Scenario:Izuminokami Kanesada - Foul Bullet

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Foul Bullet

While on assignment to clear a mountain path of monsters, the crew finds a village under attack by those very varmints and rushes in to help.

With the Touken Danshi in tow, the crew one day receives an assignment to rid a town of monster attacks.
They continue along the mountain pass where the monsters are said to lurk.
Izuminokami: I don't sense any monsters nearby.
Mutsunokami: They must've gone somewhere. It'd be a waste of time to trek through these mountains without knowin' where they might be.
Izuminokami: Well, they did say that there's a small village before the hill. How about we head there first?
Vyrn: Good thinking! That village is probably having trouble with the monsters too! Let's see what they've got to say!
Mutsunokami: It's decided then! We're off!
Lyria: Um... We should be seeing the village soon, but...
Mutsunokami: Hm? You guys see that smoke risin' in the distance? A stove, maybe?
Izuminokami: No, smoke from a stove doesn't look like that...
Izuminokami: Oh no—it's a sign of a fire!
Izuminokami: Time's a-wasting, (Captain)!
With Izuminokami Kanesada in the lead, the crew picks up the pace.
The village is flooded with monsters, and its villagers have their hands full just protecting themselves.
Vyrn: Crud! So this is why we couldn't find any monsters on the mountain pass!
Izuminokami: No time for grinding teeth! We need to drive the monsters out now!

Foul Bullet: Scene 2

After saving the village, (Captain) and company team up with agents there on the same assignment. They make for the monster nest together, yet no monsters appear and the agents end up turning on the crew.

Izuminokami: Phew! Is that all of them?
Lyria: Yes! We pulled it off! Is everyone okay?
Mutsunokami: That was too easy!
Village Rep: Thank you so much. Monsters have been on the rise lately, but I didn't think they'd actually come into our village...
Izuminokami: We received a request from the town at the foot of this mountain to deal with them. And deal with them we did. You're safe now.
Village Rep: Ah, is that what happened? We, too, will send payment from our village as thanks.
Izuminokami: Much appreciated. About the monsters though...
Agent: It'll be faster if you let us talk about that.
Mutsunokami: Hm? Who are you folks?
Agent: We took on an assignment from the other side of the mountain to wipe out the monsters. We just got back from recon on their nest.
Izuminokami: A monster nest? Taking that out should get the monsters to migrate elsewhere.
Agent: Our thoughts exactly! Any chance you can give us a hand with that?
Mutsunokami: We're already on it! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) assents to partnering with the agents for the job.
Izuminokami: There'd be nothing worse than having the monsters attack the village while we're all headed there.
Izuminokami: We've got enough people going already. Let's pick the people who'll stay here.
Mutsunokami: I'll stay.
Vyrn: I'm with him!
Izuminokami: Okay, it's decided then!
Izuminokami: That okay with you, (Captain)?
(Captain) agrees to the selection of members who will go to the monster nest, and those who will stay back.
Under the agents' guidance, (Captain) and others make their way to the monster nest.
Agent: Okay! The monster nest is this way!
Izuminokami: You're bringing a horse? Won't it just get in the way on this mountain path?
Agent: Hahaha, mountains have nothing on this beaut! She can even race down cliffs!
Izuminokami: That's an impressive steed you have.
Izuminokami: ...
Lyria: Um, Izuminokami... Is everything okay? You seem lost in thought...
Izuminokami: Huh? Oh, I was just thinking it seems odd that there are no monsters in sight even as we approach their nest.
Lyria: Hrm... You're right...
Izuminokami: And don't you smell something strange? It's an awfully sweet scent...
Izuminokami: How about you agents?
Agent: Heh... You're pretty sharp, all right.
Lyria: Erm... What's happening?
Izuminokami: Based on what they told us earlier, it's about time we arrived at the monster nest.
Agent: Yeah, it's time all right... Time to dig you an early grave!
Lyria: Eep! Wh-why?
Izuminokami: Fall back!
Izuminokami: C'mon, (Captain)! We'll strike them down and make them reveal everything!

Foul Bullet: Scene 3

Upon learning that the agents are controlling the monsters to attack the village, Izuminokami rushes back to help Mutsunokami—who had stayed behind—in rescuing the villagers. After the battle Izuminokami is found reminiscing about the past, but Mutsunokami pokes fun at him to lighten the mood.

Izuminokami: Hyaagh!
Agent: Urgh!
Izuminokami Kanesada thrusts his blade, stopping inches away from the agent's throat.
Izuminokami: Talk! What are you riffraff trying to pull here!
Agent: Darn it...
You're too late to stop anything anyway!
The agent fesses up, revealing his group's plot to the crew.
Izuminokami: Applying a special perfume to control the monsters and using them to plunder the village, huh?
Izuminokami: You rotten scum make me sick!
(Captain), we need to get back to the village!
Agent: Heh... Too late to stop it now... Ack!
Izuminokami: You shut the hell up!
Izuminokami: So your horse can ride the mountains, huh?
Izuminokami: We're going back on this horseback! (Captain), Lyria, ride behind me!
(Captain) gestures for Izuminokami to go ahead of them.
Izuminokami: You're right... The three of us riding would only slow the horse down... Very well—I'll meet you there!
Izuminokami: I'm not sure what awaits us, (Captain), so the sooner you get there, the better!
Izuminokami takes off on the horse, galloping down the animal trail the moment after (Captain) nods.
Village Rep: Oh no... More monsters are coming when most of the skyfarers are away...
Vyrn: Guys, come this way! Quick!
Izuminokami: Vyrn! Is everyone in the village safe?
Vyrn: Coatster, you're back!
Izuminokami: Where's Mutsunokami?
Vyrn: He's fighting off the monsters on the opposite side of the village! You should go help him out!
Izuminokami: Okay! I'll leave the villagers to you then!
Izuminokami rushes to the other side of the village while slaying the monsters who snuck past Mutsunokami.
Izuminokami: ...!
Izuminokami: You there! You're with the agents, aren't you?
Knave: Rgh! He was supposed to finish you all off in the mountains!
Izuminokami: Stop the monster attack at once! I know your group is controlling them!
Knave: Damn it!
Izuminokami: Hold it!
Just as Izuminokami tries to seize the knave...
Mutsunokami: Duck!
Izuminokami: ...!
A bullet grazes Izuminokami's hair as he immediately lowers his head in response to Mutsunokami's voice.
Izuminokami: This is...
Mutsunokami: They had another agent hidin' in the shadows!
Izuminokami: Tch!
Izuminokami: Mutsunokami! We're driving them and the monsters out of the village!
Mutsunokami: You got it!
Izuminokami gets off his horse to join Mutsunokami in driving off the intruders.
The combined efforts of the Touken Danshi duo leads to the capture of all the knaves.
Izuminokami: Phew, looks like that was the last of them.
Mutsunokami: Ugh, I had to really go out on a limb for this assignment—especially for you, Izuminokami.
Izuminokami: Hah! When the heck did you ever go out on a limb for me?
Mutsunokami: You'd have totally bought the farm if I didn't shout for you to duck.
Izuminokami: ...!
Izuminokami: You're right.
Izuminokami: ...
Mutsunokami: You reminiscin' now?
Izuminokami: Not really...
Mutsunokami: Anyhow, just make sure to watch out for guns.
Izuminokami: ...
Izuminokami grimaces at his words.
Mutsunokami: Of course, I'll probably just end up savin' ya again next time you're in a pinch! Gahaha!
Izuminokami: Urgh! Hands off, punk!
Mutsunokami pats Izuminokami on the back with a hearty laugh.
Though the two occasionally break into a dispute, they've developed a strong sense of mutual trust after overcoming so many obstacles together.