Scenario:Karva - Let the Thrills Begin

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Let the Thrills Begin

Led by the trap-expert Karva, the crew heads into the ruins where traps are never in shortage. Karva, seeking thrills, disarms the traps and sets them off on purpose at times. The crew heads deeper into the ruins where Karva expects to find even more excitement.

Karva: I'll keep an eye out for traps, so stay behind me and do as I say, okay?
Vyrn: Got it!
Lyria: Understood!
Mary: We're counting on you, Karva.
As such, the crew makes their way into the ruins under Karva's guidance.
Karva: I can feel it! My trap sense is going off!
Karva: I'm gonna need you all to get down—and as low as possible!
Lyria: Huh? Like this?
The crew seems confused, but nevertheless follows Karva's orders and gets way down low.
Karva: Yeah! Just like that. Just sit still for a second!
The next second, a pendulum blade rushes through the air with resounding momentum above the crew's heads.
Vyrn: What the...
Lyria: Ah! M-my hair...
Karva: Wow...
Karva: This is what I call F-U-N! If you hadn't gotten down, you'd be missing a lot more than just your hair!
Mary: This isn't fun! Disarm the tra—
Karva: Oh! Watch your head, Mary.
Mary: Huh?
As Mary stands up, another blade swings down toward her.
Mary: Ah!
Mary dodges the blade just in the nick of time.
Vyrn: A-are you okay?
Mary: Yeah, just barely.
Mary: Ugh! Karva! Disable that thing already!
Karva: Hehe! Okay!
Karva takes out her toolkit and disarms the trap.
Karva: There we go. Now you can all stand up.
Vyrn: Phew... To think we'd run into a trap like that right away...
Lyria: Yeah...
Karva: Hurry it up, slowpokes!
Karva: If that was the first trap, then things are just going to get more exciting from here on out!
Karva: I'm so pumped!
Mary: Sigh... I'm just the opposite...
Karva: Hmm... Aha! One of those traps.
Lyria: O-one of those traps?
Karva: Yup. The classic arrow-in-the-wall trap.
Vyrn: Wait! Aren't you going to disable it first?
Karva: Hehe! I've already done that! We're A-OK!
Mary: Thanks! Let's keep moving.
Karva: Hmm... Aha! Another classic contraption...
Lyria: What kind of trap is it this time?
Karva: A guillotine. It's gonna come from up there...
Karva: Aaand... there! Disarmed!
Mary: Wow... Your trap disarming skills are as sharp as ever I see.
Karva: Haha... I bet you could disarm this too.
Mary: I'm sure I could, but not as fast as you.
Mary: Sigh... It's hard to admit this... When it comes to traps, I can't hold a candle to you.
Mary: Huh?
Vyrn: Hey... I thought you disarmed it?
Karva: I was talking about the guillotine.
Lyria: Does that mean... there are other traps that you haven't disabled?
Karva: Yeah, but don't worry. They aren't that dangerous.
Karva: I'm telling you—you're fine! Just make sure to run, okay?
Mary: Um... Karva? What are we running from?
Karva: The falling ceiling.
Lyria: W-we're in danger! The ceiling is coming down!
Mary: You know, sometimes you're really... Actually, save it for later. We gotta run, everybody!
Lyria: R-right!
Vyrn: Karva! What part of this isn't dangerous, again?
Karva: Oh, come on. As long as you haul that booty, you'll be okay!
Mary: Ain't nobody got time for this conversation!
Vyrn: Huff... Puff...
Mary: As one... pant... would expect... from such... ancient ruins.
Karva: Sigh...
Mary: Hm? Karva, what's wrong? You seem a little down.
Karva: I'm a little disappointed. I feel like I've seen all of these traps somewhere else before...
Karva: It's not like I'm not excited, but...
Karva: You know... I just expected a little something more out of ruins from the War.
Karva: Sigh... This just isn't doing it for me.
Lyria: Umm... Don't worry! We still haven't seen the innermost parts of these ruins!
Mary: She's right! How can you call yourself a treasure hunter if you give up halfway through?
Vyrn: Plus, there should be some crazy traps near the treasure, right?
Karva: Yeah, that's true! There's still hope.
Karva: Let's see what lies ahead!
Karva returns to her normal, jolly self and continues to lead everyone deeper into the ruins.
Vyrn: Sigh... She's hard to love...
Mary: Tell me about it. What kind of person gives up halfway through an adventure because it isn't thrilling enough?
Mary: Grr... If these ruins don't get her attention back, we'll be in deep trouble!
Vyrn: You said it... We need to make sure she stays motivated enough to lead us out of here safely.
Lyria: Ahaha... Yeah.
The crew members nod in agreement.
Karva: C'mon, everybody! Make a move on or I'll leave you all behind!
Lyria: Please wait! We're coming!
Karva moves farther ahead as the rest of the party rushes to catch up with her.

Let the Thrills Begin: Scene 2

The crew finds itself deeper in the ruins seeking treasure. As they proceed, Karva's sixth sense for traps is activated and her heart begins to race. As the traps become more dangerous, so too does Karva's excitement.

Karva leads the crew to a deeper recess of the ruins.
Karva: Gasp!
Mary: Something wrong? Why'd you stop?
Karva: I can feel it... Something's coming!
Karva: My trap sense is going wild!
Mary: Really? Keep your guard up, everyone—be ready to move at a moment's notice!
Mary's expression immediately becomes solemn upon hearing Karva's words.
Vyrn: Whoa! Why so serious?
Mary: I've known Karva for a long time. Whenever her trap sense goes wild, something really bad happens...
As such, (Captain) and the others approach their surroundings with heightened caution.
Karva: Time to get going! I can't wait to see what lies in store for us!
The crew follows Karva into a room.
Karva: Lyria! Don't step on tha—
Lyria: Huh?
Before Karva could finish her sentence, Lyria's foot touches the ground, activating a trap.
Vyrn: What the... The door closed!
Lyria: That... wasn't my fault, right?
Karva: Sure was! That was a trap!
Mary: You sound awfully pleased about it! Wait... The traps in this room haven't been disabled, have they?
Karva: Hmm... Nope!
Vyrn: Come on, get serious!
Water begins flowing into the room from the ceiling.
Lyria: Oh no! The water's coming down hard!
Karva: Whoa, looks like we're about to be in deep water... literally!
Karva: We've gotta find a way out before it fills the whole room—come hell or high water!
Mary: Quit with the water jokes and get us out of this already!
Karva: On it!
Karva begins searching every inch of the room.
Karva: Hmm... If this activates the trap, then this is probably connected to whatever's pumping the water. So... maybe this?
Lyria: Ah! More water is flowing in!
Karva: Oh... Whoops.
Vyrn: Whoops? We're about to drown here!
Karva: Don't be such a worrywart! You can still breathe.
Karva: And besides... Heh. Heheheh...
Lyria: Karva?
Karva: Heheh... This rush!
Karva: This thrill... It's to die for!
Karva: And if I make just one mistake here, that could very well be our fate!
Karva: Now this is what I've been waiting for!
Vyrn: Who says that! Hurry up and fix this!
Karva: Hehe... Ahem. If that was also a trap, then that means...
Karva: Something over here must drain the water...
Karva: Right here!
Karva finds a stone and steps on it, draining the water from the room.
Mary: Phew...
Lyria: That was too close...
Karva: Now that was more like it!
Karva: This is what being a treasure hunter is all about!
Vyrn: Sigh...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Karva: Let's keep going, (Captain)!
Karva: Whoa! This kind of trap? Here?
Karva: This one definitely needs to be taken out.
Vyrn: Whoa, it must be a really crazy trap if you're saying that!
Karva: This is—
Karva: Oh, Mary! I wouldn't take another step forward if I were you!
Mary: Huh?
Mary stops moving and something drips onto her bag.
A mist descends from the source of the dripping liquid at an alarming speed, disintegrating Mary's bag.
Mary: What the... What is this stuff?
Mary throws what remains of her bag to the floor.
Vyrn: What kind of traps are these?
Karva: Acid rain that can melt anything!
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding!
Karva: No need to worry. I'll turn this one off in a jiffy! Just watch out for leftover droplets.
Lyria: What happens if a droplet touches us?
Karva: You'll end up like this.
Karva kicks the remnants of Mary's bag.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Mary: ...
Karva: This is so exciting... I've got goose bumps!
Karva: I knew this place would be awesome! I mean, this trap is just marvelous!
Karva: All right! Let's keep moving—just pray that none of that stuff gets on you as we go deeper.
Lyria: Huff... Puff... Are there traps here?
Karva: Hmm... Nope. Not that I've seen.
Karva: But check out these markings... My trap sense is going off too.
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... Can we rest for a sec? I'm beat.
Lyria: Me too...
Mary: Well, if Karva hasn't seen a trap, it wouldn't hurt to catch our breath for a moment here.
Karva: Huh?
Mary: Karva, what's up?
Karva: That sound...
Lyria: A sound?
Vyrn: What is that?
Karva: Ahaha! Everybody, run! This one is gonna be really dangerous!
Karva exclaims before breaking into a swift run.
Vyrn: Huh? What are you talking about!
Karva: Behind you!
Mary: Huh?
The crew turns to see an enormous boulder quickly rolling toward them.
  1. Run!

Choose: Run!
Everyone breaks into a sprint as soon as they catch (Captain)'s words.
Karva: Ahahaha! This is so thrilling!
Karva: This is why I could never stop being a treasure hunter!
Vyrn: Aaagh!
Lyria: Ah! Arrows are flying!
Karva: Ahaha! Dodge 'em carefully if you wanna keep your head in one piece!
Mary: Yikes! Karva, do something! At this rate, we'll be crushed!
Karva: Ahahaha! Okay, I don't want pancakes for friends anyway!
Vyrn: Wheeze... This ain't the time... for... jokes!
Lyria: Huff... Puff... I see a room over there! Let's go for it!
Lyria points to a conveniently located room appearing to offer refuge from the boulder.
Karva: Aha, you're right! But it could be another trap!
Mary: Pant... We... We don't have time to speculate! Just go inside!
The crew follows Mary's command and dives into the room.
Mary: Huff... Puff... Looks like... we're safe.
Mary: Huh?
Monsters: Grooar!
Vyrn: Whoa! This room is swarming with monsters!
Karva: Oh, is that all? What about traps?
Karva: Hm? Wait a second...
Karva takes her eyes off the monsters and begins scanning the wall.
Karva: These holes in the walls are definitely traps! Don't let the monsters distract you from them, everybody!
Karva: Hehehe... Our stamina's been drained, and now we have to fight our way out of this room—all while avoiding traps!
Karva: This combination of traps is a first for me! Hehe! This is all so new and exciting!
Vyrn: Now's not the time! Let's get to it!

Let the Thrills Begin: Scene 3

No sooner does the crew reach the treasure than the ruins begin to collapse. Karva quickly procures what she can and later shares her fortunes with all. For her, the greatest treasure of all is the rush from escaping danger.

After slaying the monsters, (Captain) and company proceed further into the ruins.
Vyrn: This place is pretty spacious compared to what we've seen so far. What's with that door?
The crew's attention is drawn toward a majestic-looking door.
Mary: There's no mistaking it—the treasure's gotta be waiting for us in there. Stay sharp, everyone.
Mary takes a step forward and the ground beneath her feet crumbles.
Mary: Ahh!
Karva: Mary!
Karva catches Mary's hand just in the nick of time and helps to pull her up with (Captain).
Karva: That was close...
Mary: Thanks, Karva. Thanks, (Captain).
Karva: Who would have thought the last trap would be a pitfall?
Karva: Simple but effective. There's no way to disarm this kind of trap, after all.
Karva throws a rock into the pit.
Karva: Whoa! That rock still hasn't hit the bottom. How deep does this hole go?
Karva: Can you imagine if you fell in? You'd be a goner!
Karva: Anyways... It looks like we've gotta watch our step in here.
Karva: Now then... How do we know where it's safe to walk?
Karva: Hmm... I've got it! Just make sure to stick real close behind me, everyone!
Karva: Take one wrong step and it's sayonara!
Mary: Got it!
Lyria: Okay!
Vyrn: Right! Wait... I can fly, so I guess that doesn't apply to me!
Karva leads the way by stepping where the ground won't crumble beneath her.
Mary: Nice! The door is really close! Where do we go next, Karva?
Karva: Hmm... Maybe here.
Karva: Huh?
Karva takes a wrong step and the ground collapses beneath her.
Lyria: Ahh! Karva!
Mary: Hold on!
This time Mary is the one who grabs Karva just as she falls.
Karva: Th-thanks, Mary.
Mary: After this... We're even! I'm paying back... my debt!
Karva: Ahaha! Sure!
Mary: Oof... Why are you... so... heavy, though? It doesn't look like you've... put on any weight.
Karva: Now that you mention it...
Karva takes out various jewels, gold, and other treasures from her pockets and begins to toss them down the pit.
Mary: How in the... How much treasure are you carrying!
Karva: What can I say? I've got a knack for finding treasure.
Karva: I've just been picking things up here and there.
Lyria: Ahaha! That's so like you.
Vyrn: Yup.
Mary: Sigh... All right, I'm going to pull you up now. Help me out here, (Captain)!
With a great tug, (Captain) and Mary pull Karva from the pit.
Karva: Thanks, (Captain). Thanks, Mary.
Karva: Whew... Now that was intense! I've never had thrills of this caliber before!
Mary: Sigh... You're really out there...
Vyrn: That's our Karva for you.
Lyria: Ahaha...
Karva: All right! We're almost there, so stay on your toes, everyone!
Vyrn: Pant... Pant... We're finally here.
The crew slowly approaches the majestic door with cautious steps.
Karva: Okay! Let's open it!
Mary: Hehe! I wonder what kind of treasure is waiting for us!
Lyria: Wow! This is amazing!
Karva: There's so much treasure!
The crew's eyes light up upon seeing mountains of treasure beyond the door.
Mary: All the treasure!
As Mary squeals with excitement, she approaches a mountain of treasure and picks up a trinket.
Mary: Huh?
The ruins begin to shake violently as if the entire place will collapse at any moment.
Lyria: Um... I think these ruins are about to collapse on us.
Mary: What!
Karva: That makes sense...
Vyrn: What part of this makes sense!
Karva: This is also... a trap. If anyone tries to take the treasure, the treasure takes them instead...
Mary: No way!
The rumbling of the ruins only grows more violent with time.
Vyrn: This is getting out of control...
  1. 脱出しよう!

Karva: Yeah! We're not gonna be victims of these ruins!
Mary: Wait a second, (Captain)! Karva! What about all of this treasure?
Karva: Which do you want more—your life or the treasure?
Mary: ...
Mary: Ugh...
Vyrn: Mary! We don't have time!
Karva: Mary!
Mary: All right! I get it! Let's get out of here!
The crew hurriedly retraces their steps back out of the ruins.
As soon as they make it out of the ruins, the entrance collapses as the ancient structure topples to the ground.
Vyrn: Phew... That was close.
Lyria: Huff... Puff... Yeah...
Mary: I can't believe it... I spent so much researching these ruins, too!
Karva: Hehehe... Don't beat yourself up. I'll split my treasure with you.
Mary: What? What treasure? What are you talking—
Karva: Hehe... About that, actually.
Karva takes out a plethora of various treasures and trinkets from her pockets.
Vyrn: Hey... Didn't you just empty your pockets earlier?
Karva: I did! This is new stuff I got from the treasure room!
Karva: I quickly assessed which stuff had the highest value and grabbed what I could!
Vyrn: What! How? You really work fast!
(Captain) and the others can only laugh in awe at Karva's shrewdness.
Karva: But those ruins were really something! My heart was racing like crazy from all the thrills!
Karva: I wanna go on that ride again!
Vyrn: Sigh... Count me out next time.
Lyria: Ahaha... Same here.
Mary: Sigh... You're one of a kind, you know that?
Karva: Huh? Why? That was so much fun!
Karva: There aren't many ruins that give that kind of rush, you know!
The exasperated crew sighs as Karva continues to rave.