Scenario:Ippatsu - The Ramen Way

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The Ramen Way

After completing a quest, the party return to the Knickknack shack. However, despite not having being injured, Ippatsu doesn't seem to be his usual self. To save him from this weakened state, brought on by a lack of his beloved ramen, the party head toward the neighboring town, where t is said there is a restaurant that serves it.

After finishing a quest, (Captain)'s crew headed back to the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: Excellent work, everyone. So good to see you back safe and sound!
Ippatsu: Uh, uhh...
Sierokarte: Oh my. It would seem not all of you are sound, then?
Lyria: Well, he just seemed to run out of energy in the middle of the trip back... Mr. Ippatsu, are you all right? Are you hurt anywhere?
Ippatsu: Ugh...
Ippatsu: R-ramen! My body... It craves nothing but... ramen...
Vyrn: Erm... You mean you're hungry, right?
Ippatsu: Nothing but ramen can satiate this hunger!
Ippatsu: Ramen is my very life essence, that which binds me together!
Lyria: Ah! Mr Ippatsu, you're going to collapse!
Supporting the staggering Ippatsu, (Captain) asked Sierokarte where the nearest ramen shop could be found.
Sierokarte: Unfortunately... Ramen isn't exactly a common dish, so I'm not sure if this town will...
Sierokarte: Oh! Wait a second! There is one place in the neighboring town that serves it!
Ippatsu: R-really? Let's go now, quick!
Vyrn: Oh... Looks like he regained some strength at the mere mention of ramen...
Vyrn: All right, let's go check out this place in the next town, (Captain)!
Ippatsu: Ohhhh! An encounter with an as yet untasted ramen... This swelling in my chest... Surely this must be love!
Ippatsu: Ah, dearest ramen... I come to you now! Wahooooo!

The Ramen Way: Scene 2

Arriving at the neighboring town, the party rush toward the restaurant. However, what the place is passing off as ramen turns out to be a pale imitation of the real thing, with pasta used as noodles. The current chef reveals that the restaurant's previous master, his father, had passed away before the family's noodle-making technique could be passed on. Hearing the chef's story, Ippatsu deduces that local spring water must be one of the ingredients, and rushes off toward the nearby mountains.

Lyria: Thank goodness! We made it here all right! Now, let's see... Where was the ramen place?
Ippatsu: Alas, it is my eternal regret that I cannot hear the call of the ramen...
Vyrn: "Call of the ramen"? What is he talking about?
Lyria: Hmm, according to the map Siero drew for us, it should be down here... Let's go!
Lyria: Umm... It looks just like a regular fast food place. Do you really think they serve ramen here?
Ippatsu: Uhh... Uhhnnn...
Lyria: Oh! Hold on, Mr. Ippatsu! You'll be all right!
Chef: Hey, is that guy OK?
Vyrn: Hey there, can we get ramen at this place?
Chef: Huh? Well, we do serve it, but... judging from the look of him, that guy needs more than food right?
Ippatsu: No! A bowl of ramen... is all I ask of you!
Chef: Err... if you're... sure? Well then, just wait a second, please.
Ippatsu: Ahh... What kind of ramen will it be, I wonder?
Lyria: Heehee, I'm so glad you've brightened up again, Mr. Ippatsu!
Chef: Sorry for the wait, sir. This is ramen made with stock from my dad's special recipe.
Ippatsu: Ohh! The fine glaze on this soup... My heart throbs!
Ippatsu: (Slurp!) Ahh. This refreshing sensation... Like the cry of the bird which signals the break of day!
Ippatsu: And these noodles, golden as the rising sun in the morning, coaxing one into... Ugh? A rude awakening!
Ippatsu: Hmmm, the noodles are flavorsome and piquant, the ingredients are sublime...
Ippatsu: But with this degree of firmness, the noodles fail to release the passionate flavors of the soup...
Ippatsu: In other words... what we have here... is nothing more than soup with pasta thrown in!
Ippatsu: This, my good sir, is no ramen!
Vyrn: Wh-what do you mean?
Vyrn: I mean, isn't that exactly what ramen is? Soup with noodles?
Ippatsu: Oh, so innocent, so green! Greener than the seaweed that garnished my last dish.
Vyrn: Eh? Er, am I?
Ippatsu: You are indeed.
Ippatsu: But I could forgive a novice such as Vyrn.
You, on the other hand!
Chef: Gulp?
Ippatsu: How dare you serve this under the name of ramen! However good the taste may be, this is unforgivable!
Ippatsu: This is truly deserving of the term "outrageous"! And you call yourself a chef?
Chef: I'm very sorry... The truth is, ramen was my father's local cuisine, and his signature dish, but...
Chef: You see... He passed away too soon, before I had the chance to learn the art from him...
Chef: I've been trying as hard as I can to reproduce the dish to his standard, but I guess I really am no good...
Ippatsu: ...I see. So that's why...
Ippatsu: The soup stock and the soy sauce mixture are done very well. The issue I have is with the noodles, you see.
Ippatsu: It's a crying shame that such a delicious soup isn't entangled in a softer complement of noodles.
Chef: Ah... I see...
Ippatsu: Hmm... When your father made the noodles, can you remember him adding anything to them?
Chef: Hmm.. Well, not especially... Oh! But he did often use to go to the mountains to draw water from a spring.
Ippatsu: That's it! Let's visit the spring, quickly!
Vyrn: Oh! Hey! Hold up, Mr. Ramen!
Chef: What? For the past few years, the mountains near here have been infested by packs of monsters. It's incredibly dangerous!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)! We have to follow Mr. Ippatsu quickly!

The Ramen Way: Scene 3

Riding on the crest of Ippatsu's enthusiasm, the party dispose of the monsters in their way and succeed in obtaining the spring water. With the benefit of the mountain spring water, the noodles now complement the family recipe perfectly, and the owner of the restaurant is indebted to Ippatsu. Being asked to name his price, Ippatsu instead elects to have a second helping of ramen.

Clearing the monsters out of his way with feverous zest, Ippatsu led (Captain)'s party to the source of the spring.
Lyria: Umm, this just looks like normal water to me...
Ippatsu: (Glug... glug... glug...) Ahh! This is it!
Tasting the spring water, Ippatsu gave a big smile, scooping it into a container he had brought along with him.
Ippatsu: All right, let's head back to the restaurant. Now we can eat real ramen!
Lyria: Huh?
Whether the monsters had been completely eliminated, or simply scared off by Ippatsu, the party made it back without incident.
And then...
Ippatsu: This is from the spring! Make the noodles with this!
Chef: Hmm... But how will merely adding water make a difference?
Ippatsu: Trust in your elders, now! Come on, come on!
Chef: Well, if you insist...
Using the spring water to make the noodles, the chef serves the ramen once again.
Lyria: It looks delicious!
Ippatsu: The moment of truth! (Slurrrrrp...) Ahhhhh! SOOO GOOOOOD!
Vyrn: Whoa! He's right! These tender noodles fit the soup great!
Chef: What? How could it be so different, with just the water?
Ippatsu: ...Phew! That was fantastic.
Ippatsu: You see, water with specific characteristics is necessary for the preparation of ramen noodles.
Ippatsu: It was probably for this reason that your father chose this location for the restaurant, near the spring with suitable water.
Chef: You're right... and to think I never noticed it before. I've been so inattentive...
Chef: ...But thank you! Thanks to you, I can finally make good ramen.
Ippatsu: No need to thank me. I'm guided by the obstinacy of my appetite.
Chef: Hmm... still, I could improve on the noodles further. Maybe I should use a different wheat. Or perhaps...
Ippatsu: Ahem. Actually, I have a small favor to ask of you.
Chef: Oh? What is it? Anything is fine! I'm indebted to you, after all...
Ippatsu: Thank you kindly. Well, then...
Ippatsu: Another bowl of ramen, if you please!
Ippatsu truly did love ramen above all else.
Famed for his love of ramen, his passion would become renowned even to the edge of the sky... perhaps.