Scenario:Jasmine and Pavidus - Battle for Jasmine

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Battle for Jasmine

Pavidus helps Jasmine gather herbs at the urging of his animal companions, who are infatuated with her. His animal friends and Jasmine's soon begin to fight over her. When the squabble turns violent, Pavidus intervenes, and Jasmine loses her temper. She drags Pavidus back to the Grandcypher, leaving the chastened animals to catch up.

One day, Jasmine visits the forest in her spare time to collect herbs.
For some reason, the large and timid Pavidus is by her side.
Pavidus: Hey Jasmine, do you think we can use these herbs too?
Jasmine: Yes, they're perfect! Thank you so much for your help!
Pavidus: Ahaha, don't mention it...
Pavidus gives an embarrassed smile as he looks down at the bird observing Jasmine.
Bird: Kaww... (Jasmine, you're looking lovely as ever...)
It turns out that helping Jasmine was not Pavidus's idea.
His animal companions wanted to observe Jasmine up close and made Pavidus come along in order to do so.
To put it simply, Pavidus's friends are infatuated with her.
Birdie: Chirp! (She's so radiant, I can hardly make her out! A goddess walking among us!)
As Pavidus's friends remain entranced, Jasmine's animal companions join them.
Hare: (Heheh, isn't our princess just splendid?)
Birdie: Chirp? (Princess? Are you talking about Jasmine?)
Bird: Kaww! (Why not? She's cute enough that the glass slipper fits, if you ask me!)
Hare: (There's more to it than that! Our princess is kind and gentle!)
Birdie: Chiiirp! (Yeah, you're absolutely right. I wonder if she'd be a good match!)
Deer: ...? (Hm? A match for what?)
Birdie: Chirp chirp! (A match for me! As in, a companion who'll preen my feathers every day.)
The squawking birdie begins to sense the anger of Jasmine's animals.
Birdie: Chirp... (Wh... What's the problem?)
Hare: ...! (How dare you even think of taking away our princess!)
Hare: ...! (Know your place, dodo!)
Birdie: Chirp! (Watch your mouth, Hoppy!)
Bird: Skrawk! (Simmer down, you two! Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Skraaaaawk! (Hanging around her doesn't make her your property, y'know!)
The animals' squabble continues to escalate, with much fluffing of feathers and lowering of antlers.
Pavidus: Birdie, please calm down. Fighting solves nothing...
Birdie: Chirrrp! (Shut it!)
Pavidus: Yeep!
The frightened Pavidus looks to Jasmine for help.
Jasmine: Hahaha... It looks like everyone's having so much fun.
Pavidus: Huh?
Pavidus: Can you understand the conversation they're having?
Jasmine: But of course! They're getting heated up over their favorite acorn recipes!
Pavidus: Umm... (Ah... She can't understand what they're saying...)
Pavidus: (But I can't possibly tell her that they're fighting over her.)
Pavidus: Ehehe... Yeah, they must really love acorns...
Bird: Kakaw! (What are you babbling about, Pavi! We're not talking about acorns!)
Pavidus: Aagh! I-I'm so sorry. I know you're not, but...
Bird: Kaww... (Anyhow, Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Squaawwk! (At least not until I confess my love for her!)
Hare: ...! (What!)
With a bouquet of herbs in his beak, the bird runs toward Jasmine, but his way is barred by the deer.
Deer: ... (I can't let that happen. You'll have to get past me first.)
The deer lowers its antlers menacingly at the bird.
Boar: Snort... (Yo, did you just point those antlers at my buddy here?)
Boar: Snort! (You mess with him, you mess with me!)
The boar moves protectively in front of the bird and paws at the ground, getting ready to charge.
Deer: ...! (Oho... Looking to ram me, eh? Well, that's a deer's specialty too!)
Pavidus: Stop it! Please stop it, everyone!
Pavidus's pleas fall on deaf ears. The boar and the deer charge toward each other.
Pavidus flings himself between them.
Pavidus: Oof!
Boar: Snort! (Pavi!)
Deer: ... (Oh no, what have I done? Pavidus...)
Pavidus: Nghh, why... must we fight? We all like her.
Pavidus: Fighting is never the answer. If we share the same passion, that's all the more reason to get along.
Birdie: Kaww... (Pavi...)
Hare: ... (Pavidus is right. Forgive me.)
Bird: Kaw... (Pavidus has a point. I'm sorry, you guys.)
As the animals begin to reconcile, an angry Jasmine comes over.
Jasmine: Cut that out right now! Can't you all discuss the best acorn recipes in peace?
Jasmine: I can't believe you hurt Pavidus over this! Shame on you!
Deer: ... (We're so sorry, Princess. And about the acorns...)
Jasmine: Are you all right, Pavidus? I'll treat your wounds right away!
Jasmine: I'm so disappointed in all of you! You should know I hate violence more than anything else!
Hare: ! (No, please don't say that!)
Jasmine: Humph. And to think I baked acorn cookies for you...
Jasmine: I guess Pavidus and I will have to eat them all ourselves!
Birdie: Chiiirrrp! (Nooo, please!)
Jasmine: Come on, Pavidus! Let's get back to the Grandcypher!
Pavidus: Er... Okay... (I'm sorry, everyone. Please don't hold it against me.)
Pavidus follows the disgruntled Jasmine toward the ship.
Deer: ...! (Wait, Princess!)
Bird: Kaww... (This isn't over yet, Pavi! Just you wait!)
The animals, feeling vengeful yet guilty, desperately chase after Pavidus and Jasmine.