Scenario:Joker - Sky Blue Rendezvous

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Sky Blue Rendezvous

Joker and his team slip into a world with floating islands through a crack discovered in Mementos. Seeking clues in a nearby town as to where they are, the Phantom Thieves are about to fight with locals when they hear approaching footsteps behind them.

Joker and his fellow thieves slip through a crack in Mementos, which drops them in a sprawling green meadow surrounded by endless blue sky.
Skull: How's that huge hunka land floatin' in the sky?
Panther: Mmm! Wind feels great!
Fox: Cerulean sky, sea of cloudy white, crimson red suit, and verdant green grass...
Panther stretches while Fox uses his fingers to frame her for a potential composition.
Mona: Hey, you guys! Stop horsing around or else you're gonna fall off the edge!
Skull: No sweat! Just morph into an airplane and fly us to safety!
Mona: As if!
Panther: Hey, do you think you could use your Mona Power to get us over to that other island?
Mona: I told you already! I'm not some kinda robot-cat who's here to serve you!
Fox: Ah... What a beautiful contrast...
Fox: (I do believe this will make for a nice motif.)
Meanwhile Joker stands away from his rowdy companions, thinking to himself.
Mona: What's up, Joker?
Joker: Look!
A large airship suddenly surfaces from the clouds, throwing up a gust of wind as it passes.
Panther: Aaah! It almost blew me over!
Skull: Dude! The hell's that big ol' flyin' thing?
Mona: Looks like a flying ship?
Fox: A low-angle shot of that flyby would make another great picture...
Joker: Let's go after it.
Skull: Good call! They gotta know somethin' 'bout this world!
Joker and the others chase after the flying ship.
The ship sets down somewhere within a town with a grand tower.
Skull: Holy crap! It looks like a European city!
Mona: Earth to Skull! There are probably Shadows here! Stay sharp!
Skull: Chillax! I'm on top of things!
Panther: It doesn't look like Shadows would be here... Feels safe to me.
Fox: Hm. Let's take a stroll through the place then.
The Phantom Thieves relax a bit as they walk down a busy street.
Skull: Check it out! Some of these people have furry ears and some have horns!
Panther: Cosplayers maybe? At least that helps us blend in a little...
Mona: Now that you mention it, we're still in our Phantom Thieves gear. Does that make this world similar to a Metaverse?
Fox: Wait a minute. I smell something good...
Fox: I volunteer myself to scout the area for free samples!
Mona: This isn't the time for that!
Panther: Ooh, look! I want to see what's happening over there!
Joker: Let's check it out.
They make their way to what appears to be the busiest square in town.
Mona: Some kinda festival?
Fox: The street performers are out in full force.
Various performers line the area, vying for the eyeballs of would-be fans.
Panther: Wow! That's amazing!
Skull: Yo, check it!
Joker: What?
Skull: It's a sign callin' for arm wrestlers!
The sign boasts a prize pot that includes all the entry fees paid up thus far.
Fox: Using arm wrestling to make money...
Skull: That's my jam right there! I think I'm gonna take a shot at it.
Panther: Huh? Forget it! Don't those guys give you the creeps?
Ruffian: C'mon! Is no one brave enough to step up to the challenge?
A group of shady-looking Draphs are promoting their booth loudly, looking for takers.
Mona: They do look like bad news.
Skull: It's cool, right, Joker? I just wanna try it once.
Joker: If that's what you want.
Skull: Okay! Let's rock!
They follow Skull to the arm wrestling booth.
Skull: 'Sup! I'll take you on!
Ruffian: What's with the mask? That's some weird gear you guys got on...
Skull: Mask?
Oh, this. Uh, it's, uh...
Skull: I just like collectin' 'em, okay? Just got it from a shop!
Ruffian: Whatever. First ya gotta pay the entry fee!
Skull: Okay! This should cover it!
The ruffian's expression changes as he eyes the money offered by Skull.
Ruffian: Huh? The hell is this? We only bet with money here. Mo-ney.
Skull: Huh? That's money right there.
Ruffian: ...
We take rupies, bud.
Skull: Rupies?
Ruffian: You mockin' me? If you're tryin' to start somethin', I'mma knock you out.
Mona: Psst, Skull! Let's scram!
Mona jumps in to diffuse the situation. That's when the ruffian takes a deep interest in him.
Ruffian: What's the weird creature?
Mona: I'm not a weird creature! I'm full-on human!
Skull: Dude, I thought you were steppin' in to stop a fight, not start one!
Ruffian: Interesting...
Ruffian: Tell you what. Instead of betting rupies, I'll let you bet that cat-thing.
Skull: That's the deal? Well, Mona?
Mona: How could you even think about putting me up as a bet!
Mona: And I ain't a cat either!
Panther: Come on, everyone's looking at us. Let's just go!
The ruffian now turns his attention to Panther.
Ruffian: Ooh... That cutie's even better!
Panther: Huh? Me?
Ruffian: Whaddya say, babe? Wanna come with me?
Panther: In your dreams.
Ruffian: What!
Mona: Yeah! Who in their right mind would want to hang out with you?
Skull: Damn it! Everyone just chill!
Fox: Wait!
Fox suddenly bounds in front of the ruffian with excitement.
Fox: So it has come to this. In regards to your previous offer, would you allow me to be the wager?
Ruffian: No.
Fox: What? Why! Why am I unacceptable!
Ruffian: Shut up! Dem's the breaks. Now butt out!
Skull: Bro, bro! Let's just forget about it, 'kay? Our bad for bringin' it up!
Skull tries to force his way out of the predicament with the seething ruffian.
Ruffian: I've had it up to here with you jokers! You ain't gettin' away with this!
Skull: Uh, yeah... That's why I apologized, didn't I?
The ruffian grabs hold of Skull's shoulders, signaling that the situation is about to get out of hand.
Panther: Oh no! This is not going to end well!
Fox: Yes. We're on a collision course with an unavoidable fight.
Mona: Joker! Do something!
Joker: I guess I have to.
With a slight shrug, Joker prepares to step into the mix, when he hears the approaching patter of footsteps.
Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, this chance encounter between thieves and skyfarers would lead to new friendships.