Scenario:Izmir - Snow Queen of Summer Sea

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Snow Queen of Summer Sea

Izmir's body is weakening because she has no outlet for her ice magic, but she hides this from the crew. With summer vacation around the corner, she fights through her pain in order to make the most of her time on the beach with her crewmates.

Izmir not in crew

There's a cave in a snowy mountain that remains perpetually frozen. The appointed guardian of this cave is a woman named Izmir.
Given the moniker snow queen by nearby villagers, they placed a bounty on her head. The crew took this request, and that's how they first met the snow queen.
Izmir: I saw the fear in your eyes and saved you from those monsters...
But perhaps you didn't want my help?
The snow queen was responsible for freezing anything that drew near the ice cave, earning the fear of the villagers.
In actuality conversing with the snow queen reveals not an icy terror, but a kind, pure-hearted woman.
Izmir: You're the first ones. Ever since that person passed away, you're the first ones to heed my request.
Izmir: And that's why... I'll let you live.
Although she dislikes the cold, her duty keeps her bound to the mountain, never knowing the world outside. She is alone.
What keeps her going is the need to fulfill a promise she made to a certain important person.
Izmir: I have, in some small way, performed my task. So then, will you take me with you at least until your next mission is complete? No?
(Captain) isn't sure what to make of this woman who wishes to join the crew while simultaneously safeguarding her promise.
But it's clear to (Captain) that refusing this woman who has nowhere else to turn to is impossible.
Izmir: Oh, well thank you. You're so kind. I like that.
And so Izmir finds a new home aboard the Grandcypher.
It turns out that Izmir is a name of destiny—a name that is bestowed upon the one chosen to protect the ice cave.
Her real name is Larana, though only (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn know this.
And despite the ice magic she possesses and the title of Izmir conferred to her, she is simply a normal person.
Izmir: Huff... Huff... Nngh!
Izmir: Urgh...
The sun has yet to rise, though daybreak is approaching. Izmir groans distressfully in her sleep.
Tears stream from her closed eyes, freezing into droplets half way down her cheeks before breaking off onto the bed.
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Izmir: Oooh...
Izmir silently clutches her shoulders with both arms in a desperate attempt to prevent ice from shooting out of her body.
Izmir: Huff... This is exactly what happened to that person...
Izmir: Ungh... If I don't use my ice magic, my body will become nothing more than my coffin.
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Without an outlet for the ice magic accumulating inside her, Izmir's body is slowly crystallizing from the inside out.
Izmir: I have to go back... to my sanctuary...
Izmir: Uggh...
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Vyrn: Nice one! Hehe! Good to know you've got our backs, Winter Wondergirl!
Lyria: Yeah! And we want to help you protect what's important to you.
Izmir: Vyrn... Lyria... (Captain)...
Izmir: For just... a bit longer...
Izmir: I want to stay here...
Izmir: I'm sorry... (Captain)...
Lyria: Good morning, Vyrn! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Mornin'! You're up already—
Vyrn: Brrr! Why'd it get so cold?
Izmir: Good morning, everyone...
Vyrn: Hey, Winter Wondergirl! It's super chilly! Your face is all blue too... You all right?
Izmir: I couldn't sleep, but it's nothing to concern yourselves with. I'm fine.
Lyria: Well, if you say so. You know you can always talk to us if something's bothering you.
Izmir: ...
The changes to Izmir's body occurred some time after she joined the crew.
Living with skyfarers is quite different from living alone on a snowy mountain, and the opportunities for venting her ice magic are few and far between.
However, she keeps this all to herself so as not to scare off her compatriots.
One day (Captain) makes an announcement.
Carren: We're vacationing in Auguste this year? Woo-hoo!
Korwa: I haven't been to Auguste in forever! I'm looking forward to stretching out on the beach once I get all my work done.
Everyone in the crew delights at (Captain)'s choice of this year's vacation destination.
Carren: If we're talking Auguste beaches, that means we gotta get our swimsuits ready! I wanna wear a cute bikini!
Izmir: Auguste? Swimsuits?
Carren: Swimsuits are outfits that you wear for hanging out at the beach! Oh, this'll be your first time, right?
Izmir: Yes... My first time to the sea...
Korwa: Auguste is a tropical island. The heat goes without saying, but it's a place where even the people and everything else are burning with zest.
Izmir: A place of warmth... How wonderful... I'd like to see the sea too.
Korwa: Then I'll take extra care in designing a swimsuit that's perfect for you! I hope you'll like it.
Izmir: Thank you, Korwa.
And so the long-awaited day finally arrives.
(Captain) and company rush to Venera Beach as soon as the Grandcypher touches down on Auguste.
Izmir: ...
Izmir: Mmm... Hot...
Izmir: So this is Auguste...
(Captain)'s eyes are transfixed on Izmir, dressed in Korwa's tailor-made swimsuit.
Izmir: Hm? What is it, (Captain)?
  1. You're stunning!
  2. So cute!

Choose: You're stunning!

Izmir: Huh, wha? You think I'm stunning? Thank you.
Izmir: I think you're great too, (Captain). You're... scorching.
Izmir: But could you maybe not look at me with such intensity? It's a little embarrassing...
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Choose: So cute!

Izmir: Cute? I guess I'll allow that if it's coming from you.
Izmir: Hehe... Thank you. It makes me feel warm inside.
Izmir: But the cute one is you, (Captain). Not to mention lovely and sweet.

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Dude 1: Dude, check her out.
Dude 2: Holy... She doesn't belong among us, man. She's a goddess!
Dude 1: Somethin' 'bout her's different. Like, divine, you know?
Izmir's snow-white presence is not something oft seen on the shores of Auguste.
Her overwhelming aura turns heads, but none are courageous enough to do more than whisper.
Vyrn: Ugh! I bet these people are gossiping about Winter Wondergirl!
Izmir: ...?
Lyria: They're all looking at Larana...
Lyria: Gasp! Could they be trying to get a date with her?
Vyrn: Just ignore 'em! We're too busy having fun!
Carren: Hey! What are you slowpokes doing? We rented the yacht! Get on already!
Lyria: Oops! Let's go, Larana!
Izmir: Yes, let's enjoy ourselves!
Giving the glances and whispers the cold shoulder, Izmir instead focuses on the exciting memories that will be created on this vacation.
She sets sail on the high seas with her trusty friends.