Scenario:Jessica - The Miss Swimsuit Contest

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The Miss Swimsuit Contest

(Captain) and the party have come to the Yudhisthira Island to enjoy their vacation. Jessica is suddenly asked to participate in a women’s swimsuit contest. Thinking that it will help in her search of her brother, she agrees to it. The party is motivated as the first part of the competition begins; the “fishing” segment.

(Captain) and company have come to the Yudhisthira Island resort.
Tired from playing and now purchasing food from a stall, the party is called out to by Sierokarte.
Jessica: A women’s swimsuit contest?
Sierokarte: Yup! It’s a beauty pageant to decide who’s the most beautiful woman in Yudhisthira Island. They do this every year during this season!
Sierokarte: But there aren’t many contestants this time, so I was hoping you’d join.
Jessica: H-Hm... Wouldn’t I be out of place and just make a fool out of myself...?
Lyria: T-That’s not true! You’re beautiful, and your swimsuit looks great on you!
Jessica: Oh, Lyria... You’re making me blush... Haha!
Sierokarte: Hehe... The winner will have posters of her and a comment by her put up all over the island! It’s your chance to become famous!
Jessica: Famous... Oh!
Lyria: Is something wrong? Jessica.
Jessica: Well... I feel recently that maybe I should find some way to let my brother know that I’m looking for him... And not just to blindly keep searching.
Jessica: I was thinking about how to do that, but if I win this contest...!
Vyrn: I get it... If Jessica’s brother visits this island, he’ll get to see the posted comments by you!
Jessica: Siero! Please let me participate in the women’s swimsuit contest!
Sierokarte: Sure thing! One contestant, coming right up!
And thus, the swimsuit contest has begun.
MC: Wow! We have some beautiful ladies this year, too! Let’s hear a comment from each contestant to the audience!
De La Fille: My name is De La Fille... Pleased to meet you all.
Anna: T-This seems lively... I-I’ll try my... best? Maybe?
Jessica: Hello. My name is Jessica. For my brother... I mean, I have a dream, so I’d like to win!
After each contestant introduces herself, the audience cheers. The first judging segment is revealed.
Jessica: F-Fishing...? Umm... I have to cooperate with my friends and the one who catches the most fish wins...?
De La Fille: F-Fishing?! Why do I have to do that in a beauty pageant?!
Vyrn: All right! (Captain), let’s help out Jessica and catch a bunch of fish!

The Miss Swimsuit Contest: Scene 2

Though Jessica has caught many fishes at the swimsuit contest, Anna fishes out a monster. In order to protect the audience at the contest, the party goes to fight the monster.

Jessica and the rest of the party manages to catch a giant load of fish. The audience gives a resounding cheer.
Jessica: Thank you, everyone!
De La Fille: Oh! What a waste! It’s overflowing with fish! You’re good!
Jessica: No, it’s because I had the help of my friends. By the way, where’s Anna? I don’t see her anywhere...
De La Fille: She’s not coming back. The time limit is almost here. Is she going to forfeit?
Anna: W-W-Wait! I-I’ll fish it out right now...!
Jessica: Oh! Look at that rocky area... That fishing pole is bent so far. It must be a big catch!
Anna pulls the fishing pole with all of her might and fishes out her catch. But at the end of the line is...
Monster: Grrrr...
Anna: Eek!
Jessica: Oh, no! She fished out a monster! Run away! Anna!
Vyrn: Are you serious!? That monster is heading to the contest hall!
Jessica: At this rate, the audience will get hurt! (Captain)! Let’s defeat that monster together!

The Miss Swimsuit Contest: Scene 3

With the appearance of a monster, the swimsuit contest is canceled. Jessica loses her chance to make a public message to her brother, but accepts an interview on the hunting of the monster instead. And thus, Jessica is able to leave a message to her brother on this island.

While (Captain) and company are fighting, the audience is evacuated and no one is injured. But...
Anna: I’m sorry... It’s all because the monster I fished out destroyed the hall...
De La Fille: This is a mess... I suppose the contest is canceled? That’s too bad.
Anna: ...
Jessica: Don’t cry, Anna. Here, take this handkerchief.
Anna: T-Thank you... Jessica, you’re so kind...
Sierokarte: Good job, everyone! Thanks to you, the monster wasn’t able to cause too much damage!
Sierokarte: You’re all amazing! And about that. There are some people that would like to interview Jessica for defeating the monster!
Jessica: Interview...?
Sierokarte: Yes! It’ll be an article on the community board that’ll be circulated around the shopping district!
Jessica: Oh, my! Is that true?! Then maybe you should talk with (Captain) instead...
Sierokarte: No, no! When you get interviewed, talk about your little brother. You might get information from the people at the shopping arcade.
Jessica: ...! Even if my brother hasn’t arrived at this island yet, I guess I could ask them to keep a message for me...
Jessica: I understand. I’ll accept the interview! Together with (Captain), that is.
The swimsuit contest is canceled, but Jessica is able to leave a message for her brother on this island.
Jessica: Eat up, everyone! There’s plenty of seafood soup and steamed fish!
Lyria: Let’s eat! Munch... Mmm! Delicious!
Jessica: That’s great! I hope you find it palatable. Come, (Captain)... Say, ah!
Jessica: Haha... Does it taste good? There’s plenty to go around, so please eat your fill.
Vyrn: Munch munch... This is great! I can eat a ton!
Jessica: Is that so? I’m happy to hear that! Oh, (Captain). You have food around your mouth. Don’t move...
Jessica: Good! All clean. It certainly was worth making this food if you enjoy it so much.
Jessica: Enjoying the ocean view while eating with friends... I could never imagine this when I was traveling alone. I’m so happy right now...
Jessica: Haha, (Captain)! Thank you so much for inviting me to join the skyfarers!
Jessica smiles brightly as she takes care of her friends.
Jessica is like everybody’s older sister. It seems that she will need to continue her journey for much longer before she can be reunited with her brother.
But with new friends, she can now afford to enjoy a little time of relaxation.