I knew you'd be here. But we did give you your own room, you know!
Illnott: What, ugh... 'S the smell of the sun... Funk's rotten... Feel like my nose is gonna melt.
Vyrn: Hey, wake up! Code red, code red! Wake uuup!
Illnott: Nrgh.... I didn't ask for a lullaby... Now good... night.
Vyrn: It's not a lullaby, it's a wake-up call! And while we're at it, good morning's how you greet people! Now get up!
Illnott: Agh... Shoot.
Illnott: You trying to test me? Thought I told you, I hate any kind of bull language that exalts the sun...
Illnott: When you're with me, you worship the night... So it's good night... and a damn lullaby.
Illnott: You try giving me that sunshine crap again... I'm gonna go to the nearest arms dealer, pick up some throwing stars... and use your sorry ass for target practice.
Vyrn: Sheesh. Why do you always have to be so cranky in the morning?
Illnott: Cause it's frickin' morning... Ugh... Why can't the sun just stay down? So damn pissed and sleepy, I'm about to tear my hair out.
Lyria: There's no time for that! We've got a really big problem on our hands!
Illnott: I'm listening... But if my wig doesn't fly, you best be prepared for consequences. 'Cause I will stuff you little dudes and turn y'all into hug pillows.
  1. I don't mind.
  2. You have an imposter.

Choose: I don't mind.

Illnott: You got guts, little dude... Get over here... Make you into my own personal pillow right now...
Vyrn: Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait! (Captain)! You already forget about Splatters's arms of steel?
Vyrn: I'll never forget about that time she grabbed hold of us 'cause she was all groggy. I couldn't wriggle out no matter how hard I tried. Man... Didn't even get to stretch a wing until midnight.
Lyria: Ooh... We were stuck for so long, we had to sleep the whole day away.
Vyrn: But that's not what we're talking about here! You've got a faker, Splatters!
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Choose: You have an imposter.

Illnott: Huh... What?
Illnott: An imposter... Me?

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Lyria: Yeah! And he was able to imitate your, um... What was it called again? A tag? The thing that's like a signature.
Illnott: Hunh. He any good?
Vyrn: We didn't see anything ourselves, but people are saying it looks just like the original.
Illnott: He paint anything else? Any throw-ups? Pieces? He emulate my whole style?
Lyria: Um, well, we only heard about the tag...
Illnott: So what? He just bit my tag? That cheap toy trying to diss me?
Lyria: And that isn't all. We heard he's using the King of the Night's fame to do some terrible things.
Illnott: Shoot. Can't believe it... Gotta pay if you mess with me.
Vyrn: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! We better get a move on if—
Illnott: Nah, couldn't care less about that. What I'm saying, little dudes, is y'all better pay for interrupting my sleep.
Lyria: Huh? Ah!
Illnott: Good night... See you when the moon's up.
Vyrn: Gaaah! I... can't breathe...
And with that, Illnott drifts back to sleep, holding the trio captive until well after the first chirping of the crickets.

Wild Style: Scene 2

When Illnott rises at sundown, the crew presses her to do something about the imposter tarnishing her reputation. Illnott claims not to care what happens to her art once she's done creating it, but she doesn't seem happy when she leaves the ship on her own.

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn lie uncomfortably on the floor, watching shadows creep leisurely across the wood.
As the last beams of light pass from the room, Illnott sits up and stretches, finally releasing the trio.
Illnott: Good night, little dudes! Man, sleeping with hug pillows really is something else.
Vyrn: Guh, guuh... Hey, Lyria... Do I look kinda... squished to you?
Lyria: Um, you seem the same as always... I think.
Illnott: Y'all ready to head out?
Vyrn: We kicking some copycat butt?
Illnott: No. Said I didn't care, all right? We're going bombing, and that's the end of the story.
Lyria: But we care! A lot!
Lyria: There's someone out there stealing all of your hard work!
Lyria: And more importantly, that imposter's making people hate you... And that makes me so sad...
Illnott: Hey, little dude... Lyria. You really are a good kid.
Lyria: Hm?
Illnott: Look, I'm touched you feel that way. But I just don't care.
Vyrn: But why? Your name's getting dragged through the mud here!
Illnott: And I don't give a damn about my name.
Illnott: I told y'all before, but I just like drawing what I want where I want. Don't do it for money or fame.
Illnott: And once I've hit up a place, then it's on to the next one. 'Cause I write in the present. Don't care about anything I already finished.
Illnott: That stuff's in the past. People can claim it, sell it, burn it, grind it to dust, put it on a pedestal and worship it... Doesn't make any difference to me.
Illnott: If you find it, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. 'S what I believe and 's what I'll keep believing.
Lyria: But...
Vyrn: But we can't just let this slide! There are people out there who really look up to you!
Vyrn: And just the other day, the three of us were talking about how we think you're pretty decent and all.
Vyrn: Having things turn out like this... It just ain't fair.
Illnott: ...
Illnott: Little dudes, y'all are too sweet.
Illnott: Don't know if I wanna tell you to mind your own damn business, or praise you for being able to empathize.
Illnott: I said it once and I'll say it again. I'm touched. But you know I'm not a kiss-ass.
Illnott: When I'm out there writing, I'm not looking for acceptance. Admirers, haters—they can all just piss off.
Illnott: Who the hell do they think they are, idolizing me, turning me into someone I'm not... Then when the most insignificant crap happens, they start crying about being tricked and disillusioned.
Illnott: Fools couldn't diss me if they tried.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Huh? Illnott, where are you going?
Illnott: Do you even gotta ask? Heading out for some foul play.. But I'm flying solo this time.
Illnott: Good night, little dudes.
Lyria: Oh... She left.
Vyrn: Hey, you think Splatters really doesn't care?
  1. No, her eyes felt really... cold.
  2. She seemed conflicted.

Choose: No, her eyes felt really... cold.

Lyria: Cold?
Vyrn: Hunh, now that you mention it... But that's weird. Splatters always acts like she's over the moon at night.
Vyrn: Oh man, Splatters. Just what is going through your head?
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Choose: She seemed conflicted.

Vyrn: Well, yeah. I don't think anything like this has happened to her before.
Lyria: Yes, and... This is just a feeling I got, but the look in her eyes... she seemed like she was incredibly angry.
Vyrn: Oh man, Splatters. Just what is going through your head?

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Wild Style: Scene 3

The man masquerading as the King of the Night holds an auction to sell "his" graffiti. The crew suffers through the auction in silence, respecting Illnott's choice to remain anonymous. Suddenly Illnott claps her hands, and every piece of art in the auction house becomes blank. Chaos ensues.

It's been several days since the imposter reared his ugly head. But still Illnott shows no sign of wanting to strike him from his stolen pedestal. She simply continues to paint every night.
As if emboldened by her silence, the imposter lays claim to more and more... Until finally he announces an auction for the purloined works.
(Captain) and the others rush to Illnott and protest this base audacity. However...
Illnott: No damns given, little dude. Why are you worrying about that when you should be thinking about all we're gonna bomb tonight?
She shrugs their concerns off.
Disgruntled, the trio waits until the day of the auction. Then they set off into town to finally catch a glimpse of the fraudulent face.
Fraud of the Night: Heh-heh-heh. Welcome to the auction of the century—where you, the admiring crowd, can come to legitimately, licitly, and legally own one of my paintings.
Fraud of the Night: After the auction, you are free to do with the work what you wish. Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, resell it for some extra cash... It's up to you! So you best not be stingy here.
Fraud of the Night: First up, a stunning piece of graffiti I put up in Valtz, right on one lucky citizen's door! Reserve price: ten million.
Vyrn: Huh? You could buy a small island for that much! Gr... That rotten copycat!
Lyria: First he takes Illnott's name... Then he takes her art from all these people... And now he's trying to take so much money.
Lyria: We have to do something! Isn't there any way we can prove he's an imposter?
Vyrn: Not without spilling the beans about Splatters, we can't.
Lyria: Ooh, it makes me so sad...
The trio grit their teeth and watch as the auction progresses.
Finally, as the proceedings begin to wind down, the imposter brings out a piece that lights a fire in (Captain)'s eyes.
Vyrn: Hey, ain't that the painting Splatters made you do when you first met?
Fraud of the Night: And here's my collaboration piece with an anonymous writer! Now, for certain reasons, I can't reveal their true identity...
Fraud of the Night: But I can tell you this! Both they and I, the King of the Night, are hoping to make a pretty penny off this work!
Fraud of the Night: Now what should I do about the reserve price... Can I get a hundred million? Don't be shy. Show me how you all appreciate good art!
Lyria: "Certain reasons"? He just doesn't know who you are!
Vyrn: You and Illnott don't want no stinking money! He's lying through his teeth!
  1. That's it...!
  2. Don't say anything.

Choose: That's it...!

Vyrn: Yeah, I can't take it anymore either! Let's teach him a lesson!
Illnott: Cool it, little lizard. It's finally nighttime. Let's try to have some fun, all right?
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Choose: Don't say anything.

Lyria: Is there really nothing we can do?
Lyria: That painting means something special—to both you and Illnott. And he's using it for something so terrible...
Illnott: Lyria, little dude. You really are an amazing kid.

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Lyria: Illnott! You came!
Illnott: Well, the moon is real pretty up overhead. Puts me in the mood for some foul play.
Lyria: So you're telling everyone who you are?
Vyrn: I get it! You show people who you are right here, right now, and that dumb faker won't have time to run! You were just waiting for your chance all along, weren't ya?
Illnott: Nah, you're misunderstanding. I don't have a mind for any of that crap.
Lyria: What?
Illnott: Heh. You little dudes never listen, do you?
Illnott: Said I came to play dirty.
Vyrn & Lyria: ...?
Illnott: You ready? 'Cause this whole night's about to blow up!
Illnott: Buff!
Illnott claps her hands once with a low chuckle.
In an instant, the scene before (Captain)'s eyes dissolves into chaos.
Cranky Bidder: Daaah!
Vyrn: Huh? What? What's happening?
Cranky Bidder: The graffiti's faded right off my purchase!
Indignant Bidder: Gasp! No! Mine too! What is going on here?
Lyria: Faded? But how?
Illnott: Heh... Heh-heh-heh. Aha!
Cranky Bidder: Hey, you, King of the Night! You had better explain yourself!
Fraud of the Night: What? Wait, no, don't look at me, I-I don't have a clue!
Indignant Bidder: What do you mean, you don't have a clue? This is your work we're talking about, isn't it?
Cranky Bidder: Unless you are an—
Fraud of the Night: Wait! No! Let's not be hasty! I'm the genuine article! Here, look!
With sweat shining on his brow, the Fraud of the Night puts up a tag on the nearest wall.
Fraud of the Night: See? It's perfect. There isn't any other who can write like me! I'm the real McCoy!
Fraud of the Night: Look, I'll do something about that faded paint... Just give me a minute!
Illnott: Ha... Ahaha! You're gonna do something? Like to see you try, you damn toy.
Illnott: C'mon. We got a long night ahead of us. Playtime's just getting started.
Illnott: Kill the City!
Unseen Crowd: Ahhh! What is all this?
Fraud of the Night: The hell is going on out there? Dammit!
Cranky Bidder: Wha—hey! You get back here, King of the Night!
Vyrn: Splatters... What did you do?
Illnott: How many times do I got to say it till you're satisfied? I'm here for some foul play.
And with that, Illnott's face cracks into a wide, leering grin.

Wild Style: Scene 4

It turns out Illnott can reveal or hide any artwork made with her magical ink at will. She has been sneaking out to cover the entire town with invisible artwork, and as she reveals it now, the townspeople realize they've been duped by the imposter. As they turn on him, Illnott leads the crew off to enjoy all the commotion.

Determined to track down the source of the commotion, the trio dash out onto the streets.
There, a grand sight leaves them frozen in their tracks.
(Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and a large gathering of passersby gaze around them, captivated by the elaborate graffiti now using the entire town as its canvas.
Illnott: Y'all better not tell me you got your fill already. 'Cause my night's barely even started.
Illnott: Bomb! Bomb, bomb, bomb!
Every time Illnott claps her hands, new paint appears—on walls, on curbs, even on clothes.
And as the art ripples outward, so do the shouts and murmurs, until, (Captain) realizes, the whole town is covered in graffiti.
Lyria: Amazing...
Cranky Bidder: This has to be the King of the Night's graffiti...
Indignant Bidder: No one else could do anything like this.
Fraud of the Night: ...
Cranky Bidder: Hey! You over there! Can you pull off a feat like this?
Fraud of the Night: Huh?
Cranky Bidder: You know, I always found it fishy that the only proof you had to offer was one measly tag.
Cranky Bidder: But only the true King of the Night could cover a whole town in art like this. You're the genuine article, right? Then put up another piece—this very instant!
Fraud of the Night: Huh? Wait, stop! I said stop! No hitting!
Indignant Bidder: Shut your mouth, you fake... No, you con man! This auction is over, understand? I have no money to offer the likes of you!
Indignant Bidder: I may not know how you made the graffiti disappear, but I do know that everything you sold us is complete rubbish! And I will be expecting a full refund!
Fraud of the Night: Guh! Ugh! Stop hitting! You're gonna hurt someone with that—look, okay! Fine! I'll pay you all back so just stop—
Fraud of the Night: Gaaah!
Vyrn: Oof... They're really going at him.
Illnott: Ha... Ahaha! This is so good... Look at their dumb faces.
Illnott: Just a bunch of stuck-up fools who didn't know what was fake and what was real till I pulled this crazy stunt...
Illnott: But now, 'least they're starting to look kinda cute... Heh-heh-heh.
Lyria: So when the graffiti suddenly appeared and disappeared... Was it all your doing, Illnott?
Illnott: You heard the people say it. Only the King of the Night could put on a performance like this.
Lyria: But how?
Illnott: Like this.
Illnott: Buff.
Illnott: Bomb!
Illnott: Long as it's done in my ink, I can call on any piece of graffiti to appear or disappear.
Vyrn: When'd you even have time to paint all this?
Illnott: I had nights and nights, little lizard.
Lyria: Nights and nights?
Lyria: Oh! I did notice that, recently, you'd always disappear right after sunset...
Vyrn: So you were out here painting and erasing and setting all this stuff up?
  1. Is that what you were doing when we met?

Choose: Is that what you were doing when we met?

Illnott: So you did notice. You didn't say anything, so I thought it slipped by you.
Illnott: Yeah. Little dude, by the time you stumbled upon me, I'd already hid most of my stuff.
Vyrn: Okay... So that's the how, but where's the why?
Illnott: I just like watching people freak when graffiti comes outta nowhere. 'S funny, watching their eyes bug outta their heads.
Vyrn: Man, Splatters. You really are a piece of work, you know that?
Illnott: Well, yeah. You lurk in the night, you gotta be twisted.
Vyrn: Haha... At least now I get why you didn't care about fakes.
Vyrn: All you have to do is make your paintings disappear. Then no one can steal nothing!
Lyria: That's a relief, but... I kind of wish you had told us earlier.
Illnott: Hey, Lyria, you don't have to pout, little dude. If I'm gonna play dirty, I can't go broadcasting it to the world, now can I?
Illnott: And plus...
Lyria: But we care! A lot!
Lyria: There's someone out there stealing all of your hard work!
Lyria: And more importantly, that imposter's making people hate you... And that makes me so sad...
Vyrn: But we can't just let this slide! There are people out there who really look up to you!
Vyrn: And just the other day, the three of us were talking about how we think you're pretty decent and all.
Vyrn: Having things turn out like this... It just ain't fair.
Illnott: ...
Lyria: And plus what?
Illnott: Nah, never mind. C'mon. Let's walk around town. Bet there'll be some real funny faces for us to see.
Illnott: Gonna pull an all-nighter tonight, kids. Till that spiteful sun comes up, we're gonna tear this place apart!
Vyrn: What do you mean, today? You pull all-nighters all the time! And I'm pooped! We're going to sleep, got it!
Illnott: I'm not letting you close those eyes till morning. Then you're all gonna be my hug pillows when we turn in together.
Lyria: Um, could we at least sleep in a bed and not the storage room?
Illnott: Why? You sleep the soundest and the safest in small, shady spaces. Everyone knows that, you little weirdo.
Vyrn: No! You're the weirdo here! Daah! And I thought I told you to stop pulling!
And so, with her characteristic force, Illnott drags (Captain) and company into a land simultaneously awash with color and shadow.
A few hours later...
The imposter awakens, having been beaten unconscious by the angry mob. He begins to take his anger out on the once beautiful, now blank and expressionless slates around him.
Fraud of the Night: Damn! I'm ruined! Why'd you all have to fade like that? Agh! Damn it all to hell!
Fraud of the Night: I worked my ass off practicing that stupid tag! For what? For nothing!
Fraud of the Night: Lousy trash! Take this! And this! You know what? Just burn! Dammit!
After crushing, snapping, and stomping himself to exhaustion, the imposter sets fire to the rubble.
But he soon comes to regret his actions.
The sound of a single clap sails through the air. At once, the faded graffiti reappears, though warped by the dancing flames.
Fraud of the Night: What? No! No, no, no! Don't burn, don't burn! Agh! Dammit! What the hell is going on?
Fraud of the Night: Ugh... Agh... This stuff's worth hundreds of millions... And it was all supposed to be mine... Why... Why...
Fraud of the Night: Huh? Is that graffiti? How'd it even get there? Wait! That writing... It's the King of the Night!
The imposter gapes at the painted message.
King of the Night: Hey, toy. Why do you have to waste time biting my work? If you wanna call yourself a writer, try one-upping me. Good night, Hater King!
Fraud of the Night: That asshole! Oh, fine. Fine! You asked for it!
Fraud of the Night: I'll put up graffiti so awesome, your little scribbles are gonna look like cave paintings! I'm gonna be worth ten times as much as you, and I'm gonna get rich! Just you wait, King of the Night!
After hurling the last of his barbed words at the graffiti, the imposter finally moves on.
Several days later, a certain rumor comes to (Captain)'s attention.
New graffiti from the King of the Night has miraculously appeared before every last person conned by the imposter.
With that, the crew reaffirms its conviction that Illnott truly is, as Vyrn puts it, sweet as a pineapple. But they are careful, of course, not to say so in front of her.