Scenario:Johann - Johann the Hunted

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Johann the Hunted

(Captain)'s party is suddenly attacked as they are working on a mission on an island. The attackers seem to be after Johann, but the reason is not yet clear.

(Captain)'s party is suddenly attacked during a mission on a remote island.
The attackers' objective is unclear, but they don't seem interested in interfering with the party's mission.
Vyrn: Geez! What's with these guys attacking us all of a sudden!
Lyria: Hm, they seem to be after Johann.
Johann: Hm, yes. There can be no doubt about that.
Katalina: Who are they? Judging from their equipment, they seem like an order of knights from somewhere.
Johann: Actually, I've had a lot of people after me as of late. People under the comand of someone rich and powerful, no less.
Katalina: I find that hard to believe. Why would they be after you?
Johann: They have their reasons. You don't need to be involved in black market dealings or dark conspiracies to be a target.
Katalina: Hm. I don't know what those reasons are, but we need to get out of here. That much is obvious.
Johann: Indeed. I've repelled them before, but I may not be so lucky next time.
Johann: Each time I defend myself successfully, they redouble their efforts.
Assassin 1: Ah ha! There you are, Johann!
Johann: Great. They found me.
Assassin 2: Heheh... Time to hand it over!
Johann: No.
Assassin 2: Aagh!
Assassin 1: Why, you little... Where do you get off?
Johann: I'm not going to just hand it over. Not on my life. You're going to have to work for it.

Johann the Hunted: Scene 2

The attackers are after Johann's staff. They relay their employer's offer for the staff, a sum of money that could buy an island, but Johann firmly refuses. With their patience depleted, the attackers sic monsters on the crew.

Assassin: No! We have to get that staff! Don't let it get away!
Vyrn: Wait, those guys want your staff?
Johann: Seems like it. Quite the bother, if I do say so. They simply don't know when to quit.
Katalina: But... why do they want your staff so badly?
Johann: Whatever the case, I can't let them have it. Period.
Assassin: Listen, we're not telling you to give it to us for free! We're offering to pay a lot of money!
Assassin: See? Look at this letter! This is how much our client will pay you! Are you saying this isn't enough?
The assassin tosses over a letter, which Katalina picks up off the ground.
Katalina: I don't believe this... You could buy an island for that price!
Lyria: Oh my gosh!
Johann: Sigh... I have no intention of selling my staff, no matter the price.
Assassin: Then you leave us no choice! Do it!
Monster: Gwooargh!
Vyrn: They're releasing monsters!
Assassin: You should have handed it over when we asked!

Johann the Hunted: Scene 3

Johann's staff is a relic of the Astrals, which he uses as a weapon since he doesn't know its actual use. His dream, Johann reveals, is to discover the staff's origin and true purpose.

Assassin: This isn't over! Next time... you won't get off so easily!
Johann: Looks like we're done here. Thank you for the help. I don't know if I could have handled them alone.
Lyria: Um, what's that staff of yours? How could it be worth the price of an island?
Johann: Oh, this?
Katalina: Yeah. Why are there people that want it so badly?
Johann: I haven't mentioned it before? This is a relic of the Astrals.
Lyria: Wow, the Astrals made it? So it must have some kind of mysterious—
Lyria: Wait... Oh my gosh!
Katalina: It must be incredibly valuable, then!
Johann: Yes, it's likely safe to assume so.
Johann: What value can money have when discussing a relic from a culture and people that vanished hundreds of years ago?
Vyrn: Wowie wow wow... I had no idea you were swinging around something that valuable!
Johann: I still don't know what the staff's true purpose is, so using it in this manner is all part of my research.
Johann: To use something is to understand it, after all.
Johann: There seems to be some magic left in it, so it's been quite useful to me as a weapon.
Lyria: Wow, we've had something that incredible with us this whole time?
Johann: To find out why this staff was created and where it came from... That is my dream.
Johann: When the staff is once again used for its original purpose, perhaps then I will glimpse the world spoken of in the myths of creation... A man can dream, yes?
Motivated by an inexhaustible curiosity, Johann's search will continue until he finally finds what he's looking for.