Scenario:J.J. - Crazy, Crazy Summer

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Crazy, Crazy Summer

(Captain) and company come to Venera Beach for some relaxation, but some local boys cause a ruckus. J.J. appears and dissolves the situation, after which the boys recognize him as a celebrity and show their respect.

Hoping to rest from their travels, (Captain) and company arrive at Venera Beach in Auguste.
The gentle sound of the waves washes over them, relieving their minds and invigorating their souls.
The sheer beauty of it all sends the crew into a state of bliss. But then...
Beach Boy 1: Hahaha! Woo, beach! Woo, drinks! Yeah!
Vyrn: What's with that guy? Ugh. He's ruining the mood.
Rackam: Come on now, don't say that! He's just enjoying the splendor of youth. Let 'em be!
But by not saying anything, the boy and his friends become even more uproarious. Soon, they start setting off fireworks.
Beach Boy 1: Hahaha! Woo, fireworks! Just look at 'em! Yeah!
Girl: Aah! Oww... That hurt...
Mother: Hey, that's dangerous! Quit waving those things around. Ow! Hey, cut it out!
The boys ignore them and act even more recklessly. They wave their fireworks around, and even point them at each other.
Rackam: Great. Should have figured those guys were trouble. I don't care how young they are, they're puttin' people in danger.
Rackam straightens up his shirt and starts to make his way towards the boys. Then, something strange happens.
J.J. is a crew member

Lyria: Wait a second. I've heard that music before...
Vyrn: Hey, yeah. Isn't that... Oh no, not again!
J.J.: Yo! Yo! It's J.J.! You guys think you're so tough, bustin' in here all rough?
Vyrn: I knew it! It's Hip-hop Head! Hey, where are you goin'?
Lyria: Wait, J.J.! Don't go over there by yourself!
J.J.: Yo, you ready for this? Or you gonna give me the slip? I'm gettin' ready to spin it, so you better get with it!
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J.J. not in crew

Lyria: Huh? What's that? Can anyone else hear that strange music?
Vyrn: Hmm? It's kinda upbeat, isn't it? And there's some kind of weird song going with it!
J.J.: Yo, you ready for this? Or you gonna give me the slip? I'm gettin' ready to spin it, so you better get with it!

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J.J.: Do you know who I am? The people call me J.J.. You mess with me and you're gonna get blown away!
J.J.: Are you steppin' up here? Well, you better step back. You wanna try me, but I'm on a whole other track.
J.J.: If you wanna compete you best get with the beat, 'cause I rock with rhymes and punch with punchlines.
J.J.: I'm just gettin' started and I can't be stopped. So get yourself ready for some real hip-hop!
J.J.: Go ahead, try and best me! Earn my respect! Hurry up, you're gonna miss me and leave with regret!
J.J.: Don't need no foul words, yeah, that's for sure. Nothin' rough like that will take you past this shore.
J.J.: So if you're ready to go and you wanna start, there's only one thing to do, just speak from the heart!
J.J.: That's where you'll get your punchlines.
That's where you'll find your sunshine.
J.J.: So bring it! Show me what you got. If you just stand there, then you're gonna get rocked!
J.J.: Heyo! Say yo!
Everybody now!
Vyrn: What is he doing? If he makes them mad, then he's gonna be in real trouble!
Rackam: Well, crud. We might have to step in and stop this thing the hard way.
Lyria: Hold on! This might not be what it looks like!
Beach Boy 1: Heheh, now you've gone and done it. Wait a sec, I know you! You're J.J., the lyric master!
Beach Boy 2: You're the coolest! Man, it's a privilege to hear the original Phantagrande hip-hop!
Beach Boy 1: Yeah! Those lyrics really hit me. Sorry if we were bein' disrespectful.
Beach Boy 2: That was totally wack. I guess we could never be as awesome as you, J.J.!
With J.J.'s potent lyrics, he captures the hearts and minds of the young men.
Vyrn: Whew... Well, I'm glad nothing bad happened.
Vyrn: But wasn't Hip-hop Head being even louder than those other guys?
Lyria: Hehe. Yeah, but it's okay. See? Look over there.
Bystander 1: Well, I'll say! I can't tell a rap from a racket these days, but I gotta admit, that young lad's beats were pretty righteous!
Bystander 2: Heheh, so this is that hip-hop thing everyone's been talkin' about! Mmm mmm. It's so catchy!
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad they were able to settle their differences through song and not violence.
Vyrn: Yeah! You know, that J.J. can be pretty cool.
J.J.: Hey yo! This is your MC, J.J., comin' atcha! Wanna give a shout-out to my number one in the sky! Give it up for (Captain)!
J.J.: (Captain) here represents our crew! A.K.A., (Captain) is the captain!
  1. Yeah man. That I am.
  2. That's me, flyin' free!

Choose: Yeah man. That I am.

Vyrn: Hey! Stop before your rhymes infect all of us!
Lyria: Hehe, oh Vyrn. It looks like (Captain) is having fun!
Vyrn: What? No way! It must be Hip-hop Head's crazy song.
J.J.'s passion and catchy music grabs hold of everyone around, turning them into instant fans.
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Choose: That's me, flyin' free!

Vyrn: Hey! What are you doin', (Captain)? Stop talking in rhymes!
Lyria: Lyria's here too! Woohoo!
Vyrn: Ugh, you too, Lyria? Now everyone's joining in.
J.J.'s passion and catchy music grabs hold of everyone around, turning them into instant fans.

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At the center of the crowd, J.J. stands with the look of a star.
Boy: Man, J.J. is amazing! His beats are tight and he dresses like a champ! He's totally hardcore!
But somewhere else in the crowd, someone stands silent in anticipation. And neither J.J. nor the crew seems to have noticed them.