Scenario:Io - Raring to Go

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Raring to Go

Io leads the crew as they search for a missing boy, but he ends up in trouble because of her. A passing female mage saves him and offers to join the crew, but only if all the other magic users are sent away. Io, feeling defeated, discovers that she can no longer use her magic.

The crew finds itself deep within a cave while on a mission.
They are searching for a missing boy, and Io is in high spirits as she leads the way.
Io: Hellooo? Is anyone here? Yell if you can hear me!
Vyrn: Heeey! Hmm... I guess there's no one in here. Maybe he took a different path.
Lyria: Or he's even deeper in the cave... but I sense monsters in there...
Io: Monsters? Excellent. Let's press on then!
Vyrn: Um, okay... What are you so excited about anyway? Monsters are a pain, you know.
Io: Hee-hee... A few monsters would be a great chance for me to practice my magic!
Io: I feel a lot more confident after all of our adventures! And with even more experience, my magic will be that much strong—
Lyria: Io, over there! It's the boy! But there's a problem...
Boy: Mommy! Daddy!
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Oh no! He's surrounded by monsters!
Io: I'll take care of it! Hi-ya!
Monster: Grargh...
Io: Heh-heh! Who's next?
Monster: Grargh!
Lyria: Amazing, Io! You really have gotten stronger!
Vyrn: Yeah! And so quickly too!
Vyrn: But wait... Where'd the kid go?
Boy: Aahh! Somebody help me!
Monster: Groar!
Io: Oh, come on! I only turned my back for a second!
Lyria: Run, little boy! Oh no! He's not going to make it!
Monster: Groa—
Io: Um... Was that... magic?
Female Mage: Hee-hee... I thought I heard something. Are you all right, little boy?
Boy: Thank you! I thought I was monster chow for sure!
Vyrn: That was so cool! You took out all those monsters in a blink of an eye!
Female Mage: That was nothing. None of you are hurt, are you?
Lyria: I'm fine. Io, are you hurt?
Io: ...
Vyrn: Io?
Io: I'm fine.
Female Mage: Good. Now, I'll help you with the rest of the monsters if you help me collect the herbs I need. Deal?
When the crew returns with the young boy, the village chief organizes a celebration, and the villagers shower praise on the female mage.
Villager 1: We heard about what you did! You must be very powerful!
Villager 2: We're so thankful! Let us erect a statue in your honor!
Female Mage: There's no need for all that. Any one of you would have done the same.
Io: ...
Vyrn: But it really was amazing! I've never seen magic like that before!
Female Mage: Hee-hee... You weren't so bad yourselves! You all look very young, but surely you must be skyfarers. Am I right?
Lyria: Yes! We're on a quest to find Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals!
Female Mage: Is that so? How fascinating. You know, I like you guys.
Female Mage: Do you think you might have a use for someone like me?
Vyrn: Of course we would! You'd be welcomed with open arms! Right, (Captain)?
Female Mage: Hee-hee... Thank you. But I have one condition...
Female Mage: Since I'm the only mage you'll ever need, you must dismiss all of the others before I join.
Io: ...!
Lyria: What? Um... You see—
Female Mage: That's my condition. You saw yourself that I'm as powerful as a hundred mages.
Vyrn: It's not exactly a question of power...
Female Mage: I've searched so long for a crew to entrust my life to. And you need magic like mine, right?
Io: Stop!
Female Mage: Huh? What's your problem?
Io: Um... We...
We haven't told you everything yet. We're actually being chased by the empire!
Io: It's super dangerous, okay? So maybe you should reconsider.
Female Mage: The empire? Interesting... I could use some practice.
Io: Wha? Uh, did I mention we've got some yucky geezers in our crew?
Io: Rackam reeks of sweat, Eugen reeks of that swill he drinks... Basically they all reek!
Vyrn: Hey now...
Io: What I'm saying is it's no place for a lady like you!
Female Mage: Hee-hee... Sounds like fun! A good crew needs a few salty characters.
Io: Aagh! You don't get it, do you?
Io: Our captain's a kid, Vyrn's a lizard... We're a bunch of total weirdos!
Io: You'd hate it! We're on an absolutely miserable quest!
Lyria: Io...
Female Mage: A miserable quest? Sounds like it has been pretty hard, at least for a little missy like you.
Io: What? Who're you calling little?
Vyrn: Whoa... Chill, Io. I don't think she's trying to insult you.
Io: Ugh! So you're on her side, lizard?
Lyria: Um... Io, can we talk about this later?
Io: What's there to talk about? I get it!
Io: Go ahead and let her in! She's a magic master after all! No need for me!
Io: Your loss, losers!
Lyria: Io! Oh dear... She's run off...
Female Mage: I'm sorry... I think I said something I shouldn't have.
Vyrn: It's nothing for you to worry about. But what are we going to do, (Captain)?
Io sits beneath a tree deep within a forest, cradling her knees.
Io: They must hate me...
Io: There's no way I can ever go back to them now...
Io looks up at the sound of footsteps... and sees (Captain) appear from the undergrowth.
Io: (Captain), what are you doing here?
  1. I came for you.
  2. I'm just out for a walk.

Choose: I came for you.

Io: Why bother? It's not like we're friends anymore! Please just leave me alone...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I'm just out for a walk.

Io: Oh, really? Makes sense since we're not friends anymore. Now go do your walking someplace else...

Continue 1

Io: ...
Um... Thanks for caring.
Io: Huh? Lyria and the others are looking for me too? I see... I've caused everyone so much trouble...
Io: ...
Io: Um... Did you know that my master made my staff and clothes? He used magic to do it.
Io: But I still couldn't save that boy... That other mage is way more powerful than me.
Io: As my master's apprentice and as the bearer of this staff, I should've been able to do something... Now what am I going to—
Monster: Grooar!
Io: Monsters! And it sounds like a lot of 'em!
Io: This time... This time for sure I'll show you that I'm better than her any day!
Io: Hiii-ya!
Monster: Groar!
Io: Huh? My magic... It's not working!
Io: O-okay... I'll just try again! Take this!
Io: Why... Why is this happening to me? Why, (Captain)!
Io: My magic... My magic's gone!
With the horde of monsters approaching, Io's magic fails her.
The poor duo find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. Monster howls surround them in the darkness.