Scenario:J.J. - The Rapper's Racket

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The Rapper's Racket

(Captain) meets a young man named J.J. who talks like he's singing. Though J.J. was once lost in life, Siero inspired him to channel his feelings into his music and turn his life around. Siero suggests that J.J. join (Captain)'s crew and travel the world, and so he does.

Our heroes arrive in town after a long journey.
Vyrn: Finally, I can give my wings a rest.
Vyrn: There's nothing wrong with resting on the ship, but sometimes it's nice to relax on an island, isn't it, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey, watch it! What's your problem?
J.J.: Hey! They call me J.J.! I heard an elite crew is here today!
J.J.: But by the look of you guys, maybe you aren't so tough. If you think I'm wrong, then say you've had enough! Go!
J.J.: Say! Yo! Yo!
Hey! Yo! Yo! Yeah!
J.J.: Come on, now's your time! You got no rhymes? Think you're gonna freeze? No worries! C'mon!
Katalina: Huh? W-what is that, a spell?
Lyria: Hahaha. Yeah, a crazy spell.
J.J.: Don't laugh, this ain't no incantation!
J.J.: You diss me, you miss me! I'll write my lyrics and show you my tricks!
J.J.: Talkin'? Speakin'? Got something to say? Don't stay quiet, let it all out! Hey!
J.J.: Say! C'mon! Hey!
Yo! Yo! Yeah!
Katalina: So, you want to have a rap battle with us?
Katalina: That's not really our thing. But if you're challenging us...
J.J.: Boo, too bad... I heard you're heroes, but I guess you're just zeroes.
Katalina: What did you say!
J.J.: Hey, I don't like violence. Fighting with lyrics is the finest contest, yeah!
With a sharp parting comment, the young man named J.J. takes his leave.
Vyrn: Hey, what was that all about? I'm so confused...
Innkeeper: My apologies, travelers. Please do not think ill of him. He's just trying to be himself.
Katalina: Hey, innkeeper. Are you saying you know that guy?
Innkeeper: Yes. Come inside. I'll tell you all about him.
The innkeeper knows a lot about J.J., and goes on to tell the crew his story.
Innkeeper: You see, J.J. lost his parents when he was a boy. And since no one was there for him, he soon became a wandering orphan.
Innkeeper: He said he felt so lost. He had no one to turn to. That's when he started to get involved with the wrong crowd.
Lyria: Wow. So, what happened to J.J. after that?
Innkeeper: The rest is just as you might imagine. He started hanging out with people that were a bad influence on him.
Innkeeper: His behavior started to get out of control. I thought it was too late for him to change.
Innkeeper: But then he met his teacher.
Katalina: What? His teacher?
Innkeeper: The teacher that taught him to channel his feelings into his music.
Vyrn: What, you mean, into his lyrics?
Innkeeper: Yes. And ever since then, J.J. has changed.
Innkeeper: He has turned his life around.
Innkeeper: At first, people couldn't believe it. But J.J. pushed through and continued to write his music.
His songs inspired others who were lost and didn't know where to turn. Then they started to write their own music.
With J.J.'s help, their music kept getting bigger and bigger. The townsfolk wanted to support them any way they could.
Innkeeper: Some business owners like me hired them to perform.
Lyria: Wow... That's an amazing story!
Innkeeper: Yes... And that's how I first got to know J.J..
Innkeeper: He knows what it feels like to be looked down upon. That's why he wants to help those who are struggling or in need.
Innkeeper: He's always out protecting the orphans by beating back monsters and ruffians that wander into town.
Merchant: Hey, you better watch out, punk! Here comes J.J.!
J.J.: Yo, yo! I'm the best and I'm gonna kick you outta here! Better get out now before I make you disappear!
Ruffian: Huh? What a weird song...
J.J.: My rhymes are like Bahamut.
To the ground I'll make you plummet. So if ya got something, ya better show it!
J.J.: Your words have no gravity, your beats verge on depravity. I'm not afraid of you. Is that the best that you can do?
J.J.: Cry and sweat! Free yourself from restraint! You gotta live your life, don't fear no pain! Yeah!
Ruffian: Who the hell are you?
J.J.: Yo! You got something to say, boy? This ain't no time for play, put away the toy! If you can't handle me, you best get outta here!
J.J.: Get out, you're weak! Your chances are bleak! I'm gonna toss you out like garbage on the street!
Ruffian: Shut up! I've had enough of you!
Ruffian: You want a rap battle, punk? I'd rather give you a shouting match!
J.J.: Guh... guh...
Ruffian: Hah! Yo! Yo! Do it again! What happened to the power you had before?
Ruffian: Wahaha! What did you call them? Lyrics? Mine are pretty good, eh?
J.J.: I made a promise to my master only to fight using lyrics...
Ruffian: Huh. Is that so. Try stopping my sword with your stupid lyrics!
J.J.: !
J.J.: W-why did you...
Katalina: Hahaha... He's got more guts than I expected.
Vyrn: Nah... He's just stubborn, that's all.
Lyria: I don't think so! I have faith in J.J.!
J.J.: You guys...
Katalina: If you want, you can thank us later. First let's clean this place up!
J.J.: I'm sorry I dissed you. That was wrong to do. (Captain), you are cool... Very cool.
Vyrn: Heheh... We're glad you think so!
J.J.: Hold on, man.
Vyrn: Man?
J.J.: I lost the bout, but my lyrics haven't lost yet, yo! You got anything to say, then let it all out, go!
J.J.: Guys who ain't as cool as me, they ain't got no eyes to see! Yeah!
Katalina: Here he goes again...
Vyrn: Come on. What's the deal with this guy?
Lyria: Ahaha...
Sierokarte: Oh! If it isn't (Captain) and friends. What are you doing here?
Sierokarte: I'm running a sale on cheese! Doesn't that sound gouda?
Vyrn: Great, now I'm getting it in stereo.
J.J.: M-Master! Aren't you Master Sierokarte?
Lyria: What!
Vyrn: Wait... what?
Katalina: Huh? Master?
Katalina: Siero, did you really teach this guy how to rap like that?
Sierokarte: No, no. I didn't teach him to make music or anything. I just showed him how to make clever wordplay.
Vyrn: Are you serious? I can't imagine those jokes from the Knickknack Shack having that kind of an impact.
Sierokarte: Isn't it wonderful? And you know, he said he wants to travel the world to find the best lyrics.
Sierokarte: It would be great if he could travel with all of you!
J.J.: Yes! Master Siero is right!
Katalina: Hey! Wait a sec!
Katalina: I don't mind letting you travel with us.
Katalina: However, our journey will be difficult. While your stance against violence is admirable...
Sierokarte: Oh, so you're against violence? You won't fight, J.J.?
J.J.: I'll gladly fight if you ask me to, Master!
Katalina: Well, so much for your philosophy of non-violence.
Vyrn: So, what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It's good to travel with lively people.
  2. Siero wouldn't recommend someone bad.

Choose: It's good to travel with lively people.
Lyria: Hey, Siero travels the world too, right? J.J. should travel with his master.
Lyria: Wait, where is Siero?
Vyrn: Great... Looks like she ran away!
Katalina: She really stuck this one on us.
Choose: Siero wouldn't recommend someone bad.
J.J.: I'm J.J., pleased to meet you! Thanks for having me.
Lyria: Nice to meet you!. I'm Lyria, woohoo!
Katalina: Hey! Don't start rhyming now too, Lyria!
J.J.: Say yo yo! Say yo yo! Listen to what I say! Let me sing my praise. You're my real family today!
J.J.: You gave yourself to protect me and resurrect me. You have my respect. Together, we have good prospects, yeah!
Before long, a new musical styling known as Phantagrande hip-hop hits the sky.
No one knows that it all began with the legendary J.J. and his master Siero.