Scenario:Jeanne d'Arc - Invitation from Darkness

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Invitation from Darkness

Jeanne d'Arc finds herself conflicted between following the True Revelation to save the world and having to deal the very kind (Captain) and company who saved her life. "But as kind as they are, they cannot be allowed to live on if their continued existence is a threat to the world," Jeanne d'Arc tells herself as she casts away her doubts.

After failing to save a small village, Jeanne d'Arc is lost in despair.
After yielding to the urgings of a mysterious voice, she has come to target Vyrn and Lyria.
Jeanne d'Arc: In order to bring peace to the world, I must doom the malicious power of those two to the bottom of the skies...
???: But, is this... is this truly the right thing to do?
???: I know those two have kind hearts...
???: I owe them my life. Will they truly bring about the suffering of others during my travels with them?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: What point is there in wavering now? Even if their hearts are good... the power they possess is a poison to this world.
Jeanne d'Arc: For the sake of the weak I must protect, must save this world... and to that end, there is no other way but to seal those two.
Jeanne d'Arc: And for that purpose, I must first seal away my own doubts...
...Begone, oh foolish hesitance!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 2

The morning after Jeanne d'Arc dispels her doubts, she leads the crew into a dark cave, setting up the perfect opportunity to finish them off. But when monsters show up, she suddenly finds herself fighting to save Vyrn. With her actions belying her intentions, Jeanne d'Arc is at a loss on what to do next.

The morning after Jeanne d'Arc dispels her doubts, she shows up while (Captain) and the others are having their breakfast.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain), noble Vyrn, Lyria. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you to accompany me today.
Vyrn: Oh? Is there somewhere you wanna go?
Jeanne d'Arc: I know of a place with an excellent view. I was wondering if we might picnic there together.
Jeanne d'Arc: It will also serve as my thanks for you having looked after me these past few days. How about it, noble Vyrn?
Vyrn: Aw, we all gotta help each other out sometimes, I don't need any thanks! But I do have a thing for picnics...
Lyria: Right, it'll be fun if we all go together! Right, (Captain)?
Accepting Jeanne d'Arc's proposal, (Captain) and the others set out for their picnic.
Lyria: Ooooooh-noooooo... it's pitch-black in heeere... I bet there are ghosts...
Jeanne d'Arc: The place we're heading to is on the other side of this cave. Please bear with me a little longer.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hee hee, (Captain). If you're scared of the dark too, you can lean on me, here.
Guided by the light Jeanne d'Arc holds, (Captain) and the others are led to the depths of the cave...
Progressing slowly so as not to stumble, (Captain) comes under a sudden attack.
Monster: GRRRRRR...
Lyria: Eek! Monsters? (Captain)! Are you all right?
Monster: ...
Vyrn: This is bad! In this darkness, we couldn't see a monster even if it danced in front of us wearing a sombrero!
(Captain) tries to engage the monster while protecting Lyria, but adept at concealing itself, it soon forces a defensive battle.
Vyrn: Ahhhhhh!
Jeanne d'Arc: Look out!
Jeanne d'Arc: !
Vyrn: Whoa! You sure saved my skin there, Jeanne! Thanks!
Jeanne d'Arc stands dumbfounded after being thanked by Vyrn.
Jeanne d'Arc: (I... I saved him? Why did I...)
Jeanne d'Arc: (My body just acted on instinct... I can't keep doing this... From now on, I must...)
Lyria: Oh! Jeanne, watch out behind you! There are more monsters!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 3

Plagued by guilt from betraying the crew and her own inability to carry out justice, Jeanne d'Arc continues to lead them further into the cave. Awaiting them at the inner sanctum is the Ethereal Presence who bestowed upon her the True Revelation. It turns out the Ethereal Presence's true objective is to take over Lyria and Vyrn's powers for itself. Jeanne d'Arc turns against it upon discovering this.

(Captain) and the others chase off the monsters with no further incidents. However, Jeanne is again torn within herself.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Vyrn: Heh heh, but wow, you sure are reliable to have around, Jeanne!
Lyria: Yeah! But still, I'm so glad neither of you were badly hurt, (Captain), Jeanne!
Vyrn: That was a pinch, 'n' no doubt about it! But now we've come through that, I'm even more determined to get to this picnic place!
As Lyria and Vyrn exchange innocent banter, Jeanne d'Arc stares at (Captain).
Jeanne d'Arc: (I'm... I'm betraying them... their earnest faces... I...)
Jeanne d'Arc: (...No! Do not waver, Jeanne d'Arc! This is all for a greater cause... for the sake of the world!)
Jeanne d'Arc: (They represent... a poison to this world... they are the enemies of peace!)
Jeanne d'Arc: ...We're losing time. Let's proceed.
Led by Jeanne d'Arc, (Captain) and the others press still further into the cave.
Lyria: ...I feel a strange kind of presence. How should I explain... it's kind of cold and unsettling...
Hearing Lyria's words, (Captain) stops, suddenly vigilant. Seconds later, the darkness that had enveloped them suddenly clears...
Vyrn: Yikes? It got suddenly bright?
Lyria: Huh? Th-this place is...
I thought we were walking in a cave!
Vyrn: Jeanne! What's going on?
(Captain) and the others turn in confusion to question Jeanne d'Arc, who has led them here...
However, what responds to them is not Jeanne d'Arc...
Ethereal Presence: ...So you have come, blue-haired girl and small dragon. You with the power to change the world.
Vyrn: Wh-what? What in the skies are you, anyway?
Ethereal Presence: Jeanne d'Arc, oh holy saint... you have done well to lead them to me.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Ethereal Presence: I shall take this power from them, that the eternal desire for peace may be granted!
Vyrn: W-wait! What does it mean, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Noble Vyrn, and Lyria, also. Your powers are a menace that will drag this world into disorder and chaos.
Jeanne d'Arc: Consequently, you must be sealed away at the bottom of the skies. For eternity...
Vyrn: Sealed for eternity? You mean that's why you brought us down here?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...That's correct. It is all for the greater good! You shall, at least, rest in peace, without having to suffer...
Lyria: Please wait a second! We would never do a thing like that... "drag the world into disorder"!
Vyrn: Yeah, you can bet your bottom apple on that! This thing's been deceiving you, Jeanne!
  1. "Take their power," you say?
  2. I won't let you have them!

Choose: "Take their power," you say?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
...Hold on... You're right, it did say that...
Jeanne d'Arc: I thought you planned to seal away their power?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I won't let you have them!
Ethereal Presence: If you wish it, you may return to the sky with their soulless husks.
Ethereal Presence: I desire but their power... and that only.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Wait. You "desire" their power? What is the meaning of that?
Continue 1
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you mean to say that you covet their power to change the world?
Jeanne d'Arc: If that is the case, then this malign power would merely change hands, and nothing more. That's not "saving the world"! Answer me!
Ethereal Presence: ...
...Heh heh heh...
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you, too, purpose to betray me, as did the other voice from before? That is unforgivable! I'll not allow it!
Fueled with anger, Jeanne d'Arc points her sword at the ominous presence.
Vyrn: (Captain)! Whatever's going on, that thing is definitely our enemy!
Vyrn: Let's take it on with Jeanne and then we can get outta here!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 4

Jeanne d'Arc launches a blow with the full force of her body, but before the sword can reach, the surrounding area distorts and they are transported back to the darkness of the cave. With the great cause she believed so much in being nothing more than a ruse, Jeanne d'Arc's heart remains confined in the darkness.

Ethereal Presence: !
Jeanne d'Arc: BE GONE!
Jeanne d'Arc launches a blow with the full force of her body, attempting to pierce the bizarre creature...
...But before her sword can reach, the surrounding area suddenly distorts, and her opponent vanishes...
Jeanne d'Arc: (Huff...) (Pant...) Th-this is...
To reveal their surroundings clearly, (Captain) reignites the light.
Lyria: Have we... returned?
Vyrn: It looks like it. Right, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Seemingly unable to hear Vyrn's words, Jeanne d'Arc collapses to her knees.
Jeanne d'Arc: I... I...
Jeanne d'Arc: I don't know! What should I believe in? What...
Jeanne d'Arc mumbles to herself in a daze, heedless of the words (Captain) and the others say to her.
With the great cause Jeanne d'Arc has believed in tattered, will she be able to recover and walk her path once again?
Like the cave in which they stand, her heart now seems confined in the darkness...