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Sky Blue Reflections

Returning to their own world, the Phantom Thieves hold a hot pot after-party in the attic of Leblanc. They reminisce excitedly about their Sky Realm adventure as they wait for the hot pot to come to a boil.

With their adventures in the Sky Realm over, the Phantom Thieves return to their own world.
They gather in the attic of Cafe Leblanc a few days later for a hot pot after-party.
Ann Takamaki: I'm turning the hot plate on.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Hurry... I'm 'bout to starve to death.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Will this tide you over for now?
Yusuke offers Ryuji a packaged snack.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yes! Thank you!
Morgana: Geez, Lady Ann went through the trouble to put this hot pot together. Can't you wait a little longer?
Ann Takamaki: It's all right. We can have a toast. Everyone grab a cup!
Morgana: Someone pour me a bowl!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Would you do the honors?
After everyone's received a drink, Ren calmly raises his own.
Ren Amamiya: Good work, everyone. Cheers.
The Four: Cheers!
Cups of juice and tea come together in celebration of a job well done.
Ann Takamaki: We went through so much, but the important thing is we all made it back safely.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Was pretty fun doin' somethin' different from a Palace.
Morgana: All of you were acting like complete tourists!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Heh. I can still see that beautiful landscape whenever I close my eyes.
Skull: How's that huge hunka land floatin' in the sky?
Panther: Mmm! Wind feels great!
Fox: Cerulean sky, sea of cloudy white, crimson red suit, and verdant green grass...
Mona: Hey, you guys! Stop horsing around or else you're gonna fall off the edge!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Real talk. Islands floatin' in the sky is insane!
Ann Takamaki: Totally! It's so beautiful seeing the sky all around you!
Morgana: What shocked me was that huge flying ship!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Airships, they call them. They are certainly picturesque.
Ren Amamiya: And we even chased after one all the way into a town.
Skull: Holy crap! It looks like a European city!
Fox: Hm. Let's take a stroll through the place then.
Skull: Check it out! Some of these people have furry ears, and some have horns!
Panther: Cosplayers maybe? At least that helps us blend in a little...
Mona: Now that you mention it, we're still in our Phantom Thieves gear. Does that make this world similar to a Metaverse?
Ryuji Sakamoto: There was like a huge castle or somethin'—and some sorta pier! It was pretty sweet!
Ann Takamaki: It was so busy with all those airships coming and going along the docks!
Yusuke Kitagawa: It was a marvelous place overflowing with many curiosities, and I wanted to explore every corner of it.
Morgana: It's not hard to see why people and goods would gather in Port Breeze when it's one of the leading trade hubs in the region.
Ann Takamaki: I thought Erunes and Draphs were cosplayers when I first saw them!
Something in Ann's words causes Ryuji to clasp his hands together as if offering a prayer. His face turns solemn.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Bless the Erune honeys for their open-back, sleeveless style.
Ryuji Sakamoto: And bless the Draph honeys for their big, uh...
Yusuke Kitagawa: Amen...
Ann Takamaki: That's the sort of moronic things you two were thinking about back then?
Yusuke Kitagawa: I believe Ryuji is commenting on the fact that lovely ladies, as well as lovely scenery, are a feast for the eyes that anyone can appreciate.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Bingo! Eyes need food too!
Ann Takamaki: Hmm... Boys are so simple.
Morgana: Not me, Lady Ann! I'm different!
Morgana: Unlike these two, I'm completely serious when it comes to thinking about the future!
Ann Takamaki: Mm-hm. I'm done with this conversation.
Morgana: Darn it...
Ren Amamiya: Need a drink?
Morgana: Yeah...
Ren pours Morgana some tea in solidarity.
Like the ingredients inside the hot pot, the conversation slowly comes to an excited boil.

Sky Blue Reflections: Scene 2

Each of the Phantom Thieves tells a story about their personal experience in the Sky Realm in between bites from the hot pot. The mood grows solemn as the party progresses.

Ryuji Sakamoto: All right, guys...
Let's dig in!
The Four: Yeah, let's eat!
Discussing their time in the Sky Realm was the perfect activity to give the hot pot time to boil.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Aah... Haa-hot... Damn, this is good!
Ann Takamaki: Use your head! You're gonna burn your mouth eating it that fast!
Morgana: Lady Ann! I can't eat hot stuff, so can you blow on my food for me?
Ann Takamaki: I'm on it.
Phwoo, phwoo.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Me too please.
Ann Takamaki: Do it yourself.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Urg...
Phwoo, phwoo!
Sitting around the hot pot, eating happily, the Phantom Thieves reminisce about the crew.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Man, those skyfarers were great.
Morgana: Yeah. They came to our rescue even though we must've seemed weird to them.
Skull: Damn it! Can't get a straight answer here!
Ruffian: What's wit' da attitude? Ya wanna throw down?
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Sparks are about to fly!
Katalina: Hold on! All of you!
Yusuke Kitagawa: They accepted us even though they knew we were Phantom Thieves. They are paragons of great magnanimity.
Vyrn: That's pretty wild!
Lyria: Yes! Very cool!
Skull: Huh... That was quick. Maybe a little too quick?
Ann Takamaki: I really got to know them when we were hiding in Siero's warehouse.
Panther: Oh my gosh! This is sooo cute! I've never seen a pattern like this before!
Panther: Don't you think so too, Lyria-chan? Isn't it cute?
Lyria: Um...
Katalina: Haha. Go on, Lyria. It might be nice to have some girl talk for a change.
Lyria: Okay then!
Lyria: Show me more, Panther!
Ren Amamiya: What did you talk to the crew members about?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Me? I was askin' Rackam 'bout the airship.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Hearin' him talk 'bout steerin' the airship was like whoa!
Ann Takamaki: Wait, didn't you two end up talking about ramen?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yep! Guess they got ramen too!
Ryuji Sakamoto: We swapped info on the best ramen shops.
Ann Takamaki: You really love ramen, don't you...
Ryuji Sakamoto: So what'd you talk about then?
Ann Takamaki: Lyria and I talked about fashion. And then we talked about sweets!
Ann Takamaki: Lyria has a sweet tooth too, so we really hit it off when we got to cakes!
Morgana: I asked Vyrn about any sushi places that served ootoro, but...
Ryuji Sakamoto: See, I'm not the only one who talked about food!
Yusuke Kitagawa: I asked Katalina to pose for my art work but she refused.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Wait a sec. You asked her for a nude pose?
Ann Takamaki: Sigh... So you haven't learned anything from the last time you did that.
Ryuji Sakamoto: You can't just drop that on someone you just met. That's shameless, man.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Then if another opportunity arises, I will establish a deeper relationship first before I ask.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Dude... That's not the problem...
Morgana: How about you, Ren?
Ren Amamiya: (Captain) and I were discussing coffee.
Ann Takamaki: Oh really? So (Captain) likes coffee too!
Ren Amamiya: (Captain) wanted to know how to brew up a good cup of joe, so I gave some tips.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Now there's a good use of time.
Morgana: It was really great meeting everyone in that crew.
Ryuji Sakamoto: We probably wouldn't be chowin' down on hot pot right now if we hadn't met 'em!
Ryuji concentrates on digging for food in the pot.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Mmm... Chomp, chomp... Sooo good!
Ann Takamaki: Hey! You can't just keep eating nothing but meat!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Who? Me?
Ann Takamaki: Eat some vegetables too! Or else!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Sorry, sorry. I'll grab somethin' green too...
Although Ryuji has been hoarding the meat, the party keeps right on going.

Sky Blue Reflections: Scene 3

Ryuji wonders what it would've been like to live in the Sky Realm, and everyone hopes that someday they'll be able to see the crew again. With the party drawing to a close, the Phantom Thieves prepare to return to the difficult days ahead.

Yusuke Kitagawa: Thank you for the meal.
The Four: That really hit the spot!
The foursome lay down their utensils and take a little breather.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Whew... I'm stuffed...
Yusuke Kitagawa: That was delicious.
Morgana: Lady Ann's gonna make a good wife with her cooking skills.
Ann Takamaki: Oh, please. Anybody can make hot pot taste good.
As the hot pot party draws to a close, the Phantom Thieves relive exciting memories of their adventure.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Too bad we couldn't stay longer to do more sightseeing.
Morgana: It felt like you were all set to stay behind back there, Ryuji.
Ryuji Sakamoto: I thought about it. Like what would happen to us if we decided to crash there for a bit?
Yusuke Kitagawa: We would have become skyfarers like (Captain) and the others most likely.
Ryuji Sakamoto: How cool would that be? Blastin' through the sky on an airship as the Phantom Thieves Crew!
Ryuji Sakamoto: We'd team up with (Captain)'s posse, stop bad guys, and become famous!
Ryuji Sakamoto: Then I'd be popular with the Erune and Draph babes—
Ann Takamaki: Nope! I'm going to stop your delusions right there!
Morgana: They're aiming for the ends of the skies, and we're out to punish the corrupted. We both have our own goals, you know?
Ryuji Sakamoto: Yeah, I hear ya...
A tinge of sadness washes over Ryuji's face.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Those skyfarers were pretty dope though...
Ryuji Sakamoto: Wish we coulda hung out like this and grabbed a bite together.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Mm. And then top it all off with some rice soup.
Morgana: They're good people. I hope we get a chance to meet them again.
Ren Amamiya: I hope so too.
Ann Takamaki: Yeah... We'll definitely meet again.
Ann stares at the matching ring she got with Lyria, wishing for a reunion in the future.
The after-party comes to a close. From now on it's back to the grind of hunting the wicked.