Scenario:Io and Ryan - Picking the Perfect Present

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Picking the Perfect Present

Ryan enlists Io's help to choose a birthday gift for his sister. They find the perfect hair clip, but it is broken by a thief. Io offers up some of her own accessories for spare parts and instructs Ryan on how to fix it. In the end, his gift is even more personal for it.

One day aboard the Grandcypher, (Captain) and the others find Ryan pacing the deck.
Vyrn: Hey, Ryan, what's up with you? You're all twitchy.
Ryan: Oh, hey, Vyrn... It's no big deal.
Lyria: You know you can talk to us about anything, right? Even if it's not a big deal!
Ryan: Well... Actually, you know what? That would really help!
Ryan decides to share what's been troubling him.
Ryan: Well, um... You guys know my sister back home? Her birthday's coming up soon and I have no idea what I should get her.
Vyrn: So that's what's eating you.
Vyrn: Any ideas, Lyria?
Lyria: Hmm, I feel like it's the thought that counts. It just needs to be something that shows how much you care.
Lyria: Sorry... I guess that doesn't narrow it down at all.
Ryan: Nah... I appreciate the effort, Lyria. Thanks.
Ryan: Sigh... Something fluffy, maybe?
Vyrn: Hm? You look like you've got an idea, (Captain).
  1. Sure do! Let's ask Katalina!
  2. I bet Io could help us!

Choose: Sure do! Let's ask Katalina!

Lyria: Great idea! Katalina always gives wonderful advice!
Vyrn: If you say so, (Captain)... Let's give it a shot.
The group puts the problem before Katalina.
Ryan: What do you think, Katalina? Can you point me in the right direction?
Katalina: Hm... Let's see. Oh! I have it!
Katalina: Why don't you make her a life-size Vyrn plushie?
Vyrn: What!
Ryan: A Vyrn... plushie?
Katalina: Hehe... Just think of it! Vyrn's so cuddly... She could squeeze him all day long!
Ryan: Cuddly, you say... You're a genius, Katalina! I'll make her a nice, squeezable Vyrn plushie!
Ryan: Sigh... A Vyrn plushie... or a plushie Vyrn...
Katalina: Oh, it's going to be so adorable! Please, let me help you! I'm getting all fluttery just thinking about it!
Katalina: All right! Now all we need to do is take Vyrn's measurements...
Vyrn: Hey! Hold up just a second! I'm not a toy!
Lyria: Hehe... I'm pretty sure they both just want a plushie for themselves...
Vyrn: Gah! I'm done with you jerks! Should've just talked to Io in the first place!
The group decides to get a second opinion from Io.
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Choose: I bet Io could help us!

Vyrn: Io's bound to have some good advice for us!
Lyria: That's true. Her fashion sense is always on point—she told me so!
The group decides to get some input from Io.

Continue 1

Ryan: So, Io, you think you could help me pick out a birthday present for my sister?
Io: Sure! We'll knock her socks off, guaranteed!
Ryan: Awesome! Thanks a bunch!
Io: Hehe. Don't you worry. You're in good hands!
Io: All right then! Let's hit the shops!
The party follows Io to town in search of a suitable birthday present.
She takes them to a wide array of different stores.
Io: Hmm... This little bird brooch is cute, but probably too childish...
Ryan: Wow... Look at all these plushies. What about this kitty cat? Oh wait, this squirrel is adorable too. Ah, so many options...
Io: What d'you think about this pendant? Actually, maybe it's too plain...
Ryan: Cute fluffy things as far as the eye can see... This shop is paradise!
Io: Hey, focus up, Ryan! Are you serious about finding your sister a present?
Ryan: But the plushies... I mean, uh... Never mind.
Io: Sigh... Do you really think your sister wants a stuffed animal?
Ryan: I... Well... Erm...
Io: Listen. A present should be something the recipient wants, not something you want to give them. You got that?
Ryan: Urk... You're right... Absolutely right...
Io: Hey, enough with the kicked puppy look! I'm just telling you the truth here!
Io: All right. Pull yourself together and let's head to the next store!
Ryan: Wait... Wait for me!
The group visits what feel like a thousand different shops before Ryan finally finds a present for his sister.
Ryan: Thanks, Io. This hair clip is perfect. I never would've found it if it wasn't for you.
Io: Teehee! Lucky we showed up when we did! That was the last one in stock!
Lyria: Yeah! You really were the right person for the job, Io!
Io: Haha! What can I say? I solve problems like this in my sleep!
Just as the gift-hunters are patting each other on the back, a scream rings out nearby.
Woman: Stop! Thief!
Thief: Hey, you! Get outta my way!
The thief crashes straight into Ryan. Before anyone can react, the miscreant is off and running.
Vyrn: Hey, Ryan, you okay?
Io: Oh no! The hair clip... It's broken...
Ryan: Why you dirty... thieving... How dare you ruin my sister's present!
Thief: Yeeek!
Ryan races after the thief, his face contorted into a mask of demonic rage. In the blink of an eye, he overtakes and captures the ruffian.
But apprehending the thief does little to lift Ryan's spirits. The perfect gift is no more.
Ryan: This is the worst... And after Io worked so hard to find it...
Vyrn: C'mon, Ryan, cheer up.
Lyria: It's... It's okay, Ryan! We'll all go back out and find something else!
Ryan: Sigh... After all the time it took to settle on that clip, I don't see how we're gonna find anything better.
Io: Leave it to me! It ain't over till the primal beast sings!
Io beams confidently as she nearly drags the group back to the Grandcypher.
Once aboard, she runs to her room and returns proudly holding a jewelry box bursting with accessories.
Io: Hehe. My collection to the rescue!
Vyrn: Uh... I dunno how happy Ryan's sister's gonna be with a hand-me-down.
Io: Who said we were gonna give her a hand-me-down? We're going to repurpose some parts to fix up that hair clip!
Lyria: Ohhh! You're so smart, Io!
Io: Hee hee. Everything I own is super stylish, so we'll get that clip looking even better than new!
Ryan: Are you sure? I don't want you to have to ruin stuff you like.
Io: It's fine! Just check with me before you take anything apart, okay?
Ryan: Seriously... I can't thank you enough.
Ryan sits down to breathe new life into the hair clip using transplants from other accessories.
At least, he tries to.
Ryan: Um, Io? Help.
Io: I could've sworn you said you were good at arts and crafts...
Ryan: I like them. I never said I was good at 'em.
Io: Sigh... Fine, fine. I'll get you started, but I'm not doing it all for you!
Vyrn: Yeesh, Io. How about a little carrot to go with that stick?
Io: Oh, be quiet! What kind of gift would it be if it came from me instead of Ryan?
Lyria: Hehe... I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Under Io's watchful and caring eye, Ryan repairs the clip.
In the end, his sister receives a far more personal gift than he could have bought in any store.