Scenario:Jamil - Truth Revealed in Black

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Truth Revealed in Black

Jamil has a long talk with the Black Knight—revealing his clan's connection with the Erste royal family. His grudge against the Black Knight is laid bare, but a golem outbreak occurs in town before he can act upon it.

The crew is on Ravi Island where the Erste Kingdom once flourished.
After breaking the Black Knight out of prison, the crew goes with her to rescue Orchis.
Together they head to the former capital, Mephorash.
Lyria: Orchis... Where could you be...
Katalina: It'll be fine; we'll find her. Let's take a break and have some food.
Jamil: ...
The crew takes a break in town from the search for Orchis. While there, a man appears.
Townsperson: Excuse me, are you skyfarers? I have a favor to ask of you.
Lyria: Ah, a mission? What should we do, Katalina?
Katalina: Yes, we could take on a mission. But with how busy we are at the moment, we can't accept anything too time-consuming...
Townsperson: Oh, that's fine! I've just been worried about the noises coming from my neighbor's house... Could you go and take a quick look at it?
Katalina: Huh? Why not just talk to your neighbor directly about it?
Townsperson: Well... He never listens to me.
Katalina: Hmm... This could be difficult...
Jamil: Is there a problem? Sounds like you need an assassin. I'll take care of him.
Townsperson: Thank you so much! If you could take care of him, that'd be... Wait, what?
Lyria: Whaaa—No, no, that's not right, Jamil! You can't just assassinate people!
Townsperson: Oh, I don't want him assassinated! He just got a divorce. I'd feel sorry for the guy.
Jamil: I see. Shall I assassinate the wife then?
Katalina: Jamil! This is not a problem that can be solved with assassination! Stop suggesting it!
Jamil: I-I'm sorry. I didn't consider that...
Jamil: My apologies, I will leave you in peace.
Jamil: ...
Black Knight: What's wrong with you? Do you miss your home?
Jamil: No... My clan was lost ten years ago. I hardly remember them; I was so small.
Jamil: However... When we rescue Princess Orchis, the black stain on my clan's legacy will finally be erased.
Black Knight: That's all well and good. But you don't know the truth of what happened.
Jamil: I know it just fine. We of the Urzhuwan Clan have served the Erste royal family for generations.
Jamil: But because we stood against imperialism, we were overpowered and exiled from the country.
Black Knight: Yes, I heard about that afterwards. Casting aside the loyal servants of the royal family was indeed a foolish thing to do.
Jamil: So you're saying it has nothing to do with you?
Black Knight: You have my sympathy. Those who spoke out against imperialization were cut off, but they were never hunted down.
Jamil: I don't believe a word you're saying.
Black Knight: Fine, do as you please. But as far as I'm concerned—
???: !
Black Knight: What? That sound, it's—
Lyria: Oh no! There are golems rampaging through town!
Jamil: Golems? Quick, we have to stop them!

Truth Revealed in Black: Scene 2

The Black Knight reveals that it was a traitor within Jamil's clan who influenced the Imperial Intelligence Bureau's (IIB) decision to wipe out the entire clan. Though shocked at the revelation, Jamil focuses on taking care of the golems first.

The crew has trouble dealing with the sudden rampage of the golems in town.
Jamil: What's going on? Why are there golems here?
Black Knight: Grrr... Concentrate on the fight, not on useless details!
Townsperson: Help! The golem in the house next door is going crazy!
Jamil: Understood. Get to safety!
Townsperson: Thank you! Watch out for that woman over there!
Black Knight: Hah, pointless. I could sense your intent from the moment I saw you. You're from the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, aren't you?
Spy: Unggh... How did you anticipate my attack?
Jamil: Those assassin techniques!
Jamil: How did an imperial soldier learn the ways of my clan? Does it have anything to do with the golems?
Black Knight: I'll tell you what I know, boy.
Black Knight: When the empire was founded, there was a man who taught your family's techniques to the spies and climbed the ranks of nobility.
Black Knight: Maybe if you connect the golems to that, you'll start to piece together the truth of what happened to your family.
Jamil: Someone who can control golems and knows the secret assassin techniques of my family...
Jamil: The mastermind behind this... is a member of the Urzhuwan Clan?
Spy: Grr... Die, Black Knight!
Spy: Wha? Gnnngh...
Jamil: Tell me. Who taught you those techniques.
Spy: If I betray their secrets, my family will be in danger. The Intelligence Bureau is a ruthless organization.
Spy: Unnghhh... What a waste...
Jamil: Poison...
Black Knight: Hey! Don't just stand there! Have you forgotten about the golems?
Jamil: Worry not. I will protect the city of Mephorash with my life!

Truth Revealed in Black: Scene 3

Jamil reveals his real identity and past to the crew, explaining that his true foes are the Imperial Intelligence Bureau and the traitor to his clan. He swears his allegiance to the crew, more determined than ever to take down the empire.

The crew finally brings peace back to the town. Having discovered the truth about the events surrounding his family, Jamil speaks to the crew.
Jamil: My parents were under the protection of the crown until they were exiled...
Jamil: They couldn't adjust to life after they left, with no one to serve and no one to protect them.
Jamil: There were only ten or so clan members left, and most haven't been heard from in years.
Lyria: Hmm... I see...
Katalina: Ah... Then your special blade techniques were...
Black Knight: Indeed. Forbidden techniques conducted in the shadows of our history for the royal family.
Jamil: I hated the empire... I always thought that I would deliver their comeuppance some day.
Jamil: But I was wrong. What destroyed my clan... was someone from the clan itself.
Jamil: Whether he hated the clan or wanted to advance himself remains unknown... But he made a deal with the Imperial Intelligence Bureau.
Lyria: He betrayed his own clan... How could he?
Black Knight: Those insolent rats at the bureau... Resorting to such underhanded tactics under my nose...
Jamil: I want to know the truth about my clan. And I want to get the true culprit.
Jamil: (Captain), everyone... Will you help me do this?
Katalina: Haha, what are you talking about? We're your friends, aren't we?
Lyria: Of course! As long as we're travelling together, we've got each other's backs!
Jamil: Thank you.
Jamil: Father... Mother... I have been blessed with true companions...
Jamil continues traveling with the crew and fighting against the empire, vowing to find the truth about his clan someday.
Will the truth set him free? Or will it plunge him into an even deeper darkness? Only time will tell.