Scenario:Jin - Warmhearted Warrior

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Warmhearted Warrior

Lyria and company look after the bedridden (Captain) while Jin visits a waterfall to meditate on the captain's behalf. Jin thinks back upon his adventures with the crew up to this point, and Vyrn and Lyria arrive to let him know about the captain's full recovery.

(Captain)'s crew continues its journey toward Estalucia.
During a stop at a nearby island, however, Jin grows concerned over (Captain)'s health.
Jin: (Captain), are you all right? Your face is quite flush.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, you're right! Let me feel your forehead, (Captain)... Eep!
Lyria: This isn't good! You have a serious fever!
Jin: Egads! You must rest, (Captain)! We'll call a doctor!
(Captain) is taken to a local inn and quickly falls asleep.
Lyria and company watch over their sickly captain until nightfall, but (Captain)'s fever only grows worse.
Lyria: Oh no... (Captain) is tossing and turning in bed... I wonder if they're going to be all right...
Vyrn: Sigh... And all the doctor told (Captain) to do was take some medicine and rest.
Jin: Sleep is the best medicine, they say. However...
Jin: (Is there nothing else I can do?)
Jin: (Ah! Of course!)
Jin comes to a realization and quietly leaves the room while Lyria and the others continue watching over (Captain).
Jin: Pardon me, shopkeep, but there wouldn't happen to be a waterfall nearby, would there?
Shopkeep: Hm? A waterfall? There's one in the forest just outside of town. I can draw you a map if you'd like!
Jin: A thousand thanks!
Jin: Very well! This waterfall should do nicely.
Jin: Waterfall... I challenge thee!
With a splash, Jin plunges beneath the freezing waterfall.
Jin: Ngrah!
Jin: This... is... nothing!
Jin is taken aback momentarily by the shocking drop in temperature but quickly corrects his posture and closes his eyes.
Jin: (I will drive away misfortune with the purifying cascade of this waterfall... May (Captain) enjoy a speedy recovery!)
With the sound of the waterfall filling his ears, Jin dedicates his body and soul to wishing (Captain) back to good health.
Jin: (How curious... I can hear nothing else from within the waterfall...)
Jin: (I can't help but recall my past adventures with (Captain) and the others...)
Jin: (During my youth, I was saved from a monster attack by a wandering swordsman...)
Jin: (Inspired by his actions, I chose to walk the path of the sword so that I could one day help others in the same way...)
Jin: (But reality is harsh. One must put food on the proverbial table.)
Jin: (I had to ask for compensation from those I saved in order to survive...)
Jin: (Conflicted over my way of life, I accepted a request to supposedly save an island.)
Jin: (I was asked to spirit away Sara, Priestess of the Dunes, a girl burdened with a fate most cruel...)
Jin: (It was at this time that I encountered (Captain)'s crew, under which Sara found protection...)
Jin: ((Captain) travelled the just path I sought to follow so long ago.)
Jin: (Offering a hand to those in need without so much as thinking about personal gain, and delivering swift punishment to those who would inflict harm on others.)
Jin: (To bear witness to their actions was a revelation.)
Jin: (When all was said and done, I offered to help (Captain) as they travelled that path.)
Jin: (We faced each other as foes at first. But (Captain) forgave me and allowed me to join the crew as an equal.)
Jin: (Another revelation awaited me during my travels, as my eyes were opened to the joys of fishing.)
Jin: (Facing the dangers of Auguste's grand ocean provided me with the answers I'd been seeking.)
Jin: (How insignificant we are in the face of such vastness! And yet... that is precisely why the decision to help others is so worthy of reverence.)
Jin: (I no longer had any doubt. I wished to dedicate myself, body and soul, to the cause of helping others.)
Jin: (We may be on a journey to the end of the skies, but my resolve is unshaken.)
Jin: (I only hope this purifying act can return (Captain) back to health!)
Jin: ...
Jin continues his steadfast efforts through the night. Soon enough, daybreak arrives.
Jin: Hm? Voices?
Vyrn: Whoa! Hey, Lyria, I found Jin! What're you doin' in there, buddy?
Lyria: Oh! You'll catch cold if you stay in that waterfall, Jin!
Jin steps out from the waterfall to speak with his friends.
Vyrn: We were lookin' all over for you, Jin!
Jin: Terribly sorry. I should have left a message with the innkeeper.
Jin: But if you're here...
Does that mean (Captain) is—
Lyria: Yes! (Captain) recovered this morning, and with a big appetite too!
Jin: Oh ho! That's certainly reassuring.
Vyrn: Heheh. (Captain) wanted to eat with the whole crew, so we came to look for you!
Jin: Much appreciated. Let's return to the inn at once!
Vyrn: Before we head back, you mind telling us what you were doing out here? Nearly shocked me senseless when I found you in that waterfall!
Jin: Oh, uh... Just uttering a little prayer.
Lyria: A prayer? What fo—
Jin: Hahaha! Realized for yourself, I see. Keep it a secret from (Captain), will you?
Lyria: Hee hee... I bet the reason (Captain)'s fever dropped is all because of you, Jin!
Jin: Hardly. Your devoted care is what saved the day.
Buffeted by cheerful conversation, the crew returns to (Captain)'s room.
It is at this time that Jin realizes how grateful he is to have such precious friends.
That sense of gratitude will lead Jin to support (Captain) and the crew forever and always... even if (Captain) doesn't realize it.