Scenario:Juri and Seruel - Indivisible Spirits

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Indivisible Spirits

Seruel finds Juri on the airship deck, sighing under the weight of his problems. He worries that leaving the Empire may not have been the reasonable thing to do. Learning of his misgivings, Seruel admonishes him that all difficult decisions come with some degree of pain. Juri shows surprise at Seruel’s concern, and Seruel invites him to tea so they can get to know each other better.

As the airship glides through the sky, Juri stands on deck, gazing into the distance.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: What’s the matter? I’ve heard nothing but sighs since I stepped out on deck.
Juri: Uh, what? say? I didn’t mean any...
Seruel: Dear me... You hadn’t noticed? Might I ask you to forbear? You’re making MY heart heavy.
Juri: Oh, pardon my rudeness! I shall be careful.
Juri apologizes to Seruel, then retreats back into his thoughts.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: Humph. You pay me service with your lips, but I see your head does not yet understand me.
Juri: Oh, what? I was trying not to contain my sighs...
Seruel: Well? What is the problem? Standing around brooding will lead to nothing but wasted time.
Juri: Hrngh! Well... You might say... I am having second thoughts about my choices in life.
Seruel: Sigh... Explain—clearly, and concisely.
Juri: You see, before I joined this crew, I was diligently making my way through the ranks of the Imperial army.
Juri: But I found I could not justify the Empire’s methods, and so I left the army to which I had once sworn my fealty.
Juri: I did what I believed was right. And my captain not only supported my decision, but encouraged it.
Juri: But...I never repaid the men and women who made me who I am today... And I fear leaving my unit was akin to slapping them in the face.
Seruel: Rubbish. Is that all you were worried about?
Juri: Come, now! For me, it is not so trivial.
Seruel: You may have had friendship with people in the Empire, and those ties may not have been easy to cut, but sometimes pain is part of making a decision.
Seruel: You followed the path you believed to be right, and so have distanced yourself from the Empire. Why should you still feel so attached?
Juri: You make a good point. I suppose I have been clinging a little too tightly to the past.
Juri: And if I cannot abide the Erste Empire’s methods...then it is inevitable that I should be here.
Juri: I mustn’t stand here moping—it would be unfair to (Captain). (Captain) believes in me.
Seruel: I see. The problem was not reluctance to part with the past, but lack of faith in yourself.
Juri: ......!
Seruel: You’re just like Naoise. You are so eager to do right that you end up trying too hard.
Seruel: You have nothing to worry about. The future will prove that you made the right decision.
Seruel: Heh. Many problems are solved better with time than with thought. I hope you will remember that.
Juri: (Unbelievable! Seruel is even stricter than the captain! And he’s troubling himself...over me?)
Juri: ...You have my thanks. Er...
Seruel: What? Why do you have that odd look on your face?
Juri: It’s just that...well... I hadn’t thought you to be so friendly.
Seruel: Ha ha, is that so? I thank you for the compliment. ...And I am quite curious to know what you DID think of me.
Juri: Ack! I-I didn’t mean... It just slipped out... No! I mean...
Seruel: Hm... We are in the same crew, after all. Perhaps we should get better acquainted.
Seruel: Don’t you agree? Let us have a nice, long chat over a cup of tea.
Juri: (Curses! Th-that smile on his face... There’s no mistaking it–that is the face of an angry man!)
Juri: (Hrrgh... Tea would surely be awkward in these circumstances! ...I know!)
Juri: Let’s not be hasty! Since you were kind enough to suggest it, let us invite the others to...
Seruel: Oh? You mean to say you don’t want to be alone with me?
Juri: No! That’s not what I meant...
Seruel: Heh...ha ha ha! I speak in jest. You are more amusing than I had expected.
Seruel: Come. We must see if we can find out who has time on their hands.
And so they invited the rest of the crew, and enjoyed a pleasant teatime together.
Though his words were harsh, Juri felt Seruel’s concern for him.
Taking his doubts and fears into his heart one by one, Juri will move forward.