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Kingdom of Isolation

Izmir makes plans to go shopping with (Captain) and crew, but she fails to materialize on the day. They visit her room, only to find it empty, save for a sheet of magic ice. However, Izmir's memories are reflected in the ice, and they learn that she is being consumed by her own powers and has returned to the cave where they first met.

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn lounge on the deck of the Grandcypher, occasionally exchanging looks.
They have promised to accompany Izmir on a shopping trip. But the time of their rendezvous was over a quarter of an hour ago, and she is nowhere to be seen.
Lyria: Still no sign of Larana. Do you think she overslept?
Vyrn: Winter Wondergirl was over the moon about this trip. Bet she had a hard time catchin' z's last night!
Lyria: Hehe. And I bet you're right! Come on. Let's go wake her up.
Vyrn: Rise and shine, Sleepin' Snowqueen! I'd get my butt outta bed if I were you. The good stuff's gonna sell out by the time we get there!
Vyrn puts his snout to the door and screeches, but there is no response.
Lyria: Don't think you woke her. Hm... Let me put my ear to the door, see if I can hear⁠—
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Lyria? What's wrong? You'da jumped straight out of your boots if you had any!
Lyria: The door's freezing. It surprised me...
(Captain) steps forward and lays a hand on the door. It is as cold as ice and hums with magic.
  1. Something must've happened to her.
  2. I'm going in.

Choose: Something must've happened to her.
Choose: I'm going in.

The captain swallows hard and flings the door open.
A blast of chill air rushes forth and slaps all three friends in the face.
Vyrn: What in the stormy skies? The whole room's frozen over!
Lyria: Oh no! Where's Larana?
A thin layer of ice covers the bed, the lights, even the odds and ends scattered over the desk.
But it seems that Izmir herself has simply melted away.
Vyrn: Ain't this Wondergirl's magic ice? Think she got attacked?
Lyria: She might be in danger! We have to help!
Vyrn: Huh? Your feet are... glowing.
Vyrn: Wait, no. There's an image... reflected in the ice...
Vyrn: Seems like this room. And look, Lyria. It's you and Wondergirl.
Lyria: Wait... I recognize this scene! It's from last night! I was here, talking to Larana!
Vyrn: So... you're saying this is a projection of her memories?
Vyrn: Well. Not the first time we've seen a playback of Wondergirl's brain.
Lyria: Yes! And remember? Larana's magic and mind are deeply interwoven.
Lyria: Watch closely. We might be able to find some clues.
The three lean over and watch the small figures conversing and gesticulating in the ice.
Lyria: Larana, it's almost time for dinner! I hope you're in the mood for curry!
Izmir: Oh, Lyria. Thanks for letting me know.
Izmir looks up from her desk, over which she has been hunched, face tense with concentration.
Izmir: I'll be along in a minute. I just need to wrap this up...
Lyria: Hehe. Looks like someone found a new hobby.
Izmir: Is that what this looks like?
Lyria: Yeah! I mean, lately, as soon as your schedule frees up, you rush back here. What are you working on anyway? I've been curious.
Izmir: Oh. So you noticed...
Lyria: Um... Sorry. Was it a secret?
Izmir: Oh, no. Not at all. I'm just... a little embarrassed.
Izmir: Would you like to see?
Izmir beckons. Lyria tiptoes to the desk and peers over Izmir's shoulder.
Lyria: Gasp! Is this the sea of Auguste? It's gorgeous!
Lyria: Looks like... a watercolor, right? Did you paint this yourself?
Izmir: Yes, I did... But it's only half-finished...
Lyria: You're so talented! And I never even knew you painted!
Izmir: You were what inspired me though. Seeing you write in that journal, I started thinking... about how nice it'd be if I could give shape to my memories too.
Lyria: Eheh. You're giving me too much credit.
Lyria: Oh. Here, on the beach, there's two people. Is that us, Larana? I remember drinking⁠...
Izmir: A Blue Auguste and coconut smoothie. It's all still so fresh in my mind.
Lyria: Same. I can almost taste the drinks now—sweet, cold, and so very delicious!
Izmir's desk is buried under a patchwork quilt of paintings. Lyria reaches out and gently brushes a square with her fingers.
Lyria: This is that mine we visited in Valtz, right? It was sweltering, but I remember... you just kept on twirling and dancing.
Izmir: Well, it felt amazing. The heat, the steam... everything was perfect...
Lyria: Oh. I recognize this flaming ball of fun. "Certain Death Chicken!"
Izmir: Mm... The spice was just right. I'd finished my share before I knew it.
Izmir: We've had quite the adventure, haven't we? Time's flown, since I met you and (Captain)...
Once, Izmir promised someone dear to her that she would guard a cave of eternal ice deep in the mountains. And so she faithfully had, until (Captain)'s crew came along.
To this day, Izmir still doesn't understand why she climbed aboard the Grandcypher, and her promise haunts her like a ghost out of the past.
But she built up trust with the crew and, like a gentle flame, melted her defenses. It's why she told them the name her parents gave her: Larana.
Lyria: I'm glad we're friends, Larana.
Lyria: There's so much that's fun and interesting about you! Like how you love spicy food and sunbeams... or how there's still a sense of wonder in your heart.
Izmir: Oh, Lyria. I'm glad you'd have me as a friend.
Izmir: Before I joined the crew, my world was all white. And now, it's bursting with color.
Izmir: I don't know how to thank you...
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: ...
Izmir: You're right. I'd love nothing more than to see them with you...
Lyria: You know, looking at all this... it makes me want to paint.
Lyria: Now, it'd be helpful if I had a brush and palette but...
Izmir: Well, why don't we go shopping?
Izmir: Actually, I was planning on dropping by an art store tomorrow. Need to pick up a few supplies.
Lyria: Gasp! Really?
Lyria: Ooh yay! A shopping trip with Larana.
Lyria: Um, would you mind if I invited (Captain) and Vyrn? I could ask them at dinner.
Izmir: Of course not. The more the merrier.
That night, when all the rest of the crew is deep asleep...
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Izmir: Ugh...
Izmir struggles with her ice magic, desperately trying to hold it back.
This is nothing new. Even before the vacation, Izmir's magic has been stirring inside her, beating at the walls of her body.
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Izmir: Ah...
Izmir: I can't take it anymore...
The power is like a storm, slowly but surely eroding away at her defenses. It is only a matter of time before the levee collapses.
Izmir: Ah... Mmph!
Izmir bites her lip so her groans do not reach the crew. She closes her eyes.
A shallow sleep washes over her, and like a wave, fragments of memory and dream are gently swept up from the depths of her mind.
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: I don't know if I'll be any good...
Izmir: Aah... Hot... So this is Auguste...
Vyrn: Of course you can stay! You don't have to ask us twice!
Lyria: Yeah! And we want to help you protect what's important to you.
Mysterious Voice: Larana. My dear child. The tranquility of the ice cave is threatened.
That sentence is all it takes to drain Izmir's world of color.
???: Ugh! Gaaah!
Young Izmir: No! Please! Don't leave me!
Izmir: (This again? How many more times must I watch you be torn away from me?)
???: Huff... Huff... All my hope... rests on you now...
???: Larana... The ice cave... Grant it peace...
???: I believe... in you...
Unfamiliar Voice: Awake, child of solitude... Our brethren.
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: Where did this ice... No... Did I...
???: You can no longer control it. There is no time.
???: You must return to the ice cave immediately. The hour has come. Our duty must be fulfilled.
Izmir: The guardians of the past... Well, I'm honored you came all this way for me.
Ghost Guardian 1: You can fly to the ends of the sky, but you cannot escape fate...
Izmir: I don't need you to tell me. I made a promise.
Izmir: And from the very beginning, I knew. To fulfill it, I'd have to give up everything...
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: ...!
Ghost Guardian 2: Then show us the strength of your will.
Izmir: ...
Izmir: Death will find me wherever I go. But I will not lead it here.
Izmir: I love you, everyone... Goodbye.
Izmir takes one last look at her room, which already resembles a relic from the past, buried in the clear amber of ice.
She begins to cry. But her magic drains even the warmth from her tears, leaving small icicles which hang painfully from her lashes.

Kingdom of Isolation: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew discover a village at the foot of the mountain where Izmir's cave is entrenched. They learn from its headman that Izmir is one of many children sacrificed to the Ice Phantom and that, if she does not die alone, the Phantom's curse will obliterate the village. The crew march on to the cave to speak with Izmir one last time.

The glow dwindles and fades like a dying candle, and the trio is left in heavy silence. Vyrn is the first to shatter it.
Vyrn: So... Winter Wondergirl went back? To that freezing mountain? All so she could keep a promise?
Lyria: Larana... She looked so sad.
Vyrn: I mean, that wasn't just any old "goodbye." It sounded like she was leaving us for—
Lyria: Don't say it!
Lyria: Please... Don't say that we'll never see her again...
Lyria turns towards Izmir's patchwork quilt of memories. An icicle must have cracked and skidded off the desk, leaving a path of furrows and tears in the Augustean sea.
Vyrn: Uh, in any case, we know that Wondergirl's headed for the ice cave. And not for some fun little trek either.
Lyria: (Captain)... I feel like Larana's going to do something she'll regret. We have to go after her!
Within minutes, the Grandcypher is airborne, speeding towards the distant mountains where (Captain) and Izmir first met.
Vyrn: What a blizzard! Lemme get a firm grip on you, (Captain), 'fore I get blown away with one of those snowflakes.
Lyria: My face feels like it's freezing off... Where are we, anyways?
Vyrn: Beats me. All our magic navigation tools are actin' up.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria climb up the snow-blanketed mountain, pausing every now and then to squint into the white distance, searching for the ice cave.
They may as well be peering through tar. About them, a blizzard rages with unnatural ferocity, driving all monsters deep into their dens and obscuring the land.
Vyrn: North, snow. South, snow. East, snow. West, more snow... I don't know about you guys, but I've lost all sense of direction. At this rate...
Lyria: No! We need to find the ice cave! Larana's in danger!
Vyrn: Yeah, well, so are we! But... can't turn back if you don't know where "back" is...
The trio struggle on, lost and frightened, at the mercy of the fanged winds that tear at their skin and hair.
Calling Voice: Look! Someone's there!
They turn their eyes towards the voice and see several shadows moving towards them, grey against the blowing snow.
Lyria: We owe this village our lives. If you hadn't found us, I don't know what we would've done...
Village Head: I'm just glad we sent out a search party. We'd heard reports of travelers passing by, but with this poor visibility... well, they weren't too certain.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria were saved by residents of a village huddled against the base of the mountain.
Now they are recovering the house of its headman, blowing and rubbing the heat back into their frozen fingers and limbs.
Village Head: But—lo and behold—there you were. The same skyfarers who vanquished the snow queen, no less.
Village Head: What brings you back here, anyhow? No, let me put it this way. What made you desperate enough to brave a raging blizzard?
Vyrn: Lemme just ask you somethin', 'fore I forget. Did your scouts see anyone else around the village?
Lyria: We're looking for a friend! Her name's Lara—I mean, Izmir...
Village Head: ...!
Village Head: Did you just say "Izmir?"
The crew tells him the true story about the snow queen, about how she was no more than a girl, about how she had found a home on their ship.
There is a silence, and the headman's eyes are distant, as if he is being wracked within by some powerful emotion.
Village Head: I can't believe it... The sacrifice is alive?
Village Head: I'd thought the snow queen was a manifestation of the Ice Phantom, but...
Lyria: Ice... Phantom? What are you talking about?
Vyrn: Hey... You know somethin', don't you?
Village Head: ...
Lyria: Please, we need information! If you know something, anything, you have to tell us!
Vyrn: We're tryin' to save our friend, okay? Come on. I'm begging you!
Village Head: Oh, Izmir... I never thought I'd hear anyone call you friend.
Village Head: All right, I'll speak. But the story you're about to hear must never leave this room.
The headman's voice is dark and heavy, as if every word is a burden.
Village Head: It's a long and sad tale...
Village Head: About the blood and tears that stain this village.
Long ago, not far from where we now sit, there lived a boy with special powers.
Though the ice he commanded was beautiful, the townspeople hated his magic, for they did not understand it. Even his family turned their backs on him.
They took their son to a hut on the outskirts of the village. And there they kept him, like a bird in its cage, from dawn until dusk.
Boy in the Hut: Please... I don't want to be alone anymore...
As the winters came and went, the boy's magic grew stronger until, one day, he could no longer contain it.
With a deafening blast, he blew away the hut that had been his home and prison for so many years.
Frightened of the villagers and frightened of himself, the boy⁠—now a young man⁠—concealed himself in a cave high up in the mountains.
Man in the Cave: I never asked for these powers!
Man in the Cave: Someone... anyone... help!
In the bitter cold and darkness, he lost all hope⁠—for, unable to love himself, he believed none would ever love him. And so, lost, lonely, and loathing his powers, he died.
But even then, he could find no rest. His magic and hate lingered in this world and turned his last dwelling into a cave of ice.
Ice Phantom: Don't leave... Die with me!
His soul too had frozen over. No longer able to seek warmth, he summoned snow slides and blizzards, gathering companions to him under the shade of death.
Villager: It's the boy! He has cursed us! Quick, we must bring him an offering!
A party set out to appease the phantom, but as they neared the cave, all were transformed into sculptures of snow.
Desperate, the village sent forth all sorts of people—large and small, young and old—to try the ascent by way of many paths...
Until at last they realized: the only beating hearts that could approach the cave were those marred by solitude, as the phantom himself had been.
And once they entered, the winds would die and the clouds would roll away to reveal a white sun.
Henceforth, in appointed years, a child is chosen by ritual to be sacrificed to the Ice Phantom.
They are taken from their families and secluded in a hut on the outskirts of the village—to await the day they are offered up as guardians of the cave.
These children are given a new name, Izmir, and it is their doom to die in cold and solitude so that others may live.
Vyrn: They die? All alone up there?
Village Head: Yes... The ice magic is too strong. All who enter the cave freeze to death—or they did, up until now.
Village Head: I don't know why, but it seems the "Izmir" you know has... some sort of tolerance...
Vyrn: Who cares about that! Seclusion? Sacrifice? How do you sleep at night?
Village Head: Not well. The ritual is savage and cruel.
Vyrn: Then why!
Village Head: You know why. Weren't you caught in the blizzard outside? Didn't you sense how unnatural it was? The Phantom's curse has reawakened.
Village Head: We were just talking about it, you know... About how it's time to select our next Izmir.
Lyria: What? The rituals are still happening?
Village Head: Of course they are! They must!
Village Head: If we don't offer up a new guardian, this storm will rage for all eternity. Our village will be cut off from the outside, doomed to freeze and starve!
Village Head: Listen. I know—more than anyone—how cold-blooded our ways must seem. But I am the head of this village! I have no other choice!
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Village Head: Please... If you know of a way I can save Izmir and the people of this village...
Village Head: Then tell me! I'd do anything to help them! I'd lay down my life! So please!
The headman's voice is rough, shredded by desperation, and all the crew can do in response is stare.
Minutes later, they retire to a room picked out for them. (Captain) and Vyrn sit, shifting uncomfortably, as Lyria paces the floor before them.
Lyria: So that's her duty? To die all alone in the cold?
Lyria: Not on my watch! We have to stop her, before it's too late!
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Hey, uh... Do you really think that... stopping her's the right thing to do?
Lyria: Vyrn? What are you saying?
Lyria: If we let her go through with this, we'll never see her again!
Vyrn: Yeah. And I hate that, as much as the next dragon, but...
Vyrn: But... Sigh... When Larana left for the ice cave, she knew what she was gettin' herself into. She made a choice, Lyria.
Lyria: What? No... She just... doesn't want to break her promise, is all...
Lyria: Come on! You saw it! She was struggling, suffering!
Vyrn: Yeah. And even after all that... she chose to leave us.
Lyria: ...!
Izmir: Death will find me wherever I go. But I will not lead it here.
Izmir: I love you, everyone... Goodbye.
Vyrn: Musta taken a lot of courage... But... how do I put this...
Vyrn: But if we go after her... we'd be disrespectin' all that. You know, just ignorin' her decision.
Lyria: Yeah, but I-I mean...
Lyria bites her lip hard, and (Captain) worries that she'll burst into tears.
But then the captain's head turns. A familiar presence seems to be standing outside, steady despite the raging wind and snow.
Lyria: I can sense her! Larana!
The three rush out of the house.
Vyrn: Wondergirl? Where are you? Hey! Answer—
Izmir's Voice: This is... my duty...
Lyria: It's Larana! Her voice! But I don't see her anywhere...
Vyrn: The snowstorm flashed! It ain't lightning, is it? What's goin' on?
There is another flicker.
Izmir's Voice: I made a promise.
Lyria: Oh, I know! Her magic ice! It's mixed in with the snow!
Lyria: That's where her voice is coming from!
Vyrn: Ey! You're a genius!
Vyrn: But wait.
Vyrn: This blizzard's the work of that Ice Phantom, right? If Wondergirl's magic's floatin' around in it...
Lyria: It must mean she's already in the cave...
Izmir's Voice: It all ends here.
Izmir's Voice: Goodbye...
Izmir's farewell is soon swallowed up by the howling wind.
(Captain) shivers and bows over. Just then, a single snowflake glides out of the sky and settles on the captain's hand, glowing like a frozen firefly.
Izmir's Voice: (Captain)... Lyria... Vyrn...
Izmir's Voice: I wish I could've seen you... one last time...
Vyrn: ...!
Lyria: Did you catch that? She said she wants to see us!
Vyrn: Yeah. I've never heard her so broken-hearted.
Lyria: I know... Like she's about to dissolve into tears...
Vyrn: I guess... she ain't so sure about her choice after all.
The three friends, however, are now certain of their choice.
Vyrn: But... she sure wants to see us!
  1. Let's go find her.
  2. There's only one thing left to do.

Choose: Let's go find her.
Choose: There's only one thing left to do.

Lyria: Yep! Wait for us, Larana! We're coming!
The crew turn away from the devouring gales and duck back into the house.
Almost feverish with worry and impatience, they begin to make fresh preparations for a second trek up to the ice cave.

Kingdom of Isolation: Scene 3

Atop the mountain, Izmir resigns herself to death so she can fulfill a promise to bring peace to the cave. However, (Captain) and crew arrive on the scene and almost convince Izmir to live. This enrages the ghosts of past guardians, and Izmir is forced to send the crew flying far away with an icy blast to save their lives.

Young Izmir: Hey... Want to see something impressive?
Guardian: What! I taught you that trick only yesterday!
Guardian: Come here, you little genius! Best daughter in the skies!
Young Izmir: Hehe. Do you remember your promise? You're gonna tell me a story, right?
Guardian: Wouldn't dare to forget a promise I made with you. Now, let me guess... You want to hear the one about the prince and the princess?
Guardian: But I tell you that one every day! You aren't sick of it? How about something new for—
Young Izmir: No! I'll never get sick of it! A tale of love and adventure! Makes my heart pound just thinking of it!
Guardian: Could that smile get any wider? All right, milady. Will you be listening from your special box tonight?
Young Izmir: Yep. I always feel safe when I'm sitting on your lap...
Izmir: He was so warm... I wish I could go back. I miss him.
Izmir lies in the ice cave, a place drained of all color.
The magic of the cave sets its teeth in her and gnaws at her life.
Izmir: ...
She lets it, looking as peaceful as if she were welcoming the sun's rays into her body.
She begins to feel like she is melting away, becoming a part of something far larger than herself...
Guardian's Voice: Welcome home! My daughter, my Larana...
Izmir: So you really were here.
Izmir: I felt it, you know... Your presence, in this cave.
Guardian's Voice: Yes. I've always been here—with the other guardians. You see, after we offer ourselves up to the Spirit, we become part of this cave.
Guardian's Voice: And to lessen his solitude and our own... we remain here for eternity.
Izmir: So, I get to sit in my special box forever, right? What's not to like?
Guardian's Voice: This isn't true peace, Larana...
Guardian's Voice: But anyway, tell me, how were your adventures?
Izmir: Oh... They were wonderful...
Izmir: Thank you for—it was you, wasn't it? Who made the wind blow?
Guardian's Voice: Haha! Guess I wasn't being as sneaky as I thought!
Izmir: No, you weren't. Judging from that reaction, I guess you also remember... everything that happened when I first met (Captain)...
Vyrn: We were just hopin' to do something about those ice blocks.
Izmir: But those people won't give up so easily. They will act like fools until there is nothing left. And that's what's truly terrifying.
Izmir: You have to take my life. Either that, or...
Izmir: I didn't know what to do. But just then, a breeze blew from the cave...
Izmir: And it seemed to be whispering, "You still have time. Go out and see the world."
Izmir: At first, I didn't know who it was, giving me that push... But now I'm sure. It was you. It was always you.
Guardian's Voice: Larana, you're strong. You've withstood his ice magic for far longer than any of the guardians before you. No one's ever made it past twenty years.
Guardian's Voice: That's why I urged you on. Because I thought that you'd have a chance at finding real peace... and that that would bring peace to this cave.
Izmir: But... I'm running out of time...
Izmir: I made you a promise, and I intend to see it through. Then we can finally rest again...
Guardian's Voice: Not like this, Larana. I won't have you just give up your life.
Izmir: ...?
But isn't that—
Izmir: ...!
Guardian's Voice: Seems like we have visitors.
Izmir: ...
Guardian's Voice: Go on. The ritual can wait.
Izmir: ...
Izmir: I won't be long.
Vyrn: Hey, this place looks familiar. Wonder why... Oh, I know! It's 'cause the scenery's been the same for the past hour! We really goin' in the right direction?
Lyria: Don't worry. The trail's marked, just like the headman said it'd be. We'll get there.
Vyrn: Ohh, you mean the trail they use when they feed children to the cave! Yeah, I'm sure it works fine for them, but I can hardly see it.
(Captain)'s head snaps up. There, in the distance, a figure can be seen coming towards them.
They struggle towards it because, even though they cannot see her face yet, they know who it is...
Izmir: ...
Lyria: Larana! Oh, thank goodness you're okay!
Vyrn: Man, you have no idea how long we've been searchin' for you! Gave us a fright, when we saw your room lookin' like a slice of North Vast.
Vyrn: Oh, and uh... we talked to the headman of the village—down by the foot of the mountain. We know the truth about the guardians now.
Izmir: So... you've come to stop me.
Izmir: This is why I left without a word...
She says this more to the wind than the crew, and they do not hear her.
Izmir: There's nothing you can do. I'm begging you—go home.
Vyrn: Listen. We traveled through ice and more ice to save you. So we ain't leavin' without you, Wondergirl!
Lyria: Your ice magic told us, Larana! About how much you wanted to see us.
Izmir: ...!
Vyrn: There's a million things you haven't done. You sure you want to shuffle off so soon?
Izmir: ...
Izmir: No... That's beside the point...
Izmir: I made a promise with him. A promise I would gladly die to keep.
Izmir: Don't you see? I've prepared my whole life for this. I'm happy where I am.
Lyria: Then why do you look so sad?
Izmir: ...!
Lyria: You had that exact same look on your face when we met! You haven't changed at all—always trying to shoulder your burdens alone.
Lyria: But I hate seeing you look like you're about to get crushed... I want to help you. I said we'd help protect everything important to you.
Lyria: There has to be another way. And we'll find it, togeth—
Ghost Guardian 1: Izmir. Your connection to the spirit grows weak. Return to the cave immediately.
Izmir: ...
Vyrn: Not on your freaky spirit lives! Wondergirl stays with us!
Ghost Guardian 2: They must be the cause of the disturbance. We'd better deal with them, or they may interfere with the ritual.
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: No! I'm going back now! See?
Ghost Guardian 1: But they'll continue to weigh on your mind. We must rid you of all... temptation.
Ghost Guardian 1: ...!
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: What? I can't move!
(Captain) moves to take sword in hand, but the spell moves quicker. Izmir looks in horror at the captain, who is now motionless despite the violent storm.
Izmir: This has nothing to with them! Let them go!
Ghost Guardian 2: It's no use begging. This is what the Spirit commands.
Ghost Guardian 1: Don't worry. Their deaths will be quick and painless.
The ghosts raise their hands, and magic begins to spill from their fingers...
Izmir: Hah!
Ice magic bursts like a tidal wave from Izmir's palms.
Ghost Guardian 1: She's helping them escape!
It sweeps up (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria, and they roll like boulders down the hard, glossy snow.
Darkness begins to encroach on their senses, but the captain struggles to stay awake, keeping both eyes focused on Izmir.
Izmir: ...
She smiles awkwardly, like clumsy hands have attached strings to the corners of her lips and are tentatively yanking them up.
She speaks, and though the sound does not reach (Captain), the meaning does.
Izmir: Thanks for everything.
The next moment, there is a heavy impact, and all five senses flee from the captain.