Scenario:Karva - It's Just Not That Exciting

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It's Just Not That Exciting

Taking on a request from the Knickknack Shack, the party sets out to rescue a man who was lost in the ruins. Everyone thought Karva, the ruins specialist, would be up for this job but she seems very unwilling. Not even wanting to walk anymore, Karva is dragged along by (Captain) and company as they head out to the dangerous ruins.

Karva: Ahh... Ehh...
Vyrn: Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t seem your usual self. Are you okay, lady?
Karva puts her face down on the table, not very willing to move.
The party was on their way to the Knickknack Shack but was faced by an unexpected hold up.
Karva: Well... I mean... I have things going on too, you know?
Vyrn: Okay, go on...
Karva: Well, it’s like... This hunting for treasures is getting... Meh.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean, “meh?” You’re finding all those treasures and making pretty good money off it.
Katalina: Yeah. You’ve helped quite a bit since you joined us.
Karva: No... That’s not what I mean. It’s like, even if there’s tons of treasures, I still feel empty inside.
Katalina: Hm... And by that, you mean?
Vyrn: Hey, the time! We’re supposed to meet at the Knickknack Shack! Let’s get going!
Karva: Ehh... I don’t feel like it. You guys can go...
Vyrn: Don't give me that! We can’t even start the quest without you!
The party arrives at the Knickknack Shack, dragging along Karva who still seemed cranky.
Sierokarte: Hello, everyone! I’ve been waiting for you!
Katalina: So, what’s this quest you have for us?
Sierokarte: Well... A hunter who left for the ruins a few days ago hasn’t returned yet or something...
Sierokarte: And so... His family has requested that there's a search...
Katalina: Hmm. Well that does seem like something we’d need Karva for.
Sierokarte: Yep... I hear it’s quite a dangerous place, those ruins...
Karva: Oh great, yay... I guess I could go take a look at least...
Vyrn: Eesh. We’re headed to a dangerous place. I hope you know that...
Sierokarte: Hehehe!These ruins are so scary even the locals won’t go near it... So I’m sure you can expect some nice treasures! Exciting, right? Treasures!
Karva: Ehh... I so don’t feel like it...
Vyrn: Come on, lady. Aren’t you a treasure hunter? Aren’t you supposed to be all hyped-up and having that itch to see the place?
Karva: My itch went somewhere... But I guess if it’s work, I have to do it.
Vyrn: Err, okay... I’m starting to get worried for you though...
Vyrn: Anyway! I guess we won’t be relying too much on Karva. Let’s head out to the ruins for now!
Karva: Yeah...

It's Just Not That Exciting: Scene 2

With the help of Karva’s advice, albeit slightly unmotivated, they progress smoothly through the ruins and are able to find the lost hunter. The party tries to leave the ruins soon after but the hunter tells them it won’t be easy. He says there are traps set all over the place that only target people when they try to leave the ruins. Hearing this, Karva regains her energy and starts charging into these unknown traps.

Even after reaching the ruins, Karva still seemed out of it.
(Captain) and company search through the ruins, dragging her along since she didn’t want to walk anymore.
Karva: Uhh... Don’t go that way... There’s usually monsters in places like that.
Karva: And that’s something from pretty recent... So the person you’re looking for is probably over there-ish...
Vyrn: Hey! Thanks for guiding us and all but can’t you walk yourself?!
Karva: Ehh... I don’t feel like moving...
Karva somehow manages to lead the way while still being dragged. Soon...
Young Man: Oh? What are you doing here in a place like this?
Vyrn: Oh! Mister, are you...?
(Captain) talks to the young man and it is revealed that he is the missing hunter that they were looking for.
Young Man: Ah, so you came to find me?! What a relief!
Karva: Yay... Quest done... Work done. And I’m back to being useless...
Young Man: Well, actually. It’s not that easy.
Vyrn: Huh? Why's that?
Young Man: You see... These ruins are very easy to get into. But it’s made so that you can’t get out.
Young Man: These traps seem to react when you try to leave the ruins.
Karva: Oh? Tell me a little more about that part in detail.
Vyrn: Er? What’s up the sudden energy burst?
The young man begins to talk in detail about how he couldn’t get out of the ruins. Karva quickly began to show interest as her lively self returned.
Karva: Interesting. A trap that even a great escape artist like me couldn’t find? Well, this is exciting!
Karva: Now that I look back on it, you’re right. I should’ve known. There seems to be danger lurking in the air.
Karva: Mmhm... hmhmhm! I feel it! This tingling sensation of danger! It lashing at my horns!
Katalina: W-wait, Karva! What do you plan to do?
Karva: First, we try to go home normally. Just be normal.
Young Man: Wha?! It’s dangerous! I’ve already encountered so many near-death moments...
Karva: Heh heh heh. If something happens, then that’s that! Gotta jump into the lion’s den or whatever, right?
Vyrn: What the... hey! Don’t just leave us behind!

It's Just Not That Exciting: Scene 3

With Karva happily leading the way through the various traps, the group managed to escape from the ruins. Just a while ago, Karva had been completely spiritless and now she’s filled with delight and excitement. The party just tilt their heads in confusion. Karva says that she just wasn’t feeling right because she hadn’t been through any traps recently. She calls herself a thrill-addict, to which everyone just rolls their eyes.

Karva: Hum de hum hum! Ladiladila!
Vyrn: Whoa! That was close! An arrow just shot at me! You be careful too! (Captain)!
Karva: Whee! This is so much fun! If you were just a step off, your head would’ve been split in half! Hahaha!
A complete flip to how she was just a moment ago, Karva has a big smile on her face as she hums and steps over the many traps.
She continued to go deeper and deeper, as if trying to challenge every single trap available to her. Escaping from the ruins wasn’t her priority any more.
Vyrn: Wait, stop! Why are you activating traps that we don’t even have to go through?!
Karva: Oh, haha... Oops, sorry. I’ll admit it... I’m a thrill-addict. I have to have a steady supply of thrills, you know? Or else I get these lazy fools...
Karva: Speaking of which... Didn’t you get that rush when the arrow barely missed you? That sensation! It just makes me feel so good! I love it!
Karva: It’s not fun just being able to get the treasure, you know? You have to have that thrilling moment!
Young Man: Wow! Amazing. This is something I can definitely learn from. That’s the appropriate attitude of a treasure hunter.
Vyrn: Um. I wouldn’t suggest it. You wouldn’t have enough lives if you tried doing what she does. f
And so, the group returns to the Knickknack Shack, quite a bit later than they were expecting.
Sierokarte: Oh, look who’s back! Glad to see you all!
Vyrn: You should’ve seen this lady! By the end, she started wanting to go off to see the rest of ruin... Just for the traps!
Karva: Haha... I guess I did get a little too excited there.
Young Man: You really were amazing though. Perhaps you can take me under your wing?
Woman: Honey! Are you hurt?!
Vyrn: Uh... Who’s this lady?
Sierokarte: Well of course! She’s your client!
Woman: Thank you so much, everyone. This is the reward. Please accept it.
Karva: Oh, uh... Hahaha. Well I kinda dragged your husband around for a long time. It’s already night time...
Karva: And I probably made him go through a lot of danger too. So... I can’t quite accept the reward this time. Teehee.
Woman: But...!
Karva: If you ever need us again, feel free to send us another quest! Good bye then!
Vyrn: Uh, hey, wait! Where are you going, lady!
With a couple quick goodbyes to their client, the party runs after Karva who already left the shop.
Vyrn: Hey! Why did you tell them you didn’t need the reward? What are you thinking?
Karva: Hehehe... Well, actually...
Karva takes out a wrapped object from her pocket. They peer in to find...
Vyrn: Whoa! Is that a gem?! When’d you get your hands on that?!
Karva: I secretly swiped it while we were running through the ruins. Hehehe...
Vyrn: Well, somebody knows how to work it.
Karva: I know I was excited and running around but I sensed something suspicious, you know?
Karva: And then I found this amazing thing. I know it’s worth a lot. So you see why it’s a little hard to accept the reward when I’ve got this...?
Katalina: You really are a smooth one.
Karva: I’ve come to a conclusion that treasures are wonderful because traps come with them.
Karva: What usually comes with a dangerous trap? Amazing treasure, of course! That thought alone fires me up!
Vyrn: Err... I think I kind of get it, but not really...
Karva: Oh man, I had the best time! I’m so glad I went with you, (Captain)! Thanks to you, I got to see that wonderful ruin!
Karva: I’m so excited to see the island of Astrals! And the traps that the Astrals set up! And any trap that might still be on the island!
Vyrn: I’m... just going to stop talking...
Finding out that Karva was secretly a thrill-addict, (Captain) and company didn’t quite know what to make of it.
But to note, it was that trait of hers that guided them to the treasures. When everyone realizes that, they couldn’t complain much more.