Scenario:Jamil - Pride Veiled in Purple

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Pride Veiled in Purple

When (Captain) and Lyria are caught in a commotion with imperial troops, they work with a young man named Jamil to escape the island. Armed with unique sword skills and a mutual distaste for the empire, he joins the crew.

An imperial airship. Somewhere inside sits one of the empire's leading advisors, the Black Knight.
The Black Knight is listening to a battle report involving a rebel airship.
Imperial Soldier: Most of the shots glanced off the bow, so casualties have been kept to a minimum.
Black Knight: I see. As you were.
Imperial Soldier: Yes, Commander!
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: What is it now?
Imperial Soldier: My apologies. I have another report. Please take a look at this.
Black Knight: Very well...
Imperial Soldier: Here it is.
As the soldier moves across the room, a lightning-fast flash bears down on the Black Knight.
But the Black Knight reacts with superhuman speed, blocking the attack with a sword.
Imperial Soldier: As expected from one of the Seven Luminary Knights.
Black Knight: Pathetic. Did you come to show me your cute little knife dance while I was distracted with news about the rebel airship?
Jamil: I have come for your life, Black Knight.
Black Knight: Heh, trying to assassinate someone in mid-flight, with nowhere to escape... What a foolish plan.
Jamil: All that's stopping me is your sword.
Black Knight: I see, so you chose the reckless approach. But at the end of the day, all you have is smoke and mirrors!
Jamil: !
Black Knight: Are you done with your magic tricks yet?
Jamil: Irjas!
Black Knight: What?
Jamil: Hyaaah!
Black Knight: This swordsmanship... You're from the Urzhuwan Clan!
Jamil: Ah, so you remember... You remember the clan that you tried to erase from history!
Black Knight: Hah, so this is revenge for those the empire has wronged. You remind me of your father... How is he?
Jamil: He chose death. But I took on his despair... and his techniques!
Black Knight: Heh... Not bad for a youngling.
Jamil: Huff... Huff...
Imperial Soldier: What's going on? I heard the sound of swords clashing—
Jamil: ...
Black Knight: What are you going to do now? Continue fighting?
Jamil: I'll be back. And you will not be spared my wrath.
Black Knight: I hope you do return. Your hatred is a powerful force.
Imperial Soldier: Hnngh... A-are you all right? The intruder has escaped in a skyskimmer!
Black Knight: Leave him. He won't survive the current.
Imperial Soldier: But—
Black Knight: ...
The following day (Captain) and Lyria are on an island within the empire's territory.
The crew are trying to resupply the ship, keeping a low profile as they shop.
Lyria: Erm... That's all for everyday items we need... Should we head back to the ship?
Lyria: I feel like there are more soldiers around than normal today...
Jamil: Excuse me. Do you know where I can find an apothecary?
Lyria: Actually, yes. Just over there on that corner! Err, are you okay?
Jamil: Thank you. Farewell.
Lyria: ...?
Imperial Soldier: Hey! Young lady!
Lyria: Eek! Are you... Are you talking to me?
Imperial Soldier: Yes. We're searching for a rebel who is after the Black Knight.
Imperial Soldier: Hmm... You look familiar. Aren't you the girl from that wanted poster?
Lyria: Eek! Er... No, that's not me!
Jamil: It's my fault that the security is so tight here!
Jamil: ...
Imperial Soldier: Huh? Hey, you boy. You've dropped some—Ugh, this dagger is covered in blood!
Jamil: Now. Run!
Lyria: Huh? What? Why did that person...
  1. He told us to run.
  2. We have to help him.

Choose: He told us to run.
Lyria: Oh, he dropped the dagger on purpose to help us!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: We have to help him.
Lyria: How should we—
Continue 1
Imperial Soldier: Hey, why is there blood on your dagger? Where were you last night?
Jamil: Ah... Well, you see... I was...
(Now, in five seconds I'll go for his throat... or his vitals.)
Jamil: Th-this is a misunderstanding! I found it earlier!
(I'll get them before they can react!)
Lyria: E-excuse me! I'm the girl from the wanted poster!
Imperial Soldier: Wha—
Jamil: Huh?
Lyria: Ahaha... Haha... Haa... Um... So...
Imperial Soldier: Are you trying to make a fool of me? Men, prepare for battle. Capture these miscreants!
Lyria: Eek! I'm sorry, (Captain)!
Imperial Soldier: Hehehe! This'll be easy!
Jamil: ...
Lyria: Wh-what just happened? They just...
Jamil: I'm moving so slowly... I must have broken a rib in the crash...
Jamil: But... I'll help you both on your way! We'll break through the line—together!
The crew makes its way past the guards, arriving at the port and taking off on the Grandcypher.
Having boarded the airship along with them, Jamil formally introduces himself to the crew.
Katalina: Thank you, Jamil. For looking after Lyria and the others.
Jamil: No, thank you. I needed a way off this island actually.
Lyria: So you're fighting against the empire too, Jamil?
Jamil: Yes. They are my family's sworn enemy.
Lyria: In that case... why don't you come and travel with us? We're being chased by the empire too!
Jamil: Huh? Really? That would be great, but...
Lyria: It'll be fine! I was talking about it earlier with (Captain)!
Jamil: Thank you... Thank you so much.
Katalina: Hm...
(He seems like an upstanding young man...)
Katalina: (But his blade skills... They seem like those of an assassin... Is it really okay to have him in the crew?)
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean, (Captain) and I are your masters?
Jamil: The skills of my clan were created to protect the masters.
Jamil: I would like to accompany you, as if I were your shadow. Would this be acceptable?
Lyria: Hahaha... Well...
  1. Let's be friends!
  2. Paw please.

Choose: Let's be friends!
Jamil: Friends... I understand, Master (Captain). I will follow you as a shadow... and as a friend.
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Choose: Paw please.
Jamil: Woof.
Lyria: No! (Captain), don't make him do that!
Continue 2
Katalina: Hehe, maybe I was too jaded. Let's trust him for now.
Jamil: I can also act as a poison taster. I have become immune to various poisons over my lifetime.
Lyria: Wait, what? No, no, no, we don't need that!
And so Jamil joins the crew on their journey. He takes (Captain) and Lyria as his masters, gaining his first friends.
Despite his fantastic swordsmanship, there is a darkness about the young man. But a light has been kindled in his heart.