Scenario:Io - The Little Lady's Secret

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The Little Lady's Secret

Recently, (Captain) and the party worried about Io because she leaves the ship in secret and comes back injured. They try to trace her actions since she refuses to speak about her reasons, and they find out that she was diligently training her magic against monsters by herself.

Rackam: Come on. How could you come back all beat up like that? What happened?
Io: What I do is none of your concern! Leave me alone!
Rackam: I can’t leave you alone! I thought you just went out on your own, but now you come back this late?
Rackam: On top of that, you’re all battered and bruised! (Captain) was worried, too. Tell me what happened.
Io: ...
Katalina: What’s wrong, (Captain)? Rackam and Io, too. You look tense... Did something happen?
Lyria: Oh, no! Io is hurt! We have to get you treated!
Io: I-I'm fine! This is nothing! I’m sorry for making you worry.
Katalina: Hey! Wait, Io! She got away... What happened?
Rackam: I don’t get it... I was getting worried about her, and she just got mad at me and told me to leave her alone. Maybe she’s at that rebellious phase?
Katalina: I see... I’ll watch out for her tomorrow. (Captain), it’ll be nice if you can help...
Vyrn: Io seems to like (Captain) and Katalina!
Lyria: I’m good friends with Io, too! I wish she would talk to me if something's bothering her...
Vyrn: She sneaked away again this morning... It was tough trying to tail her!
Io: Haaaaah!
Katalina: I don’t believe it. She was training her magic here... Now that I think about it, Io always wanted to learn flight magic.
Vyrn: Geez! Why does she have to be such a stranger?! I’d gladly help if all she wanted to do was train!
Lyria: Shhh! Stay quiet or Io will notice us!
Vyrn: Oh, whoops! But training by herself where there are monsters is really dangerous.
Vyrn: Geez... I told you so... Here come the monsters!
Katalina: We can’t just sit around and do nothing! (Captain), let’s go and save her!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 2

After seeing Io training out of anxiety at not being able to fly, Lyria remembers the existence of the talisman that grants wishes. To obtain the talisman, the party heads to town. However, monsters stand in their way.

Io: How dare you follow me! Even I have a few secrets I don’t want people to know about!
Vyrn: I said I'm sorry! But if it weren’t for (Captain), you would have fallen victim to the monsters!
Io: Oh, be quiet! I can defeat those monsters on my own!
Io: Or what? Are you trying to say that a mage that can’t fly can’t even beat any monsters?
Katalina: Io... It was careless of us. We apologize for hurting your pride by following you.
Katalina: But would you please understand that your friends are worried for you when you come back with wounds?
Lyria: Besides! We all like you a lot, Io!That’s why we want to help you if something is bothering you!
Io: Katalina, Lyria...
Vyrn: (Captain) is worried, too. Just talk to us if something’s on your mind! Although we might not be much help!
Io: (Captain)... Yeah... I’m sorry... I just wanted to learn how to fly as soon as possible.
Io: I didn’t want people to know that I couldn’t do it despite being a mage.
Lyria: Say, Io! I just heard of an amazing rumor! It’s the talisman!
Io: Talisman?
Lyria: Yes! The shopkeeper said that if you hold onto that talisman, any wish you want would come true!
Io: Really?! Just by carrying it? Are you really, really sure?!
Vyrn: Hey, now! That’s not possible...
Io: I want it! Where is that shop?! I’ll definitely make that talisman mine!
Katalina: Oh, brother... She was sulking earlier, and now she’s smiling again. Haha. Now let’s get to town.
Vyrn: ...tsk. That’s why I hate kids. Uh oh. We better take care of these monsters before heading to town.
Io: (Captain)! Let’s hurry up and beat these monsters so I can go get that talisman!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 3

A man falsely accused Io of holding the talisman and demanded reparations. However, he was a wanted con artist. When his con was exposed, the man sent monsters after (Captain) and company.

Io: For such a big town, it's pretty run down.
Katalina: There are a lot of thugs around here. I get the feeling they're sizing us up.
Katalina: There are wanted posters placed all around town. Hm... An organization of con artists...
Vyrn: That talisman seemed pretty suspicious to begin with! Could it be from those con artists...?
Lyria: Oh! I found the shopkeeper that told me about the talisman!
Io: Yay! Now I can learn to fly! Hey! Mister!
Katalina: Ah! Hey, wait! She’s gone... I hope nothing happens to her...
Katalina: Hm...? I’ve seen that man somewhere before...
Vyrn: Katalina! We got trouble! (Captain) said that man looks like the guy on the wanted poster!
Io: W-Wait a second! I didn’t know that talisman was so expensive!
Merchant: What?! Ignorance is no excuse! Do you know how much this costs?! You’ll have to pay for it!
Katalina: What’s the matter, Io? What are you arguing about?
Io: Katalina! I-I was just looking at the talisman... and it tore...
Merchant: Hey, are you this kid’s friend or what? Don’t tell me your ruined my merchandise and you can’t even pay for it.
Merchant: What she ruined was really expensive! It’s not some piece of paper you can find anywhere! How are you going to make it up to me?!
Katalina: Is this how you run your scams? You're the con artist from the wanted posters!
Io: Katalina? What’s going on?
Katalina: You advertise something that doesn’t exist, sell at an exorbitant price. And if the buyer doubts you, you demand reparations.
Merchant: Hehe... Looks you found me out! You won't be fooled. Now do you understand, you dummy?!
Io: But... T-Then the talisman that grants wishes isn’t real?
Io: How dare you trample on a maiden’s dream! I’ll make evildoers like you pay!
Merchant: Shut up! What are a bunch of women and kids going to do?! I’ll take you out instead!
Vyrn: H-He sent monsters after us! (Captain), be careful!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 4

Io regrets having to depend on the talisman. However, with Katalina’s words of encouragement about her efforts, Io fully recovers. Finding hope in learning her flight magic, Io quickly begins training.

Vyrn: Heh! They were nothing! Let’s hand them over to the officials!
Katalina: Io and Lyria, don’t feel down... That makes me feel sad...
Lyria: But I... I disappointed Io...
Io: It’s not your fault, Lyria. It’s my fault for depending on some talisman.
Katalina: No, the only one at fault is that con artist. You two did nothing wrong. Besides...
Katalina: Io, you’re not going to give up your dream because of this. I know you.
Io: What do you mean?
Katalina: You’re a hard worker and you always try your hardest. Despite how small you are, you are considerate of others. And you also have a strong heart that can stand up to any hardship.
Katalina: I know that you are kind and smart... I know that you are a good kid...
Io: I-I’m normal... And don’t call me small...
Katalina: Yes. I suppose I was being rude to a fine young lady.
Katalina: Even if you can’t fly now, you have many good points about you, Io.
Lyria: Huh? Hehe. Io’s face is all red. Are you embarrassed?
Io: I-I’m not! Being patted on the head... I-It’s not like it makes me happy or anything...
Lyria: Hey! (Captain), look! Io is floating!
Io: Hey, you’re right! I’m floating!
Vyrn: Haha! Awesome! You got the hang of it!
Vyrn: It won’t be long until you can really fly, Io!
Io: (Captain), just you wait! I’ll show you that I will become a great mage!
Io: I’m just itching to start training... Let's get to it!
Io’s stubbornness was lifted thanks to (Captain) and company. One small step forward, and one giant leap for hope.
The day when Io smiles as she flies through the blue skies is a little more in the future. But that is a story for another time.