Scenario:Juliet - Midtown Stroll

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Midtown Stroll

(Captain) and company reunite with Juliet in Verona, and together they head into the city to greet the people. Juliet has a flashback about Romeo, and she begins to question her usefulness, unaware of the next trial she's about to face.

(Captain) and company were dragged into a long-standing war between the Montagues and Capulets.
They met Romeo and Juliet, heirs to their respective houses, and helped them overcome their hardships while forging strong bonds.
The crew returns to the land of the Capulets after receiving a letter from Princess Juliet.
Juliet and the crew reunite, and they head out together into the town.
Juliet: I know you've just arrived, but thanks for keeping me company.
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! Can't have the princess walking around by herself, ya know! We'd be worried sick!
Juliet: Normally Deborah or one of my bodyguards would come with me, but I wanted to catch up with all of you.
Lyria: Right! It's been so long. I wanted to have a nice chat with you too, Juliet!
Juliet: Hehe. I'm glad to hear it.
Lyria: It's just like you to walk around town and greet the public.
Juliet: I feel as if an uneasy atmosphere has been spreading throughout the land recently.
Juliet: So I thought it'd be nice to do something to ease their worries.
Vyrn: You didn't just think about it. You sprang into action! You're awesome!
Juliet: No, it's Paris who's keeping the peace in town.
Juliet: I can't do anything great like that.
Juliet cheerfully greets the people who are having a stroll in the streets.
Juliet: How do you do, everyone? Is there any trouble I can assist you with?
Expecting Mother: How do you do, Lady Juliet? Thank you so much for everything you did the other day!
Expecting Mother: Those supplies you sent from the castle have helped so much! Just look at my belly!
Juliet: Hehehe. I'm glad to hear it. It's been about six months, hasn't it?
Expecting Mother: Yes! Thanks to you, I've made it to the third trimester!
Boy: Lady Juliet! I'm gonna be a big brother soon!
Juliet: Oh my! I'll bet you're excited.
Expecting Mother: Ever since I told him about his little brother, he's been offering to help me with everything!
Boy: You bet, 'cause that's what big brothers do!
Juliet: Hehe, that's very responsible of you.
Boy: You know what else? When I grow up, I'm gonna be big and strong like that guard over there!
Boy: Then I'm gonna protect my brother from the Montagues!
Juliet: Wow. Good for you.
Expecting Mother: Now, now, I'm sure Lady Juliet is very busy. Let's not keep her.
Boy: Okay! Bye-bye, Lady Juliet!
Juliet: Goodbye...
After bidding farewell to the young family, Juliet turns her gaze toward a young woman who has come to meet the young guard.
They are probably lovers, judging from the intimacy of their conversation.
Juliet: (If only that could've been us.)
Romeo: It's not like Juliet to be late.
Romeo watches the passersby expectantly with his arms folded behind his back.
Romeo: Could she have been involved in an accident somewhere?
Juliet: Sorry I'm late, Romeo!
Romeo: Juliet! It's fine. I just got here myself.
Romeo: I'm just glad you're not hurt.
Juliet: Hm? No, I'm fine. What are you talking about?
Romeo: Oh, uh, nothing! Forget it.
Juliet: Hehe! You're so weird, Romeo.
Juliet: Oh, look at this! I picked a pretty flower on the way here!
Juliet smiles happily as she offers the flower to Romeo.
Romeo: For me?
Juliet: I really wanted you to have it. I'm sorry I let something like this keep me from being on time.
Romeo: No, no! I love it! Thanks, Juliet!
Juliet: Really? It makes me so happy to hear you say that.
Romeo: Hehe. Now it's time for your gift.
Romeo withdraws his arms from behind his back and offers Juliet the flower he had been hiding.
Juliet: Oh?
Romeo: I bumped into a flower seller before you came.
Romeo: I saw this lovely flower, and I knew I just had to give it to you.
Juliet: Heehee. Thank you. I can't stop smiling, Romeo.
Juliet: First you worried about me when I was late, and then you even bought me a flower. I'm so happy.
Romeo: Hehe. I guess this proves just how well we know each other, wouldn't you agree?
Juliet: It's so wonderful. Have we started to rub off on each other?
Romeo: Well, we both love the theater. We've always had that in common, right?
Juliet: Heehee. I can't believe we managed to get tickets to Bill the Bard's new play! It's like a dream come true!
Romeo: It must be fate. After all it's thanks to Bill the Bard that we met in the first place.
Romeo: Oh, it's almost time for the theater doors to open! Shall we get going, Juliet?
Juliet: Yes!
Romeo: Ah, but since the concession stand is bound to be expensive and crowded, why don't we grab lunch on the way?
Romeo starts walking, but Juliet shyly presents him with a small box.
Romeo: Hm? What's this?
Juliet: Um, I tried my hand at making lunch for today, and—
Romeo: Oh? Juliet's home cooking? I can't wait to try it!
Juliet: Really? It would mean the world to me if you did!
Romeo: How could I say no to you? In that case let's just eat it in the park by the theater!
Juliet: Okay!
Romeo: All right, let's hurry, Juliet!
Juliet: Oh, wait! Romeo!
Romeo: Come here, Juliet!
Juliet: Romeo!
Romeo: Juliet!
Juliet: Romeo!
Romeo: Juliet!
Juliet: Romeo!
Vyrn: Juliet!
Juliet: Rome—
Vyrn: That's my name! Vyrn! What's the matter with you?
Juliet: Huh? Um, did I say anything weird just now?
Juliet: D-did I, (Captain)?
  1. A little frightening.
  2. Cough...

Choose: A little frightening.

Juliet: Huh? I'm scaring you? I'm sorry!
You want to know what's gotten into me?
Juliet: Wait! Please don't back away from me, (Captain)!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Cough...

Juliet: What's that cough supposed to mean?
Juliet: (Captain)! Please don't look away!

Continue 1

Vyrn: Well, uh, let's all just drop it, okay? It's fine, right, Lyria?
Lyria: Oh, yes! It's completely fine! You don't have to worry about it! Really!
Juliet: The more you insist it's fine, the more I start to think that it's not fine at all...
A guard and townswoman come running up to Juliet.
Guard: Are you all right, Lady Juliet?
Guard: Did these people do something rude to you?
Juliet: Huh?
Townswoman: Gyaah! Someone come quick! Lady Juliet's in danger!
Juliet: No, I'm not! This is all a misunderstanding!
Once Juliet explains the situation, the guard and the townswoman sheepishly apologize.
Guard: We're deeply sorry for our actions!
Vyrn: Eh, it's cool.
Townswoman: I'm so sorry!
Lyria: I can really tell how much everyone loves you, Juliet.
Guard: Yes. If anything happened to Lady Juliet, the entire city would be devastated.
Townswoman: Thanks to Lady Juliet of Capulet, we all love this land.
Juliet: Please. I don't deserve such praise.
Juliet: (What can I possibly do to help these people?)
Their compliments cause Juliet to question herself.
After saying goodbye to the two, the party sets off once more.
Juliet: I'm truly sorry for causing you trouble back there.
Lyria: Ahaha. I was a little surprised, but it just shows how much everyone loves you!
Vyrn: Yeah! You've come a long way since we last saw you, Juliet!
Juliet: Thank you. I appreciate all your words of encouragement, and I hope I can continue to grow as a person.
Juliet: Now I'm sure we're all feeling a little worn out, so why don't we return to the castle?
Vyrn: Taking a break at the castle sounds good! I'm pretty beat.
Lyria: Okay! We can continue our conversation once we get back!
Juliet: Certainly! I'll prepare my favorite tea and snacks.
Lyria: Yay! I can't wait!
Juliet: Hehe. This time I'd like to hear all about your adventures.
Juliet and the others end their stroll and return to the castle.
No one could foresee the great trial that is to befall the reunited party.