Scenario:Jessica - Siblings Apart

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Siblings Apart

(Captain) and company are awoken by a flustered Jessica. It seems Ayer has left the ship under Bowman's persuasion, and so the crew decides to follow after him.

Ayer: ...
Jessica: Snore...
One morning (Captain) and company are awoken by a flustered Jessica.
Lyria: Yawn... What's wrong, Jessica?
Jessica: It's Ayer. He's... he's gone!
Vyrn: What? Why'd he leave out of the blue again?
Jessica: I don't know, but he left a letter about settling things with Bowman. It says not to follow him.
Jessica: Ayer... Why?
Vyrn: Hey, this is no time for cryin'! We'd better catch up with him while we still can!
Jessica: Yes... You're right. Ayer always wants to take care of things himself, but...
Jessica: Bowman does all kinds of things to cause trouble between us, like throwing away that letter to our family.
Jessica: So we had better watch out for him.
Jessica: We have to hurry and find Ayer so we can resolve this. Please help me, (Captain)!
With a nod (Captain) goes with Jessica to ask if anyone had seen Ayer.
Local Girl: What? That boy? I saw him over at the airship docks this morning. I think I saw him get on one of the passenger ships.
Jessica: Really? Do you remember where the ship was headed?
Local Girl: Hmm... I think it was...
The girl tells (Captain) and company where the ship was headed. As soon as they hear it, they take off and begin their pursuit.

Siblings Apart: Scene 2

Reflecting upon her past, Jessica realizes that her family may have been neglecting Ayer's feelings despite good intentions. The crew soon catches up to Ayer and finds only Bowman, who seeks to destroy the crew for trying to help Ayer.

Jessica: ...
Lyria: Umm... Are you all right, Jessica?
Jessica: What? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so quiet.
Lyria: Uh, well, I know you're worried about Ayer, but...
Jessica: If I'm feeling down, I won't be able to help him, will I?
Jessica: Thank you for watching out for me, Lyria. I am a little concerned, but I'm not really feeling down.
Jessica: It's just that... I wonder if I've been treating him fairly.
Jessica: I know Ayer can be curt sometimes, but he's still a good boy.
Jessica: I think he might have left for our sake.
Jessica: I don't think he meant for us to get wrapped up in all this trouble. I don't think he meant for us to get hurt because of Bowman either.
Vyrn: Pft! Of course not! We're friends after all!
Jessica: You're so right. If Ayer knew we were trying to help him, he would never push us aside.
Jessica: But maybe my parents and I have been pushing his feelings aside.
Lyria: Don't blame yourself.
Jessica: Ayer is a brilliant fighter. Even now I know that to be true.
Jessica: All he ever wanted was to test out his talents.
Jessica: But even after he told us that, we still warned him to stay away from danger.
Jessica: Ayer must have known that would happen and decided to leave on his own.
Jessica: It wasn't wrong of Ayer to leave home. It was wrong of us not to understand him.
As Jessica reflects on her past, a strained look spreads across her face.
Jessica: I have to apologize to Ayer.
With Jessica's mind made up, she and the crew prepare to touch down at their destination.
After disembarking they go around asking the locals if they had seen Ayer.
Jessica: Ayer... Where are you?
The crew soon picks up Ayer's trail and follows it into the mountains.
Ayer: Ugh.. Ack...
Bowman: Ha ha ha! And just where do you think you're going, Ayer?
Bowman: No matter where you go, you can never escape me.
Bowman: And next time I'll be in charge, just like I told ya, Ayer!
Ayer: Augh!
Ayer: ...
Jessica: Ayer! We finally found you!
Vyrn: There you are! Don't make us worry like that!
Jessica: Oh no! You look so pale!
Ayer, I would really like to talk to you, but first let's get off this mountain. Come along now...
Jessica offers her hand to Ayer as he stands there hunched over.
Ayer: Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha!
Jessica: Ayer? What's going on?
Bowman: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not the Ayer you've been lookin' for.
Jessica: It can't be... Bowman? What have you done with Ayer?
Bowman: Ha ha ha! Come on. Don't be like that. I'm just a little devil born from Ayer's desires. I'm the other Ayer.
Jessica: The other Ayer?
Jessica: Why are you here now? Maybe Ayer really doesn't want to speak with me...
Jessica: Please, Bowman. I have to apologize to him. Please let him out.
Bowman: Ha! If you wanna talk to him so badly, you should join him on the other side.
Jessica: Huh?
Bowman: You're the ones keeping him the way he is. But if you all disappeared, he could never stand on his own.
Bowman: Heh. I'm gonna enjoy seein' the look on Ayer's face when I tell him how I ripped all of you apart!
Jessica: ...!
We will never let you do that!
Jessica: Ayer! Ayer, can you hear me? Your sis is coming to save you!
Bowman: Ha ha ha! Time to end this!

Siblings Apart: Scene 3

The crew takes down Bowman, helping Ayer to regain control of himself. Jessica apologizes to Ayer for not understanding him and says that she accepts him for who he is.

Bowman: ...!
Jessica: Ayer!
Jessica catches Ayer as he collapses. The crew breathes a sigh of relief.
Ayer: Sis...
Jessica: Ayer! Oh, I'm so glad you're back...
Ayer: Geez... I told you I would stop him... on my own...
Jessica: I know. I read your letter. But Ayer, I want to help you.
Ayer: ...
Jessica: I think we might have judged you too hastily. We didn't really understand you. And that's why I came here to apologize.
Jessica: Ayer. As your sister I accept you for who you are. You don't have to go it alone anymore.
Jessica begs Ayer to accept her apology, but Ayer responds with silence.
Vyrn: Well, let's at least go back to the ship for a bit. You must be exhausted, Ayer.
Lyria: Yes, let's go back and get some rest! What do you say, Ayer?
Ayer: All right.
Jessica: ...
Jessica helps Ayer up, and together with (Captain) they go back to the Grandcypher.
Ayer: ...
Jessica: ...?
What is it, Ayer?
Ayer: Thanks, sis.
Jessica: That's what family's for.
At this time it is unclear if Bowman still resides in Ayer's body.
But at least Ayer will never again feel the need to run from his sister or his friends.
Jessica has also learned an important lesson. She promises that whenever her brother needs her, she will be there for him.