Scenario:Jamil - The Captive Avenger

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The Captive Avenger

Jamil had split off from the crew in order to pursue those who had betrayed his clan, and promises to return after completing his mission, but is captured along the way. Determined to reunite with (Captain) and company, Jamil searches for a way to escape captivity.

Jamil: ...
Jamil: Ngh...
Jamil: (This is...)
Jamil not in crew

Jamil lived under the cover of darkness in hopes of one day avenging his clan.
Holding the Black Knight partly responsible for his clan's destruction, he tried to assassinate her but failed. He was on the run before being saved by (Captain) and company.
When the crew learned of his plight, they welcomed him aboard as another ally to fight against the empire.
Jamil came to see (Captain) and Lyria as his masters and swore an oath of fealty.
Jamil, feeling groggy, is held captive in a prison when he begins to recall his parting with the crew.
After numerous adventures (Captain) and company finally collect all necessary pieces of the sky map.
Vyrn: Hehe! Now we've got what we need to move on to another skydom!
Lyria: Yeah! We did it, (Captain)!
Jamil: ...
Jamil: Master (Captain).
Vyrn: Hm? What's the matter?
Jamil: This is as far as I go.
Lyria: Huh? Is everything okay, Jamil?
Jamil: As I've said before... I must go after the traitor who sold out my clan to the Imperial Intelligence Bureau.
Jamil: I understand that the Erste Empire has regained its status as a kingdom, and the IIB has been reduced to a fraction of its former size.
Jamil: I'd wager he hasn't left the Phantagrande Skydom yet.
Jamil: Until I've avenged my parents—no, my clan—I cannot allow myself to leave this skydom.
Lyria: Mm... Yeah, I see where you're coming from...
Lyria: I just thought we'd always be traveling together...
Lyria: But I guess you have your own goals in all of this.
Jamil: Master (Captain), Lyria. I ask for forgiveness in breaking my vow to trace your steps and protect you as your shadow.
Vyrn: Why don't we all just stay and help Jamil with his mission before moving on to the next skydom?
Jamil: Your words gladden me, but halting the progress of my master's journey for my own purposes would be far too selfish of me.
Jamil: Please proceed with your next course of action as planned, Master (Captain).
Jamil: I pray that you will all one day reach Estalucia safe and sound.
Lyria: Umm... I guess calling it quits on this revenge quest would be—
Jamil: I'd never be able to forgive myself if I did that. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from...
Jamil: I seek revenge not merely for myself, but for everyone in my clan who fell victim to treachery.
Jamil: I apologize that I am unable to heed your counsel, Lyria...
Seeing how determined Jamil is, (Captain) allows his departure from the crew on one condition.
Jamil: You want me to chase after you when I've completed my mission here?
Lyria: Yeah, then everything would work out! Really look forward to meeting up with you later, Jamil!
Vyrn: Right on! We'll be waitin' for you!
Jamil: Very well... I swear it!
And thus Jamil takes a temporary leave from the crew.
Jamil: (Captain)'s parting words make me proud to call him master...
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: Well, well, look who's awake...
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: Tch... Stone cold floor's too good of a bed for a worthless assassin like you.
Jamil: Harsh words from someone so useless as to be banished from the Intelligence Bureau.
Former IIB Spy: Know your place, rogue!
Jamil: ...
Jamil: (I did well in tracking down possible traitors along with imperial spies banished from the IIB when the empire was disbanded, but...)
Jamil: (Not doing a clean sweep of the premises beforehand was entirely my fault...)
Jamil: (Why did I act in haste? Perhaps it was my desire to return to Master (Captain)'s side at the earliest...)
Jamil: (If only I had known the traitors had already left Erste Kingdom before I infiltrated Mephorash...)
Jamil: (I could have acted without concern of souring relations between Master (Captain)'s crew and Princess Orchis.)
Former IIB Spy: Tryin' to act smart now, eh? Now, don't you forget we can kill you off anytime we want.
Jamil: (Well, they've definitely tried to keep me alive for all this time...)
Jamil: (I can only imagine that the traitor, or perhaps these men, have something in mind for me.)
Jamil: (And until they've gotten their use out of me, I doubt they would just go ahead and kill me.)
Jamil: (I've got time—whether it's enough, I don't know. But I'm going to get out of here and put them all down!)
Despite his desire to rejoin (Captain) and company, Jamil is nonetheless consumed with thoughts of revenge.
Whether he can turn the current situation around and eventually accomplish his goals is anyone's guess.