Scenario:J.J. - Rhyme in Summertime

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Rhyme in Summertime

A local boy is captivated by J.J.'s talents and begs J.J. to teach to him. J.J. refuses, but Siero shows up and decides to teach the boy. Right as J.J. and Siero are showing off their skills, a thug appears and stirs up trouble.

J.J. performs an amazing concert at night. The next morning, one of the boys that saw the show spots J.J. near the beach house.
Still excited from the concert, the boy runs up to him. He asks J.J. something that he has wanted to ask for a long time.
Boy: Hey man. I know this is kinda out of the blue, but can I be your apprentice?
Vyrn: An apprentice? Wow Hip-hop Head, he must think you're pretty great!
J.J.: ...
Lyria: Huh? What's wrong, J.J.? You don't look very happy to hear that.
J.J. shakes his head and walks away, acting as if the boy hadn't spoken to him.
Boy: Hey wait! I'm for real, here! I wanna come up with cool lyrics and be a star like you!
J.J.: ...
Vyrn: What's the problem, J.J.? You can teach him to sing at least, can't you?
J.J.: Sorry boy, but I ain't no teacher. I'm still in training myself, no way I can be a preacher.
Despite J.J.'s words, the boy still won't quit. With a burning look in his eyes, he asks again and again.
J.J. senses that the boy came prepared and won't give up so easily.
But even if J.J. tries to teach the boy, he has no idea where to begin.
Right as J.J. runs out of patience, a voice calls out to the beat of another tune.
Siero: Well, hello everyone! Good to have you here again this summer.
J.J.: Master Siero! What's up, man? Long time, no see!
Siero: If it isn't J.J.! You're as energetic as always. Hehehe, you look like you were born for the beach!
J.J. is a crew member

Vyrn: Hey, wait a minute. Siero, weren't you the one that taught Hip-hop Head everything he knows?
Lyria: That's it, Vyrn! If J.J. can't teach that boy, then maybe Siero can!
J.J.: Yeah, Lyria! That's the ticket! You don't mind, do ya, Master?
J.J. not in crew

J.J.: Yeah, that's right, man! You're here just in time!
Siero: What? What do you mean?
J.J.: That boy wants me to be his master! But if you can teach him, then we'd all get what we're after!
Siero: I'm not really sure what's going on here, but if J.J. wants my help, then I suppose I'll have to oblige!
J.J.: Thanks, Master! I'm glad you get it!
Boy: Hey, you can't just decide for me! I want to be your disciple, J.J.. Forget that nobody!
J.J.: Hey, you watch your tongue, punk! Sorry about him, Master. He just doesn't know what he's—
Siero: Hehehe, that's okay. I'm not even mad.
Siero: But he better get ready. My training will be tough! Hehehe...
Vyrn: Hey, is it just me, or is Siero furious?
Lyria: Yeah... And the way she's grinning like that is kinda scary...
J.J.: Hey, come on! We gotcha covered, man!
Yakisoba, grilled corn, tasty ramen!
Boy: Did you say that girl's name is Siero? And are you sure this is rap training? All we're doing is helping out at this shop...
J.J.: Don't be a fool, man! Siero's the master here. You better get to work before she whips your rear!
Boy: But am I really gonna come up with sweet lyrics doing this?
Siero: Hehehe. You have much to learn. J.J., let's take this opportunity and show him what we can do.
Siero and J.J. go and stand out in front of the shop.
J.J.: Shy boys, shy girls, come on, this is where it's at! Come a little closer and we'll show you all that!
J.J.: Sierokarte's got the ramen, yo! People line up to eat it, but don't worry, no! Excellent flava', I guarantee ya!
Siero: Yeah, yeah!
Can't stop the ramen!
Can't stop the ramen!
J.J.: Coming at you next, we got Siero's grilled corn! Nice and sweet, what a treat! Keeps you coming back for more!
Siero: Yeah, yeah!
That corn's so crunchy!
That corn's so crunchy!
J.J.: Siero's yakisoba's got the taste you seek! Cooked real nice, sauce and spice brings that flavor to its peak!
Siero: Yeah, yeah!
That special sauce makes a criss-cross!
That special sauce makes a criss-cross!
J.J.: Shy boys, shy girls, come one and all! Get some grub, grab a cup, and we'll fill you up! Yeah!
Customer 1: Hehehe. What are they doing? It's so bad. It's so bad that it's good!
Customer 2: Wahahaha! Now that's marketing! I'll take one yakisoba with that criss-cross sauce!
As expected, J.J. featuring Sierokarte is a big hit. The customers start flooding in.
Boy: Dang, that was unbelievable! J.J.'s got mad skills!
Boy: I've got nothin' on him. I can't even bring in a single customer!
Siero: Hehehe. Great work, J.J.! You've improved so much!
Boy: Wow... Hey, wait! Master Siero, what did you say?
Siero: Well, back in the old days, J.J. could hardly attract flies!
Boy: No way! J.J. really used to be like that?
J.J.: Yeah. You gotta start at the bottom to work your way to the top!
Boy: Oh, I get it now. I just need to work harder. All right, let's do this!
With newfound determination, the boy goes to work. No longer shy or afraid, he steps up beside J.J. and begins calling out for customers.
But during this heartwarming scene, there stands a man bent on bringing it all down.
Thug: Hey, you two better shut your mouths! Your music stinks and your food stinks, too! This place is the worst!
Thug: And what is this? Gross! There are bugs in this food! And you're tryin' serve this to people?
(Captain) and company try to calm the man down, but he continues making crazy accusations.
Thug: Shut up! If you guys don't hand everything over, I'll tear this place to the ground!

Rhyme in Summertime: Scene 2

The boy continues his training under J.J. and Siero, but starts to lose his patience when he doesn't see results. He runs away, but J.J. goes to console him, telling him that he sees himself in the boy. J.J. instills new focus in him, and the two return to the beach house together.

The boy continues to work hard as he trains to become a hip-hop star.
But when he doesn't get the results he wants, he starts to lose his patience.
Boy: What! What was wrong with that one? That's like what we've been doin' every day!
Siero: Oh dear. Well you see, we need to make the customer happy. That's one of the core aspects of business!
Boy: Huh? Make them happy? I don't care about that! All I wanna do is freestyle rap!
Boy: I wanna take down my foes and be the king of disses! You know that, don't you, Master?
Vyrn: Of course she knows that! That's why she's been teaching you all that stuff!
Lyria: Vyrn's right. You know, you've been working so hard up to this point. Can't you keep going just a little bit more?
Boy: I can't believe this crud. And I've never heard raps so lame!
Out of frustration, the boy leaves his post and takes off into the distance.
A deep silence falls over (Captain) and company. They suddenly want to run away, too.
Despite the tension in the air, Lyria notices something out of place.
Lyria: Hey, you know, I haven't really seen J.J. around. Where'd he go?
Siero: Hehehe. I guess those two really are similar. Maybe that's why they get along so well.
Lyria: Umm, what do you mean?
The crew stares at Siero out of confusion. But, Siero just smiles back with a knowing grin.
There on the beach alone, the boy sits sobbing to himself. J.J. sees him and quietly walks over.
J.J.: ...
On any normal day, J.J. would bust in with a boisterous rap and hardline disses. But today, he stands there as silent as the sea.
Like a tranquil wave, J.J. comes up next to the boy and silently awaits what he has to say.
Boy: I get it. Everyone thinks I'm just some crazy fan. Just some lame J.J. wannabe.
Boy: But I want to be so much more. The thing is, I just don't know how.
Boy: You get me, don't you, J.J.? What do I do?
J.J.: ...
J.J. has no answers for him. He sits there in silence, staring out into the endless sea.
The boy starts to think of all his disappointment and resentment. He then starts to express all his frustration.
Boy: Oh, I get it now. You must be something special. I guess you're not who I thought you were.
Boy: It's true, isn't it? No matter what I do, I'll never come up with tight lyrics and dope beats like you.
Boy: I never had a chance to begin with. I've got no talent and I don't belong here. I guess someone like me could never become someone like you.
J.J.: Hey now, listen up. It's not me that's special, no. Everyone's got something goin', yo!
J.J.: And when you complain, that's what gets you into trouble. It slows you down and it makes you stumble.
J.J.: Don't be mistaken, this singing thing is trepidatin'.
J.J.: I know that you haven't hit your stride. And me, you know I've got my pride.
J.J.: My rhymes are like Bahamut. You try to take me, I'll make you plummet.
J.J.: But you act a fool, not cool. Your flow is zombie slow, I'm tellin' you, yo.
J.J.: Your sloppy rhymes are weak, your rap just misses the beat.
J.J.: You think you're cool? You're cold and stiff like a golem. Coming off wack, man. That's your problem.
J.J.: Defeat is only a word, and you think you've lost? Don't get drowned in your feelings, win right now and be the boss.
J.J.: Think you've got no word sense? Make that thought past tense. You can make the choice, now give me your voice and sing rejoice!
Boy: Wow... J.J., are you really singing all this for me?
J.J.: Let me tell you something else true. In my heart, I'm really just the same as you.
J.J.: You remind me of me so much. You know, there's only one thing that separates us.
J.J.: I sing my songs and make my rhymes, but you make excuses and waste your time!
J.J.: There's no question you want the attention. So if you really do, then let those feelings come through!
J.J.: Don't go on hating yourself! Bring out your raps and put those feelings on the shelf!
J.J.: Think you've got no word sense? Make that thought past tense. You can make the choice, now give me your voice and sing rejoice!
J.J.: Huh? You don't get it? Can't get with it? My rhymes are on another dimension, but it's time for your ascension!
J.J.: Heyo! Say yo!
Everybody now!
As J.J.'s lyrics hit their beats, they strike the boy deep in his heart. The place inside of him that was frozen begins to thaw.
Boy: Hehe. You know, you're right, J.J.. I've been actin' a fool, but you've showed me the light. Props to you, man.
J.J.: It's all good, boy. Now let's hurry back. We gotta apologize to Master.
The two stand up and head back to Siero's beach house.
But when they get back, they hear some unusual noises. They rush inside to see the thug from the other day causing a ruckus.
Thug: Gahaha! I'm back! And I brought some friends! You're gonna have a full house tonight!

Rhyme in Summertime: Scene 3

With renewed zeal, the boy goes back to helping out at Siero's beach house. No longer worried about looking foolish, he proudly sings out his food rap and attracts countless new customers.

J.J.: Shy boys, shy girls, come on, this is where it's at! Come a little closer and we'll show you all that!
J.J.: Siero's yakisoba's got the taste you seek! Cooked real nice, sauce and spice brings that flavor to its peak!
Boy: Yeah, yeah!
That special sauce makes a criss-cross!
That special sauce makes a criss-cross!
J.J. and the boy make an amazing duo. Siero watches in admiration as the customers flood in.
Siero: Hey now, would you look at that! Our boy has really come around!
Siero: Hehehe. He might have learned the ropes even faster than J.J.!
Boy: Really, Master? Haha! Hey, did you hear that, J.J.?
J.J.: Hah. You tryin' to diss me, boy? Wait... Master, are you for real?
Siero: Well, J.J., do you really want to find out? At this rate, it's just a matter of time! Hehehe.
J.J.: What? No way, Master Siero!
Amidst the laughter and joy that fills the room, Vyrn sits with a puzzled look on his face.
Vyrn: Hey, there's something I've been trying to figure out. That thing they do, is that rap?
Vyrn: Or does Siero just make bad jokes, and rap is something else?
Lyria: Hehe. Who knows? I sure don't. Hehehe.
That night, Siero's beach house is packed to the brim with customers. Together with the staff, they fill the air with the sound of laughter.
The beach house becomes more popular than ever before, and surely the new duo is to thank.
Customer 2: Hahaha! This place is great. And their yakisoba is the best. Hey, I'll take one yakisoba! And give me some extra, man!
Boy: You got it! Yakisoba, comin' up! Hey J.J., one yakisoba with extra, man!
J.J. goes to prepare the order. Like a smooth operator, he takes out the ingredients and starts cooking up the noodles in style.
The rich scent of fried noodles rises into the air, mixing with the sweet sea breeze. And then...
J.J.: Hey, man! Yo, man! The yakisoba's done!
Boy: Great, man! J.J., man! Hey man, here's your yakisoba, man!
Vyrn: Hey! That ain't what he meant by extra man!