Scenario:Juri - Trail of Memories

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Trail of Memories

As the crew lugs cargo through the mountains, Juri is reminded of his first mission with the imperial army. Farrah remembers that Juri was placed in detention soon afterward. With some prodding from Farrah and the crew, Juri reluctantly reveals what happened on his first mission.

Juri: I trod through a forest just like this one on that cargo transport mission...
Juri: It was my first mission after joining the army. I was on edge the entire time.
Farrah: Hehe! Your first mission, huh... That reminds me of mine!
Juri (Event) not in crew

The once up-and-coming private, Juri.
He first crossed paths with (Captain) and company when the Erste Imperial Army conducted a campaign in Auguste.
He trusted in his empire's brand of justice, but a series of events created doubt in his mind about the imperial way of doing things.
He has since fled their ranks and now lives to right the world's wrongs as a member of (Captain)'s crew.
Farrah: I played pack mule in a desert for my first mission! It was tough getting around, not to mention the crazy heat...
The crew is walking along a mountain path, trying to get a cargo load from point A to point B.
Their destination is a remote village beyond the mountains. The members engage in friendly chatter on the long trek.
Lyria: So for both of you, your first mission back in the imperial army was something like this?
Katalina: Hm, cargo transportation is generally one of the safer assignments, but regardless it pays to keep your guard up.
Katalina: Since the army also marches the entire way, it's the ideal mission for new recruits.
Juri: Yeah, it got me used to military life really fast.
Farrah: To be honest, I'm really surprised that was your first mission, Juri!
Juri: Hm? Wasn't it the same for you?
Farrah: Oh, I'd imagine you had it way more rough.
Farrah: Like eating contests, to battling atop giant dogs, to sneaking into enemy territory while cross-dressed...
Juri: What the... What makes you think they did that kinda stuff in the army?
Farrah: I'm talking about Galston's unit! Under him, pretty much anything went.
Lyria: Wasn't that the name of your lieutenant, Juri? Sounds like that unit must've been pretty famous.
Farrah: Definitely! Especially with all the weirdos in their ranks, they were the talk of the entire army!
Vyrn: That reminds me, Juri, you were chewing out your army buddies for goofing off at the beach when we first ran into you.
Juri: Haha. Yeah, I remember that. It brings back memories.
Katalina: You'd have to write a formal apology if the superiors ever caught wind of it. It's no surprise you were angry.
Farrah: Ah! That reminds me...
Farrah: Juri, weren't you in detention shortly after being assigned to your unit?
Juri: Agh!
Farrah: I always wondered... What exactly went down on your first mission?
Juri: N-nothing! Nothing at all! Just forget about it!
Vyrn: Ooh, sounds juicy. Now I'm really curious.
Lyria: Juri... Did you do something?
Juri: Sigh... Hehe, it was such a long time ago... Can't we just forget about it?
  1. I'm interested too.
  2. I'm dying of curiosity!

Choose: I'm interested too.
Choose: I'm dying of curiosity!
Juri: Not you too, (Captain)...
Unable to evade their expectant gazes, Juri lets out a deep breath.
Juri: Fine... I'll talk...
Juri looks up past the canopy of trees toward clear blue skies before beginning his story.
Juri: It was a sunny day, not too different from today...
Jick: Yes! I'm private Jick Bay!
Jick: I swear to give my all for the empire and for my mother back in the countryside!
Galston: Hm... Keeping your parents in your thoughts is most commendable. All right, next!
After prolonged training, Juri is assigned to his first unit.
He exchanges greetings with his teammates, also newly assigned.
Juri: Hello! Private Juri Eckard reporting!
Juri: I'll do my best to become a respected soldier like my father!
Galston: Oho... So you're his son...
Juri: You know my father?
Galston: Heh... Let's just say your father and I have been through a lot in the past.
Juri: He never mentioned anything of the sort... Can you be more specific?
Galston: You know, I've seen you before when you were just a toddler.
Juri: Huh?
Private 1: Lieutenant! Tell us what Juri was like as a kid!
Galston: Never mind that! The Juri we have with us today is what matters!
Galston: But if you really care that much, ask Juri yourself and leave me out of it!
Private 1: My apologies, sir!
Private 1: So, Juri, what kind of a kid were you?
Juri: Huh?
Galston: Blasted idiot! Not now! Ask him on your own time!
Private 1: Ah! My apologies!
Juri: (This is quite different from what I'd imagined...)
Galston: You rookies will be coming along on today's assignment.
Galston: Keep in mind that this is no drill! Brace yourselves for whatever might happen!
Juri: Yessir!
Juri: (At long last... I'll be able to take my first steps as a soldier of the imperial army!)
Galston: Today's mission is cargo transport. We're to carry these supplies to our forward operating base in the south where a battle is ongoing.
Galston: There's no time to waste! We depart at once!
Privates: Sir! Yessir!
Galston's unit marches along a mountain path.
Galston: Keep up the pace, rookies! Don't fall behind!
Juri: Yessir!
Galston: But if this is too hard on you, don't be afraid to speak up either—we can afford to take a break!
Juri: Thank you!
Juri: (We did our fair share of hiking during the usual drills... I can handle this.)
Juri: (But this is obviously the long way there. Why are we taking this route?)
Juri: (The lieutenant's just zooming ahead...)
Juri: (Given our proximity to enemy territory, maybe he just means for us to scout the surrounding area...)
By the time the sun begins to set, Galston stops in his tracks.
Private 1: Lieutenant, could this be...
Galston: Yes, there's no mistaking it.
Juri: Wh-what's wrong? Did you find something?
Galston: Oh, it's nothing. We're just lost out here, but I'm sure we'll be okay.
Juri: Wha...
Juri: Whaaat!
Juri is aghast at what had just come out of Galston's mouth.
Overcoming this conundrum will prove to be quite the challenge.