Scenario:Ippatsu - Ramen Or Bust

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Ramen Or Bust

On their way back to the airship, (Captain) and the crew helped a man who had fallen. Upon hearing about the crew's quest, the man, known as Ippatsu, asks to join them so that he might find a legendary ramen master who has been taken to a land beyond the edge of the sky. In this way the ramen lover Ippatsu joins the misfit crew.

(Captain) and company are returning to the airship after completing a quest from the Knickknack Shack.
Vyrn: Heheh, that was easier than I'd expected! Hmm?
Lyria: Oh, do you think that person needs help? They seem to be having trouble just standing…
Lyria: Whaa! They fell down! Excuse me! Are you all right?
(Captain) ran over to the scene, and helped the fallen man up.
Vyrn: H-hey! Are you OK? Stay with us, now!
???: …Ra…men…
Vyrn: Hmm? That sound… Was that his stomach?
Lyria: Th-this is terrible! Quick, we need to get him something to eat!
(Captain) and the others take the man to the nearest food stall.
Lyria: Excuse me! Is anyone in? We need some food!
Stall Owner: Hello? Oh my goodness, that poor man is on his last legs. I have just the thing for him!
???: …Uuum… That smell…
Stall Owner: OK! Now eat it slowly, it's still very hot!
Lyria: Wow, I've never seen anything like that before! There are noodles… in soup!
???: …Ramen…
Lyria: What?
???: Ramen! My sweet ambrosia, how I've longed for you!
???: (Slurp…chew…bite…gulp)
The man devoured the "ramen" as if he hadn't eaten in days.
Stall Owner: Now that's a man who appreciates good ramen!
???: It's so perfectly seasoned, and so savory… This is shellfish stock, I'd recognize it anywhere!
???: The salt and shellfish harmonize so well, almost like a heavenly choir in my mouth, and then the fish stock brings it together…
???: The soup brings to mind the shores of Auguste, and with the tangle of noodles, it's almost like I'm right there on the beach!
???: And what's this? This is no ordinary salt… Such robust flavor, is this roasted sea salt?
Stall Owner: Unbelievable! He can tell all that from just one bowl!
???: Phew. I'm ashamed that I couldn't tell more. I was so hungry I gulped the whole bowl down…
???: Now I've finished the soup, all that's left is a hint of fish…
???: That's how I could work out that it was made with fish stock. A work of love, for sure!
Stall Owner: Hahaha! I can't tell you how happy I am seeing someone really appreciate the nuances of ramen!
???: (Slurp… chew…)
Vyrn: Heheh! You've won me over! I could really do with a bowl of my own, now!
Vyrn: I have an idea! We worked so hard on the quest, let's treat ourselves to some food here, (Captain)!
Stall Owner: Oh! Please, take a seat!
And so (Captain) and the crew sat with the man they had saved and enjoy the delicious noodles.
???: Phew… Now THAT was a meal! Just what I needed to get back on my feet.
Lyria: Heehee! I have to agree, that was one of the tastiest things I've had in a long time!
???: Huh? I just realized, I'm in a shop! When did that happen?
Stall Owner: Ah, well it was these skyfarers who brought you here.
???: They did? Well I really must apologize. You have been too kind, you deserve some kind of reward!
Lyria: Please, there's no need. You're health is reward enough!
Ippatsu: Haha. Oh, forgive me, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Ippatsu.
Vyrn: Nice to meet you! So tell us, what were you doing collapsed on the floor out there?
Ippatsu: Well, I just love ramen! I can't get enough, so I hop from island to island, trying every kind I can find…
Lyria: "Ramen"? What's that?
Ippatsu: It's what you just ate. Every island has its own variation. What do you think of it? Yummy, right?
Lyria: Absolutely! It was delicious!
Ippatsu: I'm so glad you like it. I enjoy spreading the ramen love wherever I go. So anyway…
Ippatsu: I'd heard of a famous ramen stall somewhere in this town, so I hopped on the next airship…
Ippatsu: I couldn't afford to take the airship the whole way, and I'd not eaten in days, since I was still hoping for that sweet ramen…
Vyrn: What? I've never heard anything so silly.
Stall Owner: I appreciate your dedication to the noodly way of life, but you should look after yourself a bit better.
Ippatsu: Oh, how embarrassing… I was out looking for ramen ingredients, but to end up like this…
Lyria: Ingredients… Mr. Ippatsu, does that mean that you're a ramen chef, too?
Ippatsu: Don't be absurd!
Lyria: Eek!
Ippatsu: Oh, I'm sorry. You just surprised me.
Ippatsu: When I was a child, I went through a lot. One time I fainted…
Ippatsu: A man helped me up and gave me some ramen to eat. He was a ramen master of the highest degree.
Ippatsu: To this day he's still searching for the very best ingredients to make the perfect bowl of ramen.
Ippatsu: However, before he could reach his goal of trying every ingredient in Phantagrande, his was taken from this skydom.
Lyria: What! What do you mean, "taken"?
Ippatsu: One of the Knights of the Septennial took a liking to his ramen.
Ippatsu: The Knight even opened a shop just for him in his domain.
Vyrn: Really? Now that's impressive!
Lyria: It really is! But, for one of the Knights of the Septennial to go to such trouble, the ramen must have been out of this world!
Vyrn: Hmmm… I can't imagine how good it must be… I wish I could try this divine ramen!
Lyria: Well, until we complete the sky map and reach the edge of the sky, we'll just have to visit every ramen shop we come across!
Vyrn: That's right! There's a chance we'll get to eat it after all!
Ippatsu: Wait! What are you talking about?
Lyria: Oh, you mean the sky map? We're hoping to find a way to Estalucia…
(Captain) and the crew proceeded to explain their quest.
Ippatsu: I see, so with the completed sky map…
Ippatsu: Basically, you're saying you're determined to leave the Grim Basin.
Vyrn: Exactly!
Ippatsu: Please!
Ippatsu fell to his knees, head firmly bowed.
Lyria: Wha! Mr. Ippatsu, get up!
Ippatsu: Please, you have to let me come with you!
Ippatsu: Just think of the ingredients I'll find, and I may come across a way to find the ramen master…
Ippatsu: I've heard nothing of him ever since he was taken by the Knight.
Ippatsu: But if I go with you, I might be able to go and see him personally!
  1. There could be no ramen shops there.
  2. Well hop on board, traveler!

Choose: There could be no ramen shops there.
Ippatsu: I don't mind. Even if there are no shops, I can still look for ingredients!
Vyrn: Amazing! You're really determined to come with us! There's no way we can refuse, is there (Captain)?
Ippatsu: Let's celebrate this fateful meeting. Master, another bowl of ramen!
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Choose: Well hop on board, traveler!
Ippatsu: Thank you. I mean it, this means so much to me.
Ippatsu: Haha, looks like starving out there in the wilderness may have been the best thing to happen to me!
Ippatsu: We need to celebrate this fateful meeting. Master, another bowl of ramen!
Continue 1
Ruffian: I can't believe it, this run down little stall is still open!
Stall Owner: Hey! I told you not to come around here any more!
Ruffian: I told you before, this is our territory! If you wanna open a shop, you have to pay the fee!
Stall Owner: What? I'm not gonna pay one rupie to you thugs!
Ruffian: What was that? It sounded like you refused. But that can't be right, because you know what we do to people who refuse!
Ippatsu: That's enough! I've had enough of people like you, traipsing around like you own the world.
Vyrn: Eh…? What're you doing, Mr. Ramen?
Ippatsu: This is a restaurant, it needs to be clean. I think it's about time we took out the trash!
Ruffian: What do you think you're doing? This can only end badly for you!
Ippatsu: RAAAWR!
A frenzied Ippatsu grabbed the thug by the neck, took him outside and… quickly forced a resolution.
Ruffian: Please, no! Forgive me!
Ippatsu: I never want to see you around here again, do you understand!
Ruffian: Y-y-yes! I promise! I'll never set foot in these parts again!
Ippatsu: Humph.
Ippatsu: Ah, sorry about that. Now, where's that ramen?
Ippatsu: (Captain), you guys should come eat something, too!
Ippatsu: Let's finish our food then head back to your airship, OK?
Vyrn: Eh… Ah… Erm…
Vyrn: Hmmm… Did we just invite this man onto our airship…?
Stall Owner: OK guys, on the house! Eat up!
Ippatsu: (…Slurp…) SOOO GOOOOOD!
And so it was that the ramen fanatic joined the crew.
His love of ramen surpassed all else, and may even lead to the edge of the sky, and beyond.