Scenario:Jin - Onward to the Whitecaps

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Onward to the Whitecaps

Jin is determined to catch a bonito and share its incredible taste with Sara as a means of helping her overcome her tragic past. (Captain) and crew decide to help, starting with a krill hunt.

The crew is enjoying their summer vacation to the fullest while relaxing at Kaz's beach house.
Even Sara, who faced much hardship as Priestess of the Dunes, delights in kicking back with the crew.
Lyria: Hey, hey, Sara! Let's go see what's over there! You too, (Captain)!
Sara: Okay! Let's go, Graphos!
Graphos: ...
Jin watches from the beach house as Sara plays with the others.
Jin: She looks so happy. I guess I was right to invite her out to the beach.
Jin: But I still have to let Sara know...
Jin: (Captain), I'm thinking of going out to sea tomorrow.
Vyrn: Huh? For fishing?
Jin: Yes. It's about time I caught another bonito.
Vyrn: What! Another bonito? Don't you remember how much trouble it was last time?
Jin: True, it's no easy feat. I'm well aware of that.
Jin: But I want Sara to experience that incredible flavor for herself.
Jin: I want her to be happy after all she's been through.
Jin: And a bonito is one thing that will help me achieve that.
Jin has a serious look on his face. (Captain) and the others draw closer.
Jin: Sara's physical health has greatly improved. So much so that we no longer need to prepare any special medicinal foods.
Jin: Besides, Sara wouldn't want to trouble others with her own problems.
Jin: Consider this my own selfish request.
Vyrn: Hehe, good thing you're not the only one that's selfish!
Jin: Hm?
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain) can't wait to show Sara the tastiness of bonito either!
Jin: Thank the seas! So you'll help me catch another bonito, (Captain)?
Jin: I can't thank you enough! It bears repeating but this is all just a selfish whim of mine.
Jin: Knowing how eager you are to see Sara happy makes me proud to be your friend, (Captain).
Jin: That bonito will soon be ours!
The two exchange a firm handshake.
The crew heads out the next morning to catch a few crawdads to use as bait.

Onward to the Whitecaps: Scene 2

Sara grows worried upon seeing Jin trying to land the bonito all by himself. But when Volenna tells Sara that a true friend believes in others, she cheers Jin on.

Kaz gladly takes the helm after learning that Jin is heading out with the crew to catch a bonito.
Kaz: All I did was lie back and wait for the good news last time, but I'm seeing this catch through to the end!
Kaz steers the fishing boat away from the shore.
Sara: Hey Lyria. What kind of a fish is bonito?
Lyria: Teehee. Well, it's really big! It also swims really fast and creates these giant waves on the water!
Sara: I heard it's really difficult to catch.
Vyrn: Haha! It sure is. But it's totally worth it when you consider how tasty it is!
Lyria: It's so good that in Auguste they say you live longer just by eating bonito!
Sara: Wow. Is that really possible?
Jin and Volenna look on at how much fun Sara is having.
Volenna: Jin, I owe you my thanks.
Volenna: If we had never met you, Sara would never have mustered the courage to come out fishing like this.
Jin: Fishing is simply a hobby of mine. I actually feel bad for having you come along.
Volenna: Oh, come off it. I heard firsthand from Vyrn how difficult it is to catch a bonito.
Volenna: What I'm grateful for is the trouble you're going through just for Sara's sake.
Jin: It's nothing compared to everything you do, Volenna.
Jin: You can thank me after we've caught a bonito.
Volenna: Hah, I'm looking forward to it.
The ship has been sailing for a while when Jin suddenly points out to the waters.
Jin: I see it! Bonito!
Kaz: Those frothing whitecaps... It's a bonito, all right.
Jin: Can you get the bait ready, (Captain)?
The crew hastily prepares the crawdads.
Jin: Keep the bait coming!
Vyrn: Hold on now! Don't we need a few people casting lures?
Jin: No! I want you to leave that to me!
Sara: But it's dangerous! Graphos and I will—
Jin: Sara.
Sara: ?
Jin: I'll show you the catch of a lifetime!
Sara: Jin!
Volenna: Humph.
Let's just watch for now, Sara.
Sara: But, Volenna...
Volenna: A true friend believes in others.
Sara: Believe in others...
I understand.
Sara: Good luck, Jin!
Jin: I've got this! Heave-ho!
Jin's smile turns into a scowl as he casts the fishing rod.
Bonito: !
Kaz: It bit! Reel it in, Jin!
Jin: Heave! Ho! Heave-ho, heave-ho!
Jin's movements with the rod are methodical in reeling in the bonito.
Bonito: !
Jin: A clash of warriors on the high seas... Have at you!
An intense duel unfolds between Jin and the bonito.

Onward to the Whitecaps: Scene 3

Kaz takes in Jin's triumphant catch and prepares it for the crew. Jin is content to see Sara's smile as she relishes the rich, savory taste.

Jin: Heave... hooo!
Bonito: !
Kaz: Whoa!
Jin: Huff... Huff... I did it! Yaaah!
Sara: Amazing! That was amazing, Jin!
Jin smiles at the cheering crew while breathing heavily.
Kaz: Look at how plump and juicy this bonito is! Nice catch, Jin!
Kaz: That was some impressive technique you showed back there!
Jin: It's an honor to hear that from you, Kaz.
Jin: But I have everyone on the crew to thank for so expertly baiting the bonito.
Vyrn: Hey, stop selling yourself short! You were awesome back there!
Lyria: Yeah, Jin was so cool!
Kaz: All right, it's my turn. Time to serve up some bonito.
With fillet knife in hand, Kaz makes quick work of the bonito and gets to making sashimi.
(Captain) and crew all grab a piece for themselves.
Vyrn: Looks yummy!
Sara: Mm...
Jin: How is it, Sara?
Sara: ...
Jin: Is it not to your liking?
Sara quickly shakes her head.
Sara: That's not it! It's just so tasty I don't know what to say!
Sara: It's incredible, Jin! Don't you think so, Volenna?
Volenna: Definitely. This is my first time having it, but it's really good. Thanks for catching it, Jin.
Jin: I'm glad you're all loving it. There's more than enough to go around! Eat it while it's fresh, everyone!
Sara: Thanks! Mmm-mm...
Sara grins from ear to ear as she happily devours bonito with Volenna and crew.
Jin looks on proudly, savoring the taste of both victory and bonito.