Scenario:Karin - Karin Kanzuki's Sky Debut

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Karin Kanzuki's Sky Debut

(Captain) and company take Karin to the island where she believes Necalli can be found. Upon hearing that (Captain) and company are gathering pieces of the Sky Map to cross the Grim Basin, Karin is convinced that they are no ordinary crew. With that, Karin decides to aid (Captain) and company in their quest.

Having accepted Karin's request, (Captain) and company journey to a remote island to find Necalli.
As they fight monsters and continue forward, Lyria decides to ask Karin a few questions.
Lyria: Hey, Karin. There's something I wanted to ask you about... What's a zaibatsu?
Karin: You mean, you don't know?
Lyria: Well, I figured that if you're doing business with Siero, it must be some kind of shop, right?
Karin: If you believe it to be some kind of store that just sells goods, then you'd be mistaken.
Karin: A zaibatsu controls several companies in multiple fields, like machinery, commodities, and medical research.
Lyria: So, um... it deals with all kinds of things? Like Siero's Knickknack Shack?
Karin: Well, yes... You could think of it as a much bigger version of the Knickknack Shack, I suppose.
Lyria: Really? So you mean, it deals with even more stuff than Siero's?
Lyria: That's amazing! It sounds like your zaibatsu could do anything!
Karin: Haha, of course. The Kanzuki Zaibatsu is all-powerful!
Karin: But in the Phantagrande Skydom, it doesn't have much power... yet.
Karin: We're thinking of expanding here, and in other skydoms as well.
Vyrn: What! You mean you can make it through the Grim Basin?
Karin: Unfortunately no, not at this time... However, we will be developing the technology for that in the near future.
Vyrn: Dang! Your zaibatsu is pretty incredible! Isn't it, (Captain)?
Karin: So, you're interested in crossing through the Grim Basin as well, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh heh! Well, we're collecting pieces of the Sky Map so we can cross the Grim Basin.
Karin: The Sky Map! I have heard of it before.
Karin: Possessed by the great primal beasts, it shows the way across the Grim Basin. So, that's what you're...
Lyria: Yeah! And we're going to use it to go to the ends of the sky... To Estalucia!
Karin: Estalucia... They say that's the land where the Astrals live.
Karin: I see. Such great ambitions... It seems I was mistaken to believe that you were just regular skyfarers.
  1. Nah, we're nothing special...
  2. Well, maybe!

Choose: Nah, we're nothing special...
Karin: Not wanting to say it too boldly? How humble!
Karin: However, those with power have a duty to present it, wouldn't you say?
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Choose: Well, maybe!
Karin: Humph... A bit conceited, I see. I like it.
Continue 1
Karin: You know, (Captain), I would be glad to help you gather the pieces of that map.
Lyria: What? But Karin, you're the head of your zaibatsu. Doesn't that keep you really busy?
Karin: Well, if we're working on finding the technology to cross the Grim Basin...
Karin: I would need to know the path to take there in the first place, now wouldn't I?
Vyrn: Oh, okay! And since we know how tough you are, if you joined us, that'd help us too!
Karin: Hah... Well then, I suppose it's settled. I look forward to working with you, (Captain).
Karin: With Karin Kanzuki by your side, we'll surely make it to Estalucia!
Karin: Ah, ha ha ha haa!
And so, the self-righteous and snobby yet powerful Karin Kanzuki joins the crew.
With her help, (Captain) and company will surely be able to push forward to the ends of the sky.