Scenario:Io - A Little Beachside Relaxation

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A Little Beachside Relaxation

The crew is on vacation at Yudhisthira Island but today is Io's day. She quickly falls asleep after a fun-filled day in the water and under the sun.

Io: Wow! It's so pretty! Come on! This way! Hurry!
Lyria: Slow down, Io!
De La Fille: You're going to trip if you keep running like that! Good gracious, what am I going to do with those two?
Vyrn: Oh boy. Io sure is excited!
(Captain) and company decide it's high time for a vacation. They've come to the famous resort island of Yudhisthira.
Io: Come back here, you little lizard! You can't run from me!
Vyrn: I ain't waitin' around to get soaked! Catch me if you can!
De La Fille: Eek! Don't run towards me!
Lyria: You're wide open, Io!
Io: Yeek!
Vyrn: Gahaha! Good one, Lyria! Now let's get—
Vyrn: Urk!
De La Fille: Teeheehee... Pride goes before a fall, as they say.
Vyrn: Grrr! Now you've done it!
De La Fille: Eek! No fair! I can't wade away fast enough if you're flying!
Io: Oh, so this is where you went.
Io: What are you doing here? Why aren't you playing in the ocean?
  1. I'm watching our stuff.
  2. I don't want to get wet...

Choose: I'm watching our stuff.

Io: Oh yeah? Well, aren't you thoughtful!
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Choose: I don't want to get wet...

Io: Oh yeah? Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Continue 1

Io: But isn't it kind of boring sitting here by yourself?
Io: Heehee! Then I'll do you a favor and keep you company.
Io: Oh! Don't get the wrong idea, okay? I mean, I'm a little tired too and I wanted to take a break, so...
Io: The view is really pretty, isn't it? You know, it's not so bad just sitting here with you.
De La Fille: Aha, so this is where you two went.
De La Fille: Heehee. You won't mind if I join you two, will you?
Lyria: I was wondering where everyone went! You all suddenly disappeared!
Vyrn: Yeesh. What are you guys doing here?
De La Fille: Shhh! Be quiet. See?
Io: Zzz... Zzz... Mmm...
Lyria: Wow... She looks like she's having the best sleep of her life.
De La Fille: Teehee... I think she wore herself out today.
De La Fille: I'm sure she must feel safe with (Captain) nearby.
(Captain) and company enjoy a well-earned respite from their perilous journey.
In the end, they spend the day watching over a little face sleeping peacefully.
Io: Hey! Why didn't you wake me up?
De La Fille: Heehee. But you looked so comfortable!
De La Fille: And you were clinging so tightly to (Captain)'s sleeve too. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Io: Humph!
Io: N-next time I doze off, you'd better wake me up or else!
Io: I-I can't believe this! This is so embarrassing...
Although Io hides her embarrassment with anger, the day proves to be a much-needed break for her.
Amid the many days of adventure, these precious hours of peace help (Captain) and friends recharge their batteries.