Scenario:Ippatsu and Lilele - For the Love of Ramen

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For the Love of Ramen

Lilele takes part in an effort to spread the word about ramen, but she and Ippatsu are stunned by the outrageously hideous ramen that the shopkeeper has on offer. The shopkeeper eventually accepts their criticism and vows to hone his abilities, and the two ramen enthusiasts walk away in search of better noodles.

(Captain) and the crew visit a village on assignment.
Lyria: Hmm. According to Siero's instructions, the restaurant should be right around here.
Lilele: Lyria, I think that might be it over there.
Lyria: Looks like it! Let's go!
Lyria: Um, hello? Anyone home?
Shopkeeper: Welcome, welcome! What can I get for—gasp! L-Lilele? Lilele in the flesh! In my shop? Is this really happening?
Vyrn: We heard you have a job for us. What do you need?
Shopkeeper: Ah! Yes, sorry, I just can't believe this is actually happening. Ahem. Actually, the job is for Lilele.
Shopkeeper: Please, Lilele! Won't you try a bowl of my ramen?
Lilele: Huh? Your ramen?
Shopkeeper: Yes. Ramen still isn't very well known among the masses, you see. A niche business if there ever was one.
Shopkeeper: My dream is that one day everyone in the skies will know of its delectable splendor.
Shopkeeper: I know you love ramen, so I thought—what better way to get the word out than to have the one and only Lilele try some!
Vyrn: Gotcha... What do you think, Lilele?
Lilele: I'd be honored to! Anything to make a wonderful dream like yours come true!
Lilele: Leave it to me! I'll spread the word about your ramen across the whole sky!
Shopkeeper: R-really? Thank you, Lilele, thank you!
The shopkeeper asks for some time to prepare and tells the crew to return the following day.
The crew does so, as instructed. What astonishing feats of ramen await them?
Vyrn: Whoa, this place is packed! I can barely move!
Lyria: Look! That poster! That must be why everyone's here!
Vyrn: So that's what he meant when he said he needed some time.
Lilele Fan A: Oh my gosh! It's Lilele!
Lilele Fan B: Holy skycrabs! It's really her! I'm your biggest fan, Lilele!
Lilele: I love you all! I'm so glad I can be here to brighten your day! The one and only Lilele is in the house!
Lilele Fans: We love you Lilele! Woohoo!
Vyrn: Man, that's a lotta sweaty fans...
Lyria: They're really shouting their lungs out!
Shopkeeper: Lilele! You're finally here! Come right this way. I made this seat just for you!
Lilele: Oh, wow... Thank you! I must be the luckiest girl in the whole sky!
Vyrn: Oww. That chair is so shiny it feels like my eyeballs are gonna melt.
Lyria: Ha... Haha... He really went all out, didn't he?
Shopkeeper: And now for the main event! Lilele, I present to you my signature ramen! Enjoy!
Lilele: Mmm! It smells absolutely divine! I can't wait to taste it!
Lilele: Hm?
Lilele: (Ew... What the heck is this? How could something that smelled so good taste so bad?)
Lilele: (What's with this awful fatty aftertaste? Is this supposed to distract me from how salty the broth is? I need water! Water!)
Shopkeeper: Umm, Lilele? How's the broth? Do you like it?
Lilele: Huh? Oh! Um... Well! It certainly has a very... powerful taste! You can really taste the um... richness of the... er... ingredients!
Shopkeeper: Yes! I knew you'd notice that! Nothing gets past you, Lilele!
Shopkeeper: I simmer the broth for hours to wring every last drop of flavorful goodness out of the ingredients!
Shopkeeper: And my noodles are specially made to perfectly compliment the extra-thick broth! Bon apetit!
Lilele: H-here goes nothing...
Lilele: (Oh no... I can tell this is going to be bad just looking at it. Looks can be deceiving, but...)
Lilele: Slurp, slurp, slurp...
Lilele: (I knew it. Soggy and mushy. It only makes the broth taste even worse!)
Shopkeeper: Uh, Lilele? Is everything all right? You seem awfully quiet all of a sudden.
Lilele: Oh! Ahaha, I just got lost in the... the taste! Yeah, that's it!
Shopkeeper: I see. You certainly don't seem to be eating very much though.
Lilele: Uhh, I'm... I just don't have a big appetite! A bite is good enough for me!
Shopkeeper: Ahh, I see! Well, what do you think of the noodles then?
Lilele: Um... Hrgh...
Lilele: (You can do this, Lilele! Just keep it in! This is work! You have to be professional!)
Lilele: Th-the way the soup goes into the noodles creates a really... tremendous... um... impact!
Shopkeeper: Bwahahaha! I knew you'd like it, Lilele! You don't know how much that means to me!
Shopkeeper: Heh, I always knew my ramen was the best in town! No... The best in the skies!
Lilele: ...!
Shopkeeper: Come on up and try some ramen, everyone! It's Lilele approved!
Lilele: Mumble mumble...
Shopkeeper: Hm? What was that, Lilele?
Lilele: I don't approve! This ramen fails on the most basic level imaginable!
Lilele: The broth is the most important part, and the broth in this bowl is the worst. It ruins everything!
Lilele: How can you even call this ramen? That's an insult to every other bowl out there!
A deafening silence falls over the room. The seconds drag on, seemingly forever until the room suddenly erupts in turmoil.
Shopkeeper: Wh-what? Th-that's not what you said a minute ago!
Lilele: Ah!
The shopkeeper stares at Lilele with fiery indignation. She fidgets in panic. Suddenly a lone voice pipes up.
Ippatsu: No. The miss is right!
A voice—suffused with a love for ramen as profound as it is delicate—silences the murmurs of the crowd.
The thronging masses part to reveal a man triumphantly clutching a bowl of ramen in his hand.
Ippatsu: From the moment you sip the broth, the raw stench of meat, fish, and vegetables fills your mouth. A flavor riot most foul!
Ippatsu: Your throat is then assaulted by a stinging saltiness that leaves your larynx a briny, sandblasted wasteland!
Ippatsu: From this miserable bowl, I detect not even the slightest hint of love for ramen!
Shopkeeper: Th-that can't be! I use nothing but the freshest, highest quality ingredients! The vegetables I use are all naturally grown!
Shopkeeper: Even the water is from a natural spring! The seasoning used is the best the market has to offer! How can you possibly claim I don't care about my ramen!
Ippatsu: Hogwash! All of it! The heart of ramen lies not in its ingredients, but in the ability of the culinary artisan who gives it life!
Ippatsu: Without ability to guide the way, your all natural ingredients become mere fodder for a pigsty of muddy, stygian broth.
Shopkeeper: What are you talking about! Lilele says my ramen's delicious! Isn't that right, Lilele?
Lilele: Sigh... It has deep-bodied flavor. I'll grant you that. And it did leave a serious impact. However...
Lilele: I never said it was delicious! I couldn't!
Shopkeeper: Then... everything I've done up till now... the reason my shop doesn't get any business... It's all because my ramen's... bad?
Ippatsu: Yes. In fact! This ramen is unworthy of the very title of ramen!
Ippatsu: However! Even within this disgusting, muddy mixture, my chopsticks found their way to a single shining morsel of hope.
Ippatsu: While the meat might at first seem sinewy and thick...
Ippatsu: A single bite transports you into a world of soft, melty, juicy extravagance!
Ippatsu: But it doesn't end there. The sweet, smoky juices that burst forth create a flavor explosion, transporting your tastebuds into undiscovered flavor country!
Ippatsu: I've never had such delicious meat in my life!
Lilele: I also thought the egg was hard and unappetizing at first...
Lilele: But after taking a bite it starts to melt in your mouth, filling it with eggtacular goodness!
Lilele: From the bottom of my heart, I truly think the meat and eggs were absolutely delicious!
Shopkeeper: It's okay... No need to patronize me... I get it. I'm just not cut out for ramen.
Ippatsu: You coward! Are your feelings for ramen so shallow?
Ippatsu: Humph. Is one setback all it takes to make you give up? To seal your fate as a ramen failure for the rest of your life?
Ippatsu: But if you choose to keep going and refine your process, to learn and improve... imagine what you could become.
Shopkeeper: I see... D-do you really think there's still hope for me?
Ippatsu: It all depends on your discipline and passion. But I believe that if you stay the path, your dream of being the best in the world may not be as unlikely as you think.
Lilele: The eggs and meat you prepared were wonderful. I can't wait to taste broth worthy of their deliciousness!
Lilele: So please don't give up! You can do it! I'll be rooting for you!
Shopkeeper: You're right... If I gave up now, I wouldn't be able to look at a ramen bowl for the rest of my life!
Shopkeeper: I'll start all over again, right from the basics. The next time you step foot in my shop, it'll be for the best ramen you've ever had!
Shopkeeper: Okay. Time to get started! I want to thank the two of you. I won't give up until I've created the ultimate bowl of ramen!
Lilele: Hehe, I'll be looking forward to my next visit!
Ippatsu: I'm glad we got that settled. Goodness, that was some bad ramen.
Lilele: What do you say to getting some real ramen to wash the bad taste out of our mouths?
Ippatsu: Now that's an idea! I'm simply dying to erase the residue of that infernal broth from my tastebuds!
Ippatsu: This is a hub for ramen, after all! We're bound to find that perfect bowl somewhere!
Lilele: Ahaha! What're we waiting for then? Let's go!
With a skip in their step, the ramen-loving duo heads off into the horizon in search of better noodles.
The horrific taste still fresh in their mouths, they look to a brighter future.
Vyrn: Hey! Where're you guys going! Don't leave us behind! Sigh...