Scenario:Karva - All for the Thrill

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All for the Thrill

Mary sends Karva a letter explaining that she has found ruins from the War. Karva then recruits (Captain) and the others to explore the ruins with her. To prepare for the expedition, Karva chooses each piece of equipment carefully.

Karva: Ruins that haven't been touched since the War?
Karva reads a letter aloud on the Grandcypher's deck.
Dear Karva,

I've discovered some ruins from the War that have been left basically untouched!
But there are just way too many traps here... I can't seem to get to the treasure on my own.
So I'm asking you for your help and expertise. I'll split whatever treasure we find inside with you too!
Karva: Virgin ruins with lots of traps...
Karva: Hmm...
Karva: Get a grip, Karva! I've got to tell (Captain)!
Karva: (Captain)!
Vyrn: H-hey... What's gotten into you? Why the rush?
Karva: Here! Read this!
Karva hands the letter to (Captain).
Lyria: Oh, is this... a letter from Mary?
Karva: Yeah. That's not the point though—just read it!
(Captain) and the others read the letter.
No version of Mary in crew

Mary is a treasure hunter constantly on the move.
The crew met Mary during one of her hunts for new treasures. Feeling that their meeting was destined, she joined them.
Vyrn: Oh yeah... Mary was talking about something she wanted to check out before leaving the ship.
Lyria: Hahaha... I remember that.
Mary had previously left the crew upon their arrival at a certain town, indicating that she had business to attend to.
Vyrn: I can't believe she found ruins from the War that are still intact... that's really something!
Karva: Mary did always have a nose for finding new treasures.
Karva: Come on, (Captain)! Let's go to her and find this treasure!
Karva: We have to get a move on! I mean, just think—ruins that have been left untouched, filled to the brim with traps!
Lyria: H-hahaha... What should we do, (Captain)?
  1. I'm interested in the treasure.
  2. We can't leave Karva hanging.

Choose: I'm interested in the treasure.
Vyrn: Yeah! Me too! If no one's been there, then it must be full of stuff!
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Choose: We can't leave Karva hanging.
Lyria: Good point. We have to think of Mary too... She needs our help.
Vyrn: Yeah... And if no one's been there, it must be full of stuff.
Continue 1
Karva: All right! Let's go see Mary!
The crew nods in approval and sets a course for the location written in the letter.
Karva: Hmm... The letter said that she'd be somewhere around here.
Mary: Hey! Karva, (Captain)! Over here!
(Captain) and the others turn to see Mary waving her arms to greet them.
Mary: Thanks for coming, you guys! I'm so glad you're all here.
Vyrn: Yeah, well we had to come after hearing about this treasure!
Karva: Yeah! There's bound to be lots of traps, so of course we'd come!
Lyria: Ahaha....
Mary: Sigh... Some things never change, I see. Anyways, I'm counting on you.
Mary: You see... It doesn't look like l have any chance of getting to the treasure on my own.
Karva: Leave it to me! I'll be all over those traps!
Karva: So, Mary! Tell me all the things about these ruins!
Mary: Sure!
Mary begins explaining the details of the ruins.
Karva: Wow... So they have those kinds of traps. That means we'll need to have better equipment than usual.
Mary: Agreed. Since these ruins haven't been explored yet, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Karva: All right, that settles it. We've got a lot to stock up on, so let's go shopping!
Mary: Yeah. We'll need to get food too. Leave that to me.
Mary: You all go get the equipment.
Karva: Gotcha! I'll make sure to get stuff for (Captain) and the crew too.
Mary: Fantastic. Let's come back together once we've got our things.
With those words, Mary heads towards the market.
Karva: Let's get shopping, (Captain).
Lyria: W-we're going? But we don't know what a treasure hunter needs...
Karva: Hehe! Leave all of that to me!
Karva: Let's see here...
Karva thoroughly examines various knives with an intense look in her eyes.
Karva: Hmm, these won't work out for this expedition... Let's see what else they've got...
Karva: Oh! These are perfect! One, two three...
Karva: Hehe! I'll take all of them!
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
The crew is thoroughly impressed at Karva's earnest attitude—a sharp contrast from her usual easygoing self.
Karva: Finished! To the next shop!
Lyria: Oh! What cute gloves. I'll take these.
Karva: Hm? Let me see.
Not bad...
Karva begins touching the gloves.
Lyria: Umm... Karva?
Karva: These are great! The material is perfect for getting caught in traps!
Vyrn: Uh... What do you mean by perfect for getting caught in traps?
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess I really will take these.
Lyria: How about this rope, Karva?
Karva: Hmm... Let's try the next store.
Karva exits the shop without buying anything.
Vyrn: Whoa, hey! Where are you going?
Vyrn: Don't we need rope?
Karva: The rope in that store didn't get my heart racing.
Karva: We're gonna be descending into dangerous territory, right? We can't enjoy the thrills properly if the rope snaps on us!
Lyria: Karva! How about this rope?
Karva: Gasp! My heart just skipped a beat! It's perfect!
Karva: This should do just fine... There are lots of other things we can use here too!
Karva: Oh, get this one! And this one too! These look real good!
Lyria: Okay. I'm on it.
Karva: Thanks.
Karva: We've got knives, rope, gloves... Hmm, what else...
Karva inspects each item one by one in detail.
Karva: All right! That looks like everything. We've got some extra stuff too, just in case.
Karva: This is it! We're ready!
Vyrn: Wow... I wasn't expecting you to prepare everything so thoroughly.
Karva: Of course I do. If I didn't, we'd be in danger.
Vyrn: I never thought I'd hear you say that... Don't you like getting caught in traps?
Vyrn: I mean, you even go out of your way to activate them...
Karva: Hehe! That's the fun of it all!
Karva: What kind of deadly traps will I have to deal with next?
Karva: When I get to thinking about the possibilities...
Karva: My body just trembles with excitement!
Lyria: Ahaha...
Vyrn: Sigh... You don't make a lick of sense.
Karva: Why not? Don't you just love feeling that rush?
Karva: It's not everyday life throws those opportunities at you!
Vyrn: Yeah, sure... If you get hurt, what are you gonna do?
Karva: Hurt? I'll be fine! As long as you're prepared, traps can safely be enjoyed!
Karva: I've got all kinds of methods to keep myself in check too!
Karva: I mean, I could always get hurt, but I won't let traps be the end of me!
Karva: Plus, it'd be sad if they never got used!
Lyria: What are you talking about! We can't have you getting hurt!
Karva: I guess you're right... I wouldn't be able to play with as many traps if I got hurt.
Vyrn: That's not the point here!
Karva: But think about it—where's the fun in getting treasure safely?
Karva: It's the sweat and tears from overcoming dangerous traps that makes getting treasure feel truly worthwhile!
Karva: There's a sense of accomplishment. That's the essence of being a treasure hunter.
Karva: I want to work hard for my treasure! That's my duty as a treasure hunter!
Karva: That's why I can't ignore a single trap!
Vyrn: Sigh...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Growing more concerned by the minute, the crew nervously laughs as Karva's speech continues.