Scenario:Kanako Mimura - Where All the Sweets Go

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Where All the Sweets Go

While taking a break at a rest stop, Kanako uses an unknown form of magic to conjure up tea and a bewildering array of desserts for (Captain) and the crew. In a discussion of the crew's plans, Vyrn questions what will become of Kanako, and she reveals that she'd like to stay with the crew. Lyria is overjoyed to hear this, and the decision is soon made to allow Kanako to join the Grandcypher crew.

Arriving at a town as part of a job, the crew decided to stop at a rest stop for an afternoon break.
Just as (Captain) was about to sit down, Kanako asked a question.
Kanako: (Captain), you look tired. Would you like some tea?
Lyria: Oh, Kanako! Are you suggesting we have a tea party?
Kanako: Heehee. Lyria, how about some candy while we rest up?
Lyria: Yay! I wonder what kind of candy you'll have this time!
Kanako: Hmm, now let's see… Ah, I know, how about… Ha?!
With a shake of one of her fingers, Kanako seemed to conjure up a pure white cake topped with some kind of red fruit.
It seemed obvious that since arriving in the Skyworld she had picked up some kind of candy-conjuring power.
Lyria: Wow! That looks sooo delicious!
Kanako neatly sliced up the magically summoned cake, and handed it out to the members of the crew.
Kanako: (Captain), you have a slice too!
Lyria: Nom nom…Now this is bliss!
Kanako: I'm so glad you like it! OK, now how about some cookies?
Lyria: Wow, I've never seen such colorful cookies! They're so cute!
Lyria: Om nom nom…I'm in cookie paradise!
Kanako: (Captain), you should have some too!
  1. Take one.
  2. Refuse.

Choose: Take one.
Kanako: Teehee. Do you like it?
Lyria: Ahem! I wonder what will be next?
Kanako: Oh, um… Well how about some cream puffs!
Lyria: The cream is so rich and sweet! (Captain), you should really try one!
  1. Take one.
  2. Refuse.

Choose: Take one.
(Captain) took a cream puff, but before even taking a bite, Lyria and Kanako had already picked the next course.
Kanako: Do you think you have room for some…chocolate cake?
  1. Take one.
  2. Refuse.

Choose: Take one.
The cakes that she produced looked small, but were surprisingly filling.
Everything Kanako conjured up was delicious, and (Captain) gladly ate them up.
Kanako: Oh, and how about this kind of cookie? Hi-ya!
  1. Take one.
  2. Refuse.

Choose: Take one.
This time she produced a plate of chocolate chip cookies.
Though looking quite plain, but they tasted divine, and (Captain) went for seconds and thirds. But Kanako still wasn't finished.
Kanako: Oh! And if we're having cream puffs, you have to try the ones with whipped cream! Hi-ya!
  1. Take one.
  2. Refuse.

Choose: Take one.
Kanako: And I almost forgot! I have the most delicious cheesccake recipe! You have to try it!
She looked expectantly at (Captain). (Captain), however, looked about ready to explode.
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Choose: Refuse.
Choose: Refuse.
Choose: Refuse.
Choose: Refuse.
Choose: Refuse.
Everything Kanako had given them was beyond delicious, but they had had lunch not long before, and so (Captain) had to refuse.
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Lyria: What? Come on, just one more!
Vyrn: Lyria, you aren't full yet are you?
Lyria: What? Oh I'm sure (Captain) could eat more, too. Isn't that right?
Vyrn: Lyria, you had a pretty big lunch, how're you doing this?
Lyria: Heehee! I'll always have room for Kanako's delicious desserts!
Vyrn: But, where is it all going?
Kanako: Oh, you don't know? We have a normal stomach for normal food, and then a separate dessert stomach for dessert.
Vyrn: What? That can't be right!
Lyria: I see! So that's why I can just keep eating desserts without getting full!
Vyrn: I don't get it at all…
As the crew enjoyed Kanako's spontaneous tea party and waited for their stomachs to settle, they made their plans for the next day.
Lyria: Um, Kanako? The island we'll be going to next is famous for being incredibly hot…
Kanako: Really? Oh no, I'm going to get all sweaty!
Vyrn: Hey! Shouldn't we first ask Kanako if she actually wants to stick with us to the next island?
Kanako: Hmm, well I have a photo shoot I have to get to, so I do want to get back… But I don't know how…
Kanako: And Lyria always looks so happy when I give her desserts, I just want to keep making more. If that's OK with you?
Lyria: Heehee… If you want to keep making desserts for me, I won't complain.
Lyria: So what do you say, (Captain)? Do you think we have room for Kanako in our crew?
  1. If that's what you want, Lyria.
  2. Think of your teeth, Lyria!

Choose: If that's what you want, Lyria.
Kanako: Yay! I've never been on an airship before. I'll try my best to be useful!
Lyria: Yippee! It's a pleasure to have you, Kanako!
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Choose: Think of your teeth, Lyria!
Lyria: I… I guess you're right…
Kanako: Don't worry, all my desserts are sugar-free!
Lyria: They are? That's a relief!
Vyrn: Hmm… (Captain), do you see anything wrong with this picture? Or is it just me?
Continue 2
Kanako: Teehee! So, Lyria, what should I make for you next?
Lyria: Oh! Well since you mentioned it earlier, how about that cheescake?
Kanako: OK! Here you go! Hi-ya!
Lyria: Wow! It looks even better than I could have imagined!
Vyrn: Ugh, I'm getting a stomachache just watching you chomp through that many sweet things.
Kanako Mimura decided to stick with the crew until she found a way to get back to her world.
Her sweet and light demeanor matched her delicious cakes, and both seemed to be popular with the whole crew.