Scenario:Kaoru Sakuraba - Sick Village

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Sick Village

Having defeated the monsters, (Captain) and the crew returned to the village only to find it afflicted by a strange disease. As a former doctor, Kaoru is able to diagnose an appropriate treatment for their affliction almost instantly, and sets out into a deep forest with (Captain) and the others to search for herbs to treat the malady.

In order to shoot a TV commercial, the three members of the pop group DRAMATIC STARS had flown overseas.
However, a series of unbelievable phenomena had confronted them.
And so Kaoru found himself lost in the boundless Sky World.
(Captain) and the crew were on an errand for the Knickknack Shack, subjugating some monsters that had infested a nearby forest.
Having safely dispatched the monsters, the crew turned to head straight back to the village to report their success.
Kaoru: (Sighs…) Undertaking a mission on a mountain as steep as this certainly takes its toll…
Vyrn: Hey be careful… Are you all right? You don't want to injure yourself.
Kaoru: Of course. Taking care of one's physical condition falls within my job description.
Lyria: Yes but… Certainly, we're all a little worn out. Why don't we get some rest once we get back to the village?
Vyrn: Good idea! Let's hurry up and get our debriefing out of the way.
The crew got back to the village without incident, only to find a stagnant miasma hanging in the air.
Vyrn: What the… there's some strange stench in the village…
Lyria: Yeah… certainly it seems as if the entire village has lost its vigor…
Kaoru: There's not many people out in the streets either. Is everyone shut up in their houses?
Vyrn: Well, for the time being, let's see if we can find the Village Chief!
Village Chief: Hurry, hurry, come over here. I have a follow-up quest for you…
Village Chief: I'm indebted… Once again, the village… (Cough! Cough! Hack!)…
Vyrn: Are you all right? Are you ill?
Village Chief: Oh no! It's no big deal... It's just that… this cold I caught is dragging on…
Kaoru: Hmmm…
Mr. Chief, this is an awkward question, but…
Kaoru: Are there any other people with the same symptoms as you in this village?
Village Chief: What are you…! Mr. Skyfarer, what is the meaning of this impertinent questioning?
Kaoru: As I suspected…
Kaoru: Chief, there's one favor I'd like to ask you… Can I ask you to gather together all the people with the same symptoms as you?
The Village Chief nodded his head, and gathered together everyone in the village who had the same symptoms.
After he had finished examining the congregated villagers, Kaoru let out a deep sigh.
Kaoru: It seems an illness has spread through this entire village.
Lyria: Wha-? The whole village?
Kaoru: The people we saw here were just those presenting symptoms. The number infected is perhaps the entire population of the village.
Kaoru: Chief, what kind of medical facilities do you have here in the village?
Village Chief: Well… At present everyone takes care of their own personal health, but beyond that…
Kaoru: I see. Is there somewhere nearby where we could gather medicinal herbs? If so, do you know what kind and how effective they are?
Village Chief: Well, let's see… there's lots of different sorts but…
Kaoru pressed the Village Chief for details about the local medicinal herbs, and then abruptly rose to his feet.
Kaoru: I think I've got the picture. (Captain), let's get going.
Lyria: Huh? Where are we going?
Kaoru: Up the mountain to gather herbs. If we don't treat this outbreak soon, the infected won't make a full recovery.
Kaoru: Luckily it seems that there are herbs which should be effective as a treatment growing nearby.
Kaoru: Anyone who saw the these ill helpless villagers would be moved to help them, right? (Captain)?
Kaoru: But time is tight. We need to quickly secure our supply of the herbs, then start treating the patients.

Sick Village: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew collected the herbs they needed and returned to the village. Kaoru quickly prepares the medicine and administers it to the villagers, but for some reason there is no change in their condition. The Village Chief explains that for a long time, when people in the village get sick, they never seem to get better. On hearing this, Kaoru proposes they finish off their course of treatment with a live pop concert to lift their spirits.

The crew collected the herbs they needed and got back to the village safely.
Kaoru: Darn…
Vyrn: Hey, what' s up? Are you all right there, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Oh… it's nothing. Its just that Teru would laugh at me if he saw how worn out I was by this.
Kaoru: At the very least, I'll work until I drop to heal the people of this village.
Kaoru and the crew prepared the medicine from the herbs, and administered it to all the members of the village. However…
Villager 1:
Villager 2:
Vyrn: Hmmm… the villagers' condition doesn't seem to have improved at all…
Lyria: What should we do… the disease should be abating by now…
(Captain) and the crew were running out of options, when the Village Chief spoke up somewhat nervously.
Village Chief: I'm so very sorry… I asked you to rid the village of this pestilence…
Village Chief: But for a long time now, every time anyone in the village gets struck down with a disease, nothing seems to cure them…
Kaoru: I see…
Kaoru: Mmmm… It seems one more thing is needed to complete their course of treatment.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean, one more thing?
Kaoru: We'll perform a concert, here in this village. That should lift the villagers' spirits somewhat…
Monster: Gruuuaaar…
Vyrn: Darn it! Have the monsters infiltrated the village now?
Kaoru: I guess now's not the time for a concert… First we have to deal with these guys. (Captain), let's do this.

Sick Village: Scene 3

Kaoru performs his own songs and dance routines to lift the villagers' spirits, drawing on all of his skills as a pop idol to light up the stage. However, with making the diagnosis, collecting the herbs, administering the medicine to everyone, and then performing live, he has pushed his body to the limit. Summoning all the strength from his weary body, he cynically jokes that he is the proverbial doctor who neglects his own health, yet he is perhaps not as displeased as he seems.

After (Captain) and the crew had defeated the monsters, Kaoru held a live solo concert in the village.
Soaking up the energy of the performance, the villagers felt their old vigor returning, and thanked (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: You did it Kaoru! The villagers are all back to their usual selves!
Lyria: Heehee… You were really tearing it up back there, they all loved it!
Kaoru: All in a day's work for a pop idol.
Kaoru: Properly speaking, all three members of the DRAMATIC STARS performing together would be the most effective, but…
As soon as he said that, Kaoru felt dizzy and, without thinking, gripped (Captain)'s shoulder.
Lyria: Are- are you all right? Have you caught something?
Kaoru: No… Just a gradual build up of fatigue…
Vyrn: I'm not surprised… Battling monsters, conducting medical examinations, performing live, you've been worked off your feet.
Kaoru: What a day…
They do say doctors often neglect their own health. Still, there's nothing like adding that final finishing touch.
On saying that, Kaoru's lips curved into a cynical smile.
Nevertheless, it was a smile brimming with a sense of a job well done.