Scenario:Jessica - Gunner's Brother

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Gunner's Brother

Jessica arrives at the lair of the primal beast that abducted her brother, but finds no sign of him. (Captain) invites Jessica into the crew to help find her brother, and it seems she has her own ideas to help the crew as well.

(Captain) and company are exploring a cave said to be the lair of a primal beast.
Along the way, they meet Jessica, a girl searching for her younger brother kidnapped by the primal beast.
Jessica: Hmm.
Jessica: If he already left the cave, how will I... Where should I go from here?
Vyrn: But hey... on the bright side, if he managed to escape, at least he's safe for now right?
Jessica: I guess you're right, and that's definitely a good thing, but...
Jessica: It looks like my journey isn't over just yet.
Jessica: Haha, that boy can be a handful sometimes, honestly.
Vyrn: But where are you gonna go next?
Jessica: ...
Jessica: I hadn't thought that far ahead. I wonder what I should do...
Lyria: Um... Did your little brother leave behind any other clues?
Jessica: No... His kidnapping by Nephthys was just so sudden...
Jessica: For now, I guess I'll drop this stick, see where it falls, and go searching in that direction.
Lyria: In that case, why don't we all search together?
Jessica: Oh, I would appreciate that very much... But I wouldn't want to impose on you.
Vyrn: Haha, don't even sweat it! We'd love to help.
Vyrn: To tell you the truth, as far as our journey goes, we just kinda play it by ear anyway.
Lyria: Exactly! Besides, I'd feel a lot better having someone like you around, Jessica!
Jessica: But... are you sure?
  1. Of course
  2. I’m counting on you

Choose: Of course
Jessica: Hehe... How could I possibly refuse when you sound so confident?
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Choose: I’m counting on you
Jessica: Hehe... I'll do my best to not disappoint you.
Continue 1
Jessica: So, it seems like I'll be accepting your gracious offer.
Jessica: I look forward to flying with you, (Captain).
Lyria: Yay! Now our journey's gonna be even more fun! Don't you think so, (Captain)?
Jessica: Hehe... To tell you the truth, I was actually a little worried about you guys.
Vyrn: Worried? About what?
Jessica: Well, (Captain) and the rest of you just worry me in various ways.
Jessica: You don't handle items with care, and you recklessly spend your money...
Jessica: You've got growing girls like Lyria with you, but your meals are all so unbalanced.
Jessica: Now that I'll be traveling with you, I'd like to help you get your act together in those areas as well.
Jessica: And as for you, Lyria... You won't grow up big and strong if you only ever eat your favorite foods.
Lyria: Aww... But, but I...
Vyrn: Uh-oh. It looks like she's gonna be whipping us into shape one way or another!
(Captain) and company welcome Jessica, the girl pursuing her little brother across the endless sky.
But her unexpected emphasis on discipline has the crew at a bit of a loss.