Scenario:Juri - Like Father, Like Son

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Like Father, Like Son

Some time had passed since Juri, the imperial soldier, had joined (Captain) and the skyfarers. As he and the party walk through a forest, Juri senses a threatening presence nearby. The presence is none other than his former captain in the imperial army. And so, Juri crosses swords with his former comrades.

Some time had passed since Juri, the imperial soldier, had joined (Captain) and the skyfarers.
The party walks through a forest on a mission. As they advance through the forest, Juri senses something odd about their surroundings.
Juri: (I sense something... animals?)
Katalina: What's wrong, Juri? Is something bothering you?
Juri: No... I just thought I heard a sound.
Vyrn: You worry too much!
Katalina: Actually... I've been wondering about it too. It's as if there are people around us...
Juri: (... Again! This is...!)
Juri: This formation... It can't be!
Juri: Everyone! Get ready for battle! We're surrounded by imperial soldiers!
Captain: Hmph, I commend you for noticing our ambush, young Juri.
Juri: Captain! And you guys!
Captain: I see you've grown. How's your swordsmanship?
Juri: Sir! I've been keeping up my training as usual.
Juri: But captain... why are you in battle formation?
Captain: Ha! We can't simply watch as a deserter tries to walk by.
Captain: Men, draw your swords!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
Captain: Listen men! He may be our former comrade, but there's no need for mercy! Attack!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes! Sir!

Like Father, Like Son: Scene 2

Juri defeated his former comrades in combat. The captain praises him for improving his skills, and declares that he will be the next opponent.

Captain: Ah... You weren't lying about keeping up your training! You've been honing your skills I see.
Juri: (I can't feel too happy about compliments when we're surrounded like this...!)
Captain: It's been a while, but I'll be your next opponent! Prepare yourself, young Juri!
Juri: (He's serious... He wants to kill me!)
Juri: Very well... I'll show you how much stronger I've become!

Like Father, Like Son: Scene 3

The captain is defeated by Juri in combat. To commend his skills, the captain dubs Juri "The Fiery Soul of the Empire", a title formerly held by his late father. Juri unexpectedly receives a memento of his father. It would become a part of him, and support him as he continues through the path he believes in.

Captain: Ugh... I see you've become quite the swordsman...
Juri: I... I won...
Juri: Captain... Why...?
Captain: Hmph, no reason in particular. Come, men! You scum! We've wasted unnecessary time!
Soldiers: Sir!
Captain: Juri... From this day forward, I grant you a new title.
Captain: Juri, the Fiery Soul of the Empire!
Juri: That name...! You know of it, captain?!
Captain: Hmph! Oh yes. Yes, it's the title that once belonged to your father! I pass it onto you!
Juri: C-Captain!
Captain: I commend you... you've become a skilled swordsman. I'll report back to your father resting in his grave and tell him how much you've grown.
Captain: Come, men! Back to the mission! We don't have much time!
Captain: You! Have you confirmed our current location?
Soldier: Sir! Our location is still unknown!
Captain: Very well! Then we advance forward! We do not retreat!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes! Sir!
Captain: Farewell! Young... No, Juri, the Fiery Soul of the Empire!
Juri: There he goes...
Katalina: Hmph... Boisterous as always...
Vyrn: Hey, so what did that guy come here for, anyway?
Farrah: Hmm... Maybe he came here because he was worried about you!
Juri: I don't know about that... That squad got lost all the time...
Juri: The Fiery Soul of the Empire, huh.
Juri unexpectedly receives a memento of his father. It gives him confidence.
Although he lost his father and his place in the army, the imperial soul will live on inside him. Juri continues to proceed on the path that he believes in.